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Time To Get Lei'd Like Never Before

May 16th, 2014

Graduation is right around da corner - if not hea already - and wat's da first thing we in Hawai'i nei go for before heading down to da footbal field, stadium or arena? Das right, one lei..... or two or three or four or howevah much you need for da graduate and his/her hui.

We seen - and smelt - it all. Plumeria, hibiscus, ti leaf, maile, carnation, ribbon, feather, quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, beer (rogah, I've seen dat EVERY year some barely 18 year old get a six pack of beer probably from da "fun" uncle), inflatables, haku..... does dat cover it?

Those heading down to graduation looking to be da "different" relative? Da one who da graduate will remembah dat gave a cool gift?

How's about a gummy lei? It's not wat you tink wea it's just a single row of gummies but how's about a POUND of gummies (three rows) braided so cleanly and tight dat you swear it was a "real" lei?

E Komo Mai Sweet Lady Lei   (www.sweetladylei.com).

I will first mention dat she, Lauren Murphy, is a co-worker of mine dat sits a few cubicles away.... and one of my bosses so not going hurt if I give her a shout out right? 😛

Hea's a little Q & A we did earlier in between her juggling her "real job", fresh off da live morning show on KHON and unknowing shout out on Monday's Today section "5 Things We Love":

• Do you physically make each lei?
Yes, the candy is manufactured in the USA and each lei is handmade in Hawaii by me and my business partner, Nel Ota.

Made in Hawai'i - das wat we like to hear! Plus it "stays" in Hawai'i too!

• How did da “gummy lei” come about?
I love gummy candy and my good friend Nel loves crafting, so we created the lei during a late night brainstorming session with gummy snacks!

Ummm, "late night brainstorming session"? :mrgreen:

• How long have you been doing this?
We launched in April 2013 for graduation season and it was so popular we continued it year round since then. In addition to our website (www.sweetladylei.com), we are now wholesaling at Watanabe Floral, Primo Popcorn, and Samurai Snacks.

They are also on Amazon.com too! Ho, hit da big time yeah? 😀

• Do you eat any of them while making them? No lie.
No, LOL!, but I have tight quality control standards so the ones that do not pass the test go into a “samples” jar that I usually end up eating or giving away.

Cause I got da WWD! Hui's back.......
• Get discount?
Sure, I will offer 15% off the entire order if they order online and mention the blog. Primo, Watanabe, and Samurai will not honor the discount so please make sure you mention it applies to website orders only for the 15% off promo.

Eh, no complain if you nevah follow directions by not mentioning dat you saw it on WWD! eh! Click on ovah to their site,  (www.sweetladylei.com)  and order there.  Their turnaround time is really quick but in da same breath, it is grad season so they are getting slammed and working feverishly to get out all their orders.

• Any fun facts you want to add?
FUN: this is the perfect gift for any occasion because it is the gift that keeps on giving. Shelf life is 9 months at room temperature, so you can wear it and then eat it. All candy is sealed for freshness and comfortable wear. We make bracelets and leis – bracelets range from $5-8 and leis range from $10-20. It’s a unique, one of a kind, gourmet gift that is easy to transport.

HISTORICAL: Gummy Worms were created in 1981. The Sour Worms are the #1 selling gummy worm in the US. The first gummy candy was invented in Germany in the 1920’s and did not come to the US until the 1980’s – the same year the Gummy Worm was created. The largest Gummy Bear in history is from Texas in 2011 – 81 lbs!

BL:    I can pound da whole lei in a few minutes


Ha ha ha. I just re-read dat sentence out loud in my head....... 😆  if you no get 'em, nevah mind.

All I gotta say is dat their website is VERY AWESOME! Lots of pictures, clear cut descriptions and excellent detail. 

In case you're wondering if they can do custom colors to match high school colors, yes they can! But please inquire with them as I cannot vouch dat they'll have da specific color you're looking for. Da gummy candy is onolicious if I do say so myself - not too sweet...... not too bland...... but juuuuuust right eh!   😉

Check da site  (www.sweetladylei.com)  for full details and no fo'get to mention dat you saw it hea on WWD! for your kama'aina discount.

It's not often dat I hand it out but da product - and cause it's made in Hawai'i - is right on and deservingly so receives......


Five Shakas and A Howzit!

We've all had graduation or been to one and a lei is a lei and once on and piled high, you really don't pay much attention to it but trust me, whoevah gets a gummy lei will remembah who gave it to them. Compared to a floral lei, you'll be spending close to - if not more - so you might as well get something unique dat is memorable. They also do gum balls too!

Keep in mind dat it's not just for graduation though but for anytime you want to give a lei.

So go check 'em go check 'em go check 'em go..... next to beer, gummies are one of my favorites and I'm surah for many oddahs too. 😉 😉



5 Responses to “Time To Get Lei'd Like Never Before”

  1. cojef:

    Guess, I'm not acquainted with the new kind candy lei. Wen growing up we had Chinese wrapped seed leis, da kine blue wrapper with all kine Chinese characters. Your gummies picture moh attractive and colorful. But living in the mainland, no can see. 'too bad.

  2. wafan:

    Lei at graduation! Two favorite lei I received at hs graduation was from mom and dad, and the very first plumeria flowers picked from a tree an aunty planted just so I would have a special lei from her.

    I miss the wonderful perfume at graduation!

  3. M:

    Howzit BL!

    Dats what make it so special in Hawaii, getting Lei'd!

  4. 9th Island Girl:

    Looks pretty and yummy! Wish i knew about it earlier!

  5. Ynaku:

    My son graduated tonight from UH-HCC. He had more leis than he could imagine. Maile, Ti-leaf, flower kine, blinky light but no more dat kine candy lei. Not even da dollar bill kine although he did get some Kala in da envelope 😀

    Da hale smells so good tonight.

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