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Steady Inflation

May 6th, 2014

Is it just me or does it seem dat people are doing more than ok these days? I mean, it wasn't too long ago dat EVERYBODY was up in arms about gas prices hitting over $4 /gallon and screaming strong armed robbery as gas stations seemed to be increasing their prices on a whim but would never decrease it just the same. I just paid $4.589 a gallon (supreme) and haven't heard a peep through da media - from consumers - about gas prices having steadily risen in da last couple of months.

I swear I was paying like $4.30 something per gallon about a month ago but then again my memory not so good so it could have been much longah than dat. It's so fortunate dat I get one bike and my fill up is usually below $20 but then it got me thinking about da things we have always thought was "steady" and relied on to help our budgets.

Gone are da $5-something plate lunches. Da Dollah stores are shutting down and now da $1 bins you used to see are now $2, $3 or more. Da Dollah menu at fast food places are no longah $1 but now called "value menus" or "$1 plus" as if they no tink we realize dat it's not a "$1" anymore.

Da steadiest thing I've evah seen still to dis day from my hannah battah days is da gumball/candy machines wea it still costs 25 cents - some 50 cents - but it's always been quarters.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I take it back. There were actually nickel and dime candy machines too right? But there always been da quarters. I guess stick gum has been pretty steady too wea you can buy da five pack........ for a quarter.

So wat is it? Wen do people start bitchin' about prices cause I swear there's still unemployed people out there and hea in Hawai'i we all know our cost of living is higher than Mauna Kea. Have people just stopped bitchin' because they've gotten hefty raises like our top City Officials? Every yea it's a roll of dice for me whether I got one of those or not and even if I do, it isn't substantial enough to do any damage in da budget.

Are there any values out there dat still exist? Is there a certain price point you look at for certain things? Have you just succumbed to da powers dat be setting da market on prices? Out of curiosity, do you use coupons? Not da kine for shampoo or personal items kine but da kine you cut out from da paper for fast food Jack-In-The-Box or da local store sale kine? Do you have discount cards like da ID Card or Entertainment Book?

Just wishing to see a wage inflation to match real world prices...... but I guess I'm bettah off just saving my quarters instead. 🙁

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12 Responses to “Steady Inflation”

  1. Ynaku:

    I still complain under my breath :poop:

  2. Ynaku:

    Long time ago I bought 5 packs of gum for Quarter from a blind vendor at a bus terminal in Hilo. The guys thought I was stealing from him. Good grief. They see me there every day. I wouldn't rip off the man. I was brought up better than that.

  3. cojef:

    Amazing that the City passed a BIG raise, .04+%. My S/S increase was $.57 after paid the increase in Medicare premiums. Same thing with my Federal pension, with the increase in health insurance the "cost of living" increase on our pension just resulted in a plus $.59. The health insurance cost jumped because of the Obamacare mandated coverage. So now, if I like I can have a trans-gender operation. Wassup wit dat at age 88 going to 89 come June.

  4. kamaaina808:

    I gave up bitchin' cuz no one stay listening anyways. 🙁

  5. M:

    Howzit BL!
    No mo control ovah inflation so no sense grumble ladat.

  6. makaha wahine:

    I think it is so funny that I am able to get senior discounts now, but I keep forgetting to ask for them. Senior moments?

  7. TitaGirl:

    I use those coupons- that is da decision maker as wea we goin' eat. When grocery shopping, I ONLY buy things on sale. Only buy full price if I need 'em for one recipe. When I drive, I no blast the a/c. I just put the cool/heat setting half way, and it's perfect for days like today. I also rolling down windows moa often. And, cutting my trips to town--too much gas from the west side. Will make a full day of going to town, so we no need visit again for months. 🙂 So wat- I sound cheapskate? hee hee

  8. M:

    @TitaGirl, no mattah if da a/c setting is on low, halfway or full blast, you use da same amount of gas so just leave em full blast or turn off to save gas.

  9. zzzzzz:

    BL, try go to the social security website and look at your earning history. If it's like mine, you'll see that not only have prices gone up, but so has your income.

    Yeah, I still remember when Spam went on sale for 1.49, but back then, I was making a lot less than I am now, so I can afford to pay $2.

  10. wafan:

    Wow! Folks getting raises?!?! I have not had a raise in over ten years. To add insult they cut my pay 2% four years ago.

  11. TitaGirl:

    M: fo reals? I was told by one mechanic that make difference if you set the temperature to warmer, and it's better to blast it, actually, on warmer air. Tanx anyway! 🙂

  12. 9th Island Girl:

    I sometimes cut coupons and I always get reward cards for places I always frequent. I am not good with coupons, though, often find a bunch of expired ones in my wallet.

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