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7 Months..........

April 28th, 2014

Last week I was reading through a handful of articles about a five year old little girl named Talia and the months and months of brutal torture and heart breaking abuse she went through on a daily basis.

Now having the wife (not biological mother) plead out to 20 years in prison and the husband (military soldier) found guilty in federal court, those are weak a$$ results since the punishment will never fit the crime even if the father is sentenced to death. That's actually the easy way out.

What I'm wondering since it appears that all the abuse was happening on base housing - no one cared to investigate? In an area that's "protected", regulated and enforced by strict rules, how can it be that MP's have only been called to the home once on a noise complaint? The way these two monsters were beating Talia, I can't imagine her taking it silently no matter how much she was probably told to shut up. With housing built so close together, are you telling me the neighbor's had no clue? She's been taken to the hospital hours after nasty beatings and the doctor's didn't suspect anything? Nobody noticed limps, favoring injured body parts, blood, cuts, swelling? I can't imagine the yelling was only once after being stomped on till bones cracked, being duct taped to the bed post and used as a punching bag by BOTH of the "adults" and that's just what was said in court. I can't imagine what happened that wasn't disclosed.

She cried "No, Daddy" in the final beating but I can only imagine how many times those words were cried out in mind numbing pain. She cried it right before being punched so hard that her shoulder was dislocated before her head struck the concrete floor causing a seizure and subsequent death.

Wassup Wit Dat!!!

My stomach is squirming and knotting up as my fists are clenched in anger. I have experienced many painful "beatings" from sports and accidents and as such have a high tolerance of pain but I can't begin to imagine what the poor girl went through and how much she had to endure. Yet I have to say that I'm glad that she died as there is no way that she should have lived the rest of her life with such pain and memory of such brutal acts and carry that load throughout. There's not enough medication, therapy or whatever anonymous group meetings to go to to overcome that. It would have been cruel to live a life where you know of nothing else but pain and torture. As adults we are experienced and knowledgeable about recognizing signs and getting help but as a five year old? She didn't even know that there was life outside her four walls.

Call it twisted but I have to thank them all though. I went home and hugged my three year daughter till she whined. Then I hugged her again till she was mad. Call it selfish that I needed to let her know how much I love her and would never ever cause harm to her - or let anyone do so to her as well. I have to thank Talia for reminding me however angry I may get at things my daughter or son does, to get over it and no one, NO ONE, that cannot defend themselves or know what true love is needs to be showered with it instead of being blown by anger and pain.

Sorry for sounding cynical but I don't believe that she's in a "better place" or "living free" as that's straight up bu!!$h!t. She should have been in a better place while she was here, not after she's gone.

Mahalo for the reality check Talia. My daughter thanks you even though she may not know it - probably won't either till adulthood - but most of all I thank you for showing your strength battling through cruel intentions and I pray that my kids will be able to display the strength you shown when faced with life's challenges.

God Speed.

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  1. 9th Island Girl:

    I was sick to read and hear about this case, too. God bless and keep that little girl.

  2. cojef:

    A very sad story of parents who had no love for 5 years old child. Talia suffered immense pain physically and mentally must have been horrible to feel so unwanted by the pair. Yes, pair of animals who could have given the child up for adoption or returned to her Mother. No child could survive the continued beatings she received. Talia had grit by not really crying out loudly while she was being beaten savagely. No one in his right mind could continually and systematically beat another human being as this pair did, let alone 5 year old child. It sadden me that there people with these traits in our midst.

  3. cojef:

    Our 53 years old son was adopted 2 years old.

  4. wafan:

    Talia's life must have been a sad one filled with pain and fear. I hope she experienced true happiness at some point in her too short life. I cannot fathom the brutality and animalistic behavior by her "parents". Not sure if they feel any remorse (aside of having been caught and sentenced) for what they did to a five year old child.

    Those others who might have, could have, saved Talia but chose to do nothing will live their lives knowing they played a role in her beatings and death. I wish them luck as they try to reconcile and justify their behavior. If they have any conscious at all they will certainly need to review their beliefs and absent behavior to protect those who are unable to protect themselves.

    We all need to examine our roles in the lives of our families and remind ourselves of their importance.

    RIP, Talia. No more torture. No more pain. You were as strong as you could be. Stronger than those around you who should have protected you, who might have saved you, can ever hope to be.

  5. sally:

    Your words are my sentiments exactly.

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