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It's Frustrating Wen.......

April 8th, 2014

(fill in da blank)

** I'll share mine's tomorrow ** 😡

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33 Responses to “It's Frustrating Wen.......”

  1. Annoddah Dave:

    ...when people talk before listening...

  2. Whatcanisay:

    my wife answers my question wit one question.

  3. cojef:

    Wen they lie to your face and think you gonna buy their fib.

  4. M:

    Howzit BL!

    Wen your employer updates da software and it's not compatible to your OS.

  5. DIO:

    It's Frustrating Wen.......

    you think there was a blog post, but no moa nothing. :-p

  6. DIO:


  7. Ocean Lover:

    It's Frustrating Wen.......BL says he going "share his TOMORROW" and its NEXT WEEK when he does.

  8. dihudfan:

    wen you decide to take a 3 mile hike to the doctors office and find out he moved 2 miles closer to your home...

  9. makaha wahine:

    1- peepo no signal fo' change lane an' cut you off or do the signal an' change lane wit out looking expecting you for let em in

    2-somebody neva refill the tp in da bathroom

    3-somebody left one dish or glass in da sink when so easy fo wash um

    4-my husband said wen i give him too many choices after i just told him about one and he said okay 🙂

    5- i could go on but it's frustrating me cause nothing going change 🙂

  10. jimmy the lock:

    There's not enough toilet paper on the roll and you need plenty.

  11. M:

    Wen my son who's away in college, doesn't return my text, doesn't answer my email, doesn't answer da phone or return my calls.

  12. Lowtone123:

    Wen my wife cuts me off when I'm trying to make a point and won't let me finish.

  13. Ynaku:

    When I'm ready to do the lawn and it starts raining. Actually that's not too frustrating 😆

  14. Ynaku:

    When peeps use the largest pot they can find to cook small portions. Guess who gotta do the dishes?

  15. Bondancr:

    When drivers don't use their turn signals. (Esp. when second in
    line at stop light).

  16. 9th Island Girl:

    I washed the car and it rains.

  17. wafan:

    Folks who should know better but have not a clue.

    Folks who claim to be responsible but definitely are not.

    Folks do not follow directions then blame everyone and everything for the failure.

    Helicopter parents think they have all the answers because they went to school.

    The same way folks think they are doctors, pilots, mechanics, electricians, graphic designers, photographers, coaches, entrepreneurs . . . because the have been to the doctor, were an airline passenger, drive a vehicle, turn on and off a light, looked at a poster, have a camera on their cell phone, watched a sport, played Monopoly . . .

  18. Bondancr:

    there's a whole row of empty parking spaces and somebody just has to park right next to you.

  19. D:

    f n 10 pin

  20. M:

    wen people no mo common sense.

  21. M:

    wen you miss a call and the voice mail says call me back right away and when you call you get da voice mail.

  22. Glenn D:

    Everytime I go home to Hawai'i, dem lolo's that are hawking moped rentals, snorkel tours, Japanese restaurant servers, taxi drivahs, and selling addah stupid things I no need think dat I am a tourist.

  23. Ocean Lover:

    On #7 above..........I forgot the 😉 😉

  24. 808 Dad:

    When team members think they know more than the coach.

  25. Old School:

    When bosses establish policies, but are reluctant to enforce them when the need arises.

  26. Bondancr:

    wen you're talking to the "billing" dept. and they can't pronounce your name or the street you live on.

  27. M:

    wen you call a business and you can't get a real person on the line.

  28. Old School Dave:

    When you post something that is in no way offensive or in poor taste, but it says, "Message Awaiting Moderator Approval." Den, it never appears.

  29. sally:

    ...the recording says "Press 1 for English".

  30. sally:

    psst... @ Old School Dave: It doesn't need to be an offensive word. There is a list of words that WordPress goes by that just puts some of our comments in moderation. 🙁

  31. wafan:

    It is frustrating when *someone* does not share his the next day . . . Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    Hope everything is going well at the head Kwonic home and work.

  32. keoni:

    Yeah BL, we all stay waiting for you to post your list! 🙄 😉

  33. M:

    Waiting fo BL to share.

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