Wassup Wit Dat!

Got Lei'd?

May 15th, 2014

It's dat time of year already and I swear it seems like every year, graduation season starts earlier and earlier. I'm not complaining now as an adult since my commute time has been cut a little shorter but as a student back in da day, I'm saying....

Wassup Wit Dat!

Since wen da heck do they pau school in early/mid-May? How da heck do they get weeks off for holiday breaks, finish earlier on Wednesdays, go school half days on exam weeks and still have certain Fridays off?? Boy, if there were dat much days "off" back wen I was in school, I wouldn't have had to create my own "holidays". 😛

In any case, just a quick poll out there: how many of you going to a graduation dis year? How many graduations? You guys bringing lei? How much you spend per lei?

I only ask cause stay tuned for Friday's blog on a unique gift to present to da graduate on his/her special day. It will be something the graduate will certainly appreciate... and so will all those who don't get one.

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10 Responses to “Got Lei'd?”

  1. GA Bows:

    Luck me... no graduation this year.

  2. GA Bows:

    Since being on the mainland, any graduation my ohana attend to we give moolah.

  3. De:

    My son graduating from high school so I get plenty of graduations. Talk about lei'd. Now days we gotta give leis for senior days (he play baseball), award ceremonies, etc. Good thing we can attach snacks to ribbon or make those ribbon leis.

  4. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... I have just a couple graduations this year ... and lately we been giving those ribbon leis ... because kinda hassle getting real leis ... not da same yeah ... but oh well ...

    ... and den about da new school calendars ... I no mind ... dey finish fast because dey start early too ... I think beginning of August, at least public school ... back in our young kid time, I think we started in September ... possibly da last week of August ... I no remembah ...

    ... anyway, mostly da difference now from back then ... da school year just wen shift ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  5. makaha wahine:

    First we had one invite to high school ceremony. Then one more to college ceremony. Now one noddah one came for anoddah high school one. Lei and cash works for everybody. Fresh or ribbon lei are nice either way. 3 dis year not bad.

  6. Island Crafters:

    Ooooo! I can't wait to see that this is going to be!!! I only have a college graduation this year. Usually do ribbon lei. Am ALWAYS on the lookout for something UNIQUE though!

  7. M:

    Howzit BL!

    None fo me.

  8. Cojef:

    Living on the mainland and not having any grand kids, plus youngest relative is sophomore in college in Oregon, no need to get lei'd.

  9. 9th Island Girl:

    Choke graduations this year! One high school and five college! I usually make a quarter lei...heavy but at least they can use the money!

  10. Dorobo:

    Aloha WWD,
    I no mo any graduations but "creating my own holidays" struck a chord with me. (Along with my dad's knuckles.)
    I was once told by the vice principal that I had "broken the record for absent days."
    Ah, my poor dad!!!
    Thanks for bringing back an old forgotten about part of my life as a youth.
    P.S. I did graduate with my class though? Go figure?

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