Wassup Wit Dat!

Oh $h!%.... & $h!-$h! Too

May 9th, 2014

It's like stepping in dog crap... you never know it till aftah you've blessed you shoes or slippahs. It's one of those things you nevah see coming - nor expect to - and wen it happens, it's more than Wassup Wit Dat! you'll be saying.

At Wednesday's practice, I was talking with a coach from da younger division wen I felt a wet drop on my right shoulder. At first I nevah think nothing cause it was cloudy and looked like da rain was about to start but I nevah feel da drizzles aftah.

Then it hit me.

It wasn't raining...... crap, it bettah not be bee doo-doo cause dat thing stinks and da smell sticks around too. I pull da shoulder of my shirt ovah and see dis.........

I shook my head and turned to da oddah coach and said, "you gotta be $h!tt!n' me.... LITERALLY! Wassup Wit Dat!"

It really was like WTF cause there were ZERO trees remotely close to me especially since I was still in da parking lot.

Dis is wea I was standing........

And before you even ask if I was standing underneath da lamp pole dat sticks out, a'ole.

I looked up and saw I was far enough from da pole but there was a mynah bird sitting pretty right on top of da main pole bobbing up and down cooing at me. Well, he probably was laughing at me cause he nevah stop coo... laughing.

I chalked it up to anoddah day in da life of da WWD! magnet.

Aftah practice, once I get home Da Baby stay wailing in his crib so I run upstairs to see wat's going on. Da Wife was taking care of Da Keiki so I picked Da Baby up and started to comfort him. I sat on da rocker trying to put him back down and turned on da fan cause it was humid. Minutes latah I started to feel moving warmth... then Da Baby started wailing right in my ear.

BL: Aw, C'MON man!!
DA WIFE: (standing in da doorway) What's going on?
BL: Really?! Get me a towel or something. He pee'd all ovah me. You nevah put on his diaper?
DA WIFE: He was airing out. (okole rash) You didn't feel he wasn't wearing a diaper?
BL: No. I pulled his shirt down cause it was all bunched up on top.
DA WIFE: *laughing*

**** WARNING: Da photo below may be too graphic for some. If you da type to get offended easily or overly sensitive...... no look 'den!

Plus, it's definitely not da most flattering pic of my unmentionables (da day I wear da old man kine) while Hallie da Hippo laughs at my okole.

Let your Feel Good Friday begin cause there's no way your day can get worse than being $h!t and pi$$ed on in da same day! 😆

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8 Responses to “Oh $h!%.... & $h!-$h! Too”

  1. Ocean Lover:

    I wonda if we get reincarnated as animals as I've seen birds crap on people ON PURPOSE.

    With respect to your lil one peeing on you.........WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

    Good weekend!

  2. M:

    Howzit BL!

    Anadah day in da life of BL! lol

    Happy FGF!

  3. Lowtone123:

    Eh BL you get wan boy it's the first of many possibly. Try bathing da boy or changing da diaper wen da fire hose starts going off. Ho boy fun stuff.

  4. cojef:

    BL, got more than his share for sure. Like I mentioned once when shaving in the morning, 4/5 years old son with bleary eye walks up to lavatory and started to do his thing. Suddenly, my feet is soaking wet. Instead watching his flow, he was looking up, watching me shaving. Happy Mother's Day to your other half.

  5. De:

    Thanks for the lol. I had the first one happen to me so I wasn't lol until the 2nd story. U r a great dad. Hope you have a great weekend...u deserve it.

  6. wafan:

    Thankfully did not happen to me . . . no kids dats why.

    Good friend was over with his kid. Yup baggy diaper and all. We were on the floor watching TV when I smell the wonderful odor of doo-doo. So, I look at the boy and he is standing behind his dad happily digging his presents out of his diaper and smearing it on the back of his dad's shirt.

    Had to laugh because just could not get upset. Whenever I see that 29 year old kid and he starts getting a little upset with his kids misbehaving I just mention the word "T-shirt" and he stops monku'ing and breaks out in huge laughs. No one else but he, his dad and I know what the commotion is all about. And, no one else has to, either!

  7. 9th Island Girl:

    I have had the bird poop on my head many times but I have a daughter so the peeing part was a little easier!

  8. DIO:

    What a crappy day, BL. To add insult to injury, I bet you were pissed off after getting pissed on. Brah, I asked before.....are you sure, somewhere in your past, or in the past of your ancestors, someone, somewhere, maybe in the "old country" didn't do something to bring about a curse against the family?

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