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Frickin' Pissed But No Can

June 30th, 2014

"It is wat makes da world go round" as quoted by a WWD! reader many moons ago but in dis instance, da people who "make" dat part of da world sucks okole.

Talking story with my father-in-law last night as Da Wife and I are heading to Sansei (Shakanack review on dat to follow) for a belated Father's Day dinner, he shares something dat got my Korean blood boiling hotter than kim chee stew!

It's one of those moments dat you tink wouldn't happen to anyone you know and is nothing but a blip on your radar but it happened and there's nothing anyone can do about it but to share in da hopes dat it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Da details were pretty sketchy but in a nutshell my grandmother-in-law got scammed and scammed big for $2500!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Da scam was pretty sophisticated in a sense dat they phished some personal information and it went down as her grand-daughter needing bail money to get her out of jail..... in New York.

Now for most of us younger than "grandmother" age would have red flags going off but da frickin' crooks went beyond knowing names, they put "her" on da phone! Now wen you dealing with makule people, they tink everybody will sound da way they sound if you give them a name and das how it went down.

It's da same pitch wea someone you care about needs bail money for something they nevah do and not to tell dat person's parents cause they're scared and blah blah blah. Then my grandmother-in-law was given clear instructions on how to wire da money - again, da HUGEMANGEOUS red flag in ALL scams - but cause da phone conversation was so convincing, she did as instructed.

How did my father-in-law find out? Well, my grandmother-in-law (bless her good-hearted soul) was expecting to hear back a few days later from her grand-daughter so instead she called da grand-daughter's mom to find out how she was doing and to see if she was home yet from New York.... she was then told dat da grand-daughter was always home. 🙁 Moreso in Hawaii we carry a bit more of da shame factor so it's even especially hard to even come to terms with something like dis.

I only share dis to try and take something out of it instead of it just being swept undah da rug. Please talk with your parents and/or grandparents and be vigilant about any type of suspicious calls asking for money especially if it's for relatives. They have even been so bold as to hold fake conversations and these bastards have nothing but black hearts and damned souls so they don't care who and how da person will be hurt as long as they get "paid".

My grandparents-in-law - as most makule plantation workers - don't have much and live very humble lives so taking a hit out of their retirement for a scam doesn't bode well with any of us and das da type of people these a$$ho!e$ target - trusting, caring and sad to admit, makule people.

I told my father-in-law dat these scammers will not stop. Once they hooked grandma, they'll keep trying again and again until anoddah scam "works" so to change da phone numbah. It's a good thing dat they don't have anything to do with computers and email so at least we can do something proactive by changing da numbah and not worry about them transmitting personal information online.

But true to Grandma she says, "lesson learned".

Not surah if you want to admit or not but have you evah been scammed? Wat oddah scams have you heard about recently das going around? How's your spidey-sense?

btw, I get some land on Pu'u O'o I'm trying to get rid of if you interested.

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June 28th, 2014

Sorry but da only futbol I know is spelled with two "O's", played with an oblong ball and you're allowed to use your hands....... teeth, not so much.

Just curious, anybody watching da World Cup?

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Paint Found!

June 25th, 2014

Early dis past Sunday morning I decided to take Da Baby and Da Keiki for a little Red Wagon ride to da park and give Da Wife a couple more hours of more than well deserved shut eye.

As I approached da park, I couldn't help but notice all da color. I walked da entire park twice to confirm changes of which I blogged about weeks ago in "Can You Figgah It Out". At dat time, there was a perplexing sight of an ordinary curb but it was painted a pretty bright blue and couldn't figgah out how come only a SINGLE curb? Ran out of paint? No mo' money? Spilled paint and tried to make it pretty?

Da WWD! Hui are common sense people - well, most of us 😛 - and could pretty much conclude dat it was to indicate handicap access at da very least.

Wat about da blind - visually impaired for all you politically crap... um, correct people? How come no mo' da shiatsu kine bumps scattered across da ramp too then? No need be painted yellow cause c'mon, they no can see 'em but how come da handicapped (wheeled, cane and oddah assisted means) gotta be "shown" da slanted curb but da blind just gotta figgah it out for themselves?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Naturally wen there's one WWD!, there are oddahs and I got anoddah "perplexing" mo'olelo dat came out of dis for latah and da sad part? It's da same park.... 🙄

Hea are da pics of all da curbs around da park now dat they found da paint bucket....... well, almost.... you'll see.

Pretty yeah? 😛

Anybody know Wassup Wit Dat! in dis pic? Go guess 'em go.

Must be da same guys who did da blue..........

Bus Stop numbah 1:

Bus Stop numbah 2 a few hundred yards down da road:

No more white paint

Wassup Wit Dat! 😆 😆

And da winnah winnah chicken katsu dinnah.......

I guess somebody was feeling left out dat da curbs all ovah da park was painted..... 🙄

Unproductive Exercise

June 24th, 2014

Howzit Howzit!

Well it ain't a Monday but it sure feels like it to me - had to take Da Keiki out to a doctor's appointment, Da Baby's sitter called out sick so it was a good handful trying to work and take kea of da rugrats at da same time yesterday so today is my "Monday". 😀

But since it's a Tuesday and our bodies are always looking forward to da weekend already but our mine's aren't, hea's a little quiz to help you along your unproductive day and get some exercise for your brain.

Let me warn you though dat dis quiz is said to be given to 2nd graders who pass under da two minute mark.

I just made da "grade" and some of you will be saying Wassup Wit Dat! aftah a few tries but if you passed, go post your times or no need if you too shame. 😛

No blame me if you get headache now.... or flunked and should be sent back to 1st Grade. 😆


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Wat Da Heck Is Dat?

June 20th, 2014

Anoddah Feel Good Friday and we're just about half way through 2014 already!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Time sure does fly by even wen we not thinking about it but I wasn't thinking about time wen I saw these two photo ops.

Dis first one made me chuckle and scratch my head at da same time.........

Dis container is ALWAYS in front of da Pearl City Wal-Mart loading dock area and made me wondah wat? Our fish going die? Only fish? Wat kine signage is dat wea we one container going kill fish? And wat is da "blank" one? We all going die slanting to da right? And then a movie scene from Day After Tomorrow I think flashed in mind wea da Matson ship lost its load. 😯

Then there's dis one while walking between isles in Target.........

In case you can't/don't see da words, it says "Nasal Aspirator". Now I dunno who da heck marketed such an idea wea you would stick a vinyl hose up your baby's nose and suck it out with your own mouth but da person must be sitting pretty sucking up da moolah. 😆

Really? Really? You would really suck up booger's? And da kid is smiling??

Wassup Wit Dat!

😆 😆 😆

Have grrrrreeeeeat Feel Good Friday!

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