Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat - Boddah You??

April 30th, 2014

Picture this......

You observe a kinda buss up truck slowly rolling down your street looking into your neighbor's house. You've nevah seen it before nor da drivah and as he steps out, he's looking around da property as if he's spocking it out. As he SLOWLY walks on property, he appears to be fake checking/calling his phone, puts it up to his ear, brings it down, looks around da front landing, puts his phone up to his ear for a couple seconds as if he was on a call, walks up to da front door but doesn't ring da door bell, looks around, fake checks his phone, walks through da open garage glancing at things, walks to da oddah side of house and to da rear of da home still checking things out.

Wat are your impressions? Wat are your thoughts? Wat would you do?

Da first two questions I'd say we all probably have da same general response but da last? Well dis is wat I did.

BL: (walking across da street) May I help you?
MOKE: (gives me stink eye) No. (very sarcastically back) May I help YOU?!
BL: No, but wat are you doing looking around my neighbor's property?
MOKE: (antagonistically) They called me here to do their yard. Why, who you? You live hea?
BL: (didn't I just say I was their neighbor?) No, I'm their neighbor. I no tink they'd appreciate you looking around their property wen they no stay.

It went back and forth for a while but really, why so angry brah? If you not doing anything wrong or if they were really "expecting" you, why so defensive? Basically his attitude was mind your own business but wouldn't you like a neighbor who looks out for you? Isn't dat da (ideal) concept of deciding wea to live dat your neighbors - not being niele - are helping keep you "safe" and got your back?

Anyways, it came to point dat I wasn't going to be able to do anything else and with his "suspicious" behavior and pissy attitude, I bussed out my phone.......

MOKE: Go ahead, go call 'em. Go call 'em.
BL: (no have their numbah) No worries brah.

Red Ford F-150 w/ extra cab and City & County of Honolulu stickah on lower drivah side windshield

MOKE: Yeah, go get me. Go get me. Hea I stay!
BL: No worries brah, I got you. Smile.

As I walk back across the street, he follows me while checking out my yard and notices huge rolls of carpet leaning against my wall:

MOKE: You like me throw away the carpet for you?
BL: Wat?
MOKE: You like me throw away the carpet for you? I do 'em for a fee.
BL: Uh, NO!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Hint: If you like try get side jobs, it's not smart to ack up and be stupidly arrogant then ask for business.

Wat a great morning as it first started out me forgetting to pack Da Baby's breakfast and lunch so I had to go back home to get it. Then aftah I dropped it off at da sitters, da bike battery was dead so I had to push da bike looking for a decline in da road so I could roll and jump start da bike. I go back home to charge up da battery and then run into dis "lawn man". Aftah all dat, I tell my oddah neighbor dat was cruising in her garage to look out for da moke and noticed I no mo' gas too. Aftah I pau fill up gas, I called 911 non-emergency to report suspicious behavior on private property...... and was placed on hold for wat seemed like an eternity even though da recording kept telling me "someone will be with you [me] shortly". 🙄 Aftah having inhaled enough petroleum fumes to make pakalolo weak, I hung up and headed into work as I was already choke late.


17 Responses to “Wat - Boddah You??”

  1. kamaaina808:

    Eh, BL you have all a fun, no? I probably would have done the same thing. My closest neighbor would have, too - we both stay suspicious of off da wall kine people since we live in one off da wall neighborhood. Glad it nevah come to more than talk, though.

  2. kamaaina808:

    *the fun... not 'a fun' ....aysooos!

  3. Lowtone123:

    Dat guy not too bright, eh?

  4. Chicken Grease:

    Next time, just call 911 and be done with it because:

    ● you have a baby now. Baby is the priority.

    ● if the guy is so bold as to do the . . . seeming out-of-the-ordinary things that he did . . . ask yourself, what else might he be prepared to do.

    It's not about not doing anything. Just call 911 and be done with it. Don't go until something happens to you. You're not Batman.

  5. Pat:

    You did the right thing. Hope your day is betta!

  6. M:

    Howzit BL!
    You one brave buggah, I would just call 911...

  7. makaha wahine:

    911 first to be safe. Really no can trust deees days.

  8. Ocean Lover:

    Let us know what your neighbors said. I believe you're right and prevented them from getting ripped off but let us know for sure.

  9. sally:

    Dorobos (burglars) are so bold. Couple weeks ago my front house neighbor was robbed WHILE SHE WAS SLEEPING at just before 4:30am. She woke when she heard a noise to find him going thru her drawers, her purse, her jewelry, her everything! to fit what he could into his backpack. She was pi$$ed! But she faked to be sleeping and SO FORTUNATE he didn't touch her!

    We calculated the timing. Her phone call went in to 911 at 4:30am. I was at the bottom of her steps taking my dog out to pee in the patch of yard at 4:20, which means he was inside her place while I was outside. Very likely he saw me and waited till I went back inside to run away.

    No mess around... these guys get mo' guts than brains. Fracken thieves!

  10. CW:

    One time I noticed this Dodge Charger cruising my parking garage. I too asked him if I could help him. Turns out he was a cop looking to serve a warrant. He said that it was good that I questioned him.

  11. Glenn D:

    Eh BL, I wish I had a neighbor like you...looking out for each other, yeah? But these days, no can because you neva know if he get gun or and shoot you just for questioning him. Best thing fo do in that kine situation is I write down da truck license plate, quick description of both da truck and da moke and call 911. Good eye, BL!!

  12. snow:

    i'm curious about what your neighbors said, too. but, regardless, he didn't need to have that attitude if he was there for a legitimate reason. i might have done the same... have done so, in fact, when i've seen strangers in my neighbors yard (most of the time, stealing his mangos... which hang over into my driveway... so, uhmmm, no... don't even think about coming into our side!). it was actually pretty comforting to have an nosy neighbor (she's passed on... but she knew EVERYTHING! lol.) because we knew someone was looking out for us!

    like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! that one (of the guy) sure is!

  13. cojef:

    BL one good neighbor. Currently live in 3 story condo with underground garage so our 2nd story like 3rd story. Although gated we have repair, delivery, mail, news boys, you name it visit our gated community with 14 gates and 14K units, like a small city. Back about 15 years ago, someone stole my battery charger for the golf cart. Had to get bigger chains and lock. All cabinet lockers in underground garage locked. Once found strange SUV/van parked behind/front of my car. He was charging his utilities batteries to run his appliances in the SUV/van, using my electrical outlet. Called security and reported his plates. I pay $125 a year for charging my golf cart. He was stealing electricity.

  14. Manoa Mist:

    Noble but misguided action. If you see something suspicious call 911 and let the police handle it. That's what they are there for. If this dude turned on you would you be prepared to risk life and limb? Especially when you have a wife and young children? Not worth it my friend. Unless you going out there with artillery, but even then, maybe you shoot the guy who had a entirely legitimate reason for being on the property. You lucky the guy let you take his picture, he could of grabbed your phone and smashed it into million pieces.

  15. 9th Island Girl:

    I have done the same thing. i guess I'm brave but stoopid?!

  16. TitaGirl:

    I too have questioned people looking professional, poking their heads over fences into yards..that just makes me so mad. I asked -what can I help you with? Then he/she make some kind of excuse..oh, just checking. Then I follow them out of our neighborhood, with baby in the stroller! That's wen I bus out my phone at the same time, calling 911. And I tell them where the guy went. People nowadays..the nerve! Good to have ppl in your neighborhood who speak out against wrong.

  17. sally:

    So what, BL, can share these pics on FB? Everybody should get a heads up of this guy. Okay or what?

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