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Music Appreciation

May 22nd, 2014

Being a "band geek" - and no, I am NOT offended by dat term as I think it's kinda endearing - I've been surrounded by music of all sorts. From Symphonic Wind Ensemble to Jazz Band to Marching Band just to name a smidgen of bands I was a part of throughout high school to playing tenor sax, alto sax and my absolute favorite, bari(tone) sax... not to mention a bass clarinet player in da Symphonic Orchestra and a drum major (no instrument in case you're wondering) in da Marching Band as well.

Band geeks represent..... Wassup Wit Dat!

My involvement in music has made me appreciate da rhythms and beats of many different genre's from classical to rock to R&B and their associated different styles and moods. Shmall kid time I loved (still do) da "oldies" and those Al Green type recordings and I was exclusively Hawaiian/Jawaiian in high school. There was some time listening to pop/dance in college to "bust a move" "in da club" 😉 and now, I guess I listen to old people music on KSSK 92.3 and KRTR 96.3. I love da flashback station of 93.9 JAMZ and listen to them on my way home from work and I still have to get my fill on KINE 105.1.

I hands down though put acapella music above all as they show a "pure" voice - no Milli Vanilli action going on there. I remembah spending some time listening to an acapella group performing on da sidewalk in downtown Seattle and ending up buying their CD. I have to admit dat I enjoy country music as well but more of a song lover rather than a group/band fan though I enjoy many songs from Loretta Lynn and Kid Rock so I guess you could say I am fans of them.

There's a show called "The Sing-Off" on NBC and it absolutely rocks! Straight up acapella music and da winners of season 4 was a...... country group! Each of their songs were put together amazingly but one in particular you have to listen to if you appreciate musicality is "Ring of Fire" featuring the bass player - it'll make your jaw drop.

Wat kine of music you listen to? Wat radio station are you tuned in to? You have favorite songs or favorite performers? Any type of music flows through your veins?

Check out da compilation of da acapella group "Home Free" and garan's you won't be disappointed if you enjoy singing how it should be. 😀

[youtube 7Hd3TtA-suo]

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14 Responses to “Music Appreciation”

  1. 9th Island Girl:


  2. 9th Island Girl:

    I used to listen to contemporary and would know all the songs that would become popular before my daughter knew. Now I listen to Christian radio 105.5 or 99.5 or 95.5.

  3. Lowtone123:

    I grew up with a love for music which is weird because I remember my mom only listened to public radio and my dad listened to KSSK. But as I grew I appreciated all genre of music and from many era's. I grew up in the 80's so I would say I love 80's music the best with it's electric produced sound but I also liked the 70's and it's more acoustic, mellow groove (or as I call it, music to can sing to). I primarily listen to 94.7 KUMU or 107.9 Kool Gold for radio listening. My favorite groups are Journey, Chicago & Eagles. I primarily like rock but I also like R&B, contemporary Hawaiian and smooth jazz.

  4. wafan:

    Most kinds of music are awesome. It is harder for me to listen to Jawaiian (all kinda sounds the same to me) and metal. Favorite genres has to be classical, pop, and the big bands (sure miss Aku!).

    Did you have Tsuha at MIS? Used to help there quite a bit.

    Band geeks live forever!!!

  5. betterlatethannever:

    Gotta agree wit you..."The Sing-Off" is awesome.
    As one former band-geek (or is it once a band-geek, always a band-geek), like all kine sounds, but surely mis da "smooth jazz" station.
    Oh well, das why dey make i-pod.

  6. kamaaina808:

    Wow, BL... no kidding aside, never knew you was so talented! I stay in awe. 😎

  7. kamaaina808:

    Eh, forgot da music part...

    Like acapella of most anykine music, and I still listen to the '70's/'80's rock/country/R&B/easy listening. I like contemporary Hawaiian but definitely not a fan of rap, hiphop and screaming metal-type music. At one point, I had an affinity for Classical, too - but not jazz so much. KSSK is my 'go-to' station in da truck.

    I used to love The Allman Bro's, Gatlin Bro's, Temptations, etc., and a slew of other killer groups with awesome harmony.

  8. DIO:

    Loretta Lynn? You shua you grew up in HI or what? 😆 Man I can remember when the only Country music radio station was KDEO, AM 690. All da military folks used to complain, there's no country music here in HI. 😆

  9. keoni:

    Eh kamaaina808, I don't think rap, etc. is music; more like noise, yeah?

  10. keoni:

    I like many types of music from the Italian folk to German ompah bands and some country (like Melveen when she sings Hawaiian country), but my favorite is Hawaiian of the old days and style (in our beautiful 'olelo). As for Jawaiian, Robert Cazimero said it best, "I don't see Jamaica singing Kaulana Na Pua!"

  11. kamaaina808:

    PS "Home Free" seriously kicks A... thanks for the video! 🙂

  12. kamaaina808:

    @keoni - i call it "c"rap, if that's allowed 😀

  13. cojef:

    All through my life could not carry a tune. Determined to be around music so made contract that son will take piano lessons for 5 years. He branched out to clarinet so that he could be part of the high school marching band. As an adult he sang for many years with the Long Beach Chamber Orchestra and Chorale. My car radio is set on the Los Angeles (UCLA) long hair station all the time, nothing else.

  14. Ynaku:

    The music I am good at is the PLAY button 😆

    I also no can sing to save my life. 😀

    I like oldies cause I know most of da words. I like Hawaiian Music too. Some of the current music is ok since they doing remixes. But I do enjoy music. My son was a band geek. Played Piano at home, Clarinet, drums, viola at school. My daughter played and taught piano to young beginners. My wife used to play Bass.

    Me? I make noise.

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