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24 Hours Of Happy

June 6th, 2014

It's amazing how songs and music can move - improve - your mood. We listen to them to get pumped up, we listen to calm down, we listen to empathize and sympathize especially when regulah words just can't explain wat you going through. Those lyrics could be in poem or riddle or not make sense at all but if da beat and rhythm is right, da words kinda no mattah.

Those same songs that move you, you're able to listen to ovah and ovah again and whether dat be a few times or for hours, it keeps your mood going.

There are probably less than a handful of songs that you can listen to repeatedly and if you haven't heard dis song by now and started to dance or smile, well, hea's your chance.

Da song is called "Happy" and da tune is very catchy making it easy to listen to. In fact just listening to it should make you "happy" and want to get off your okole and start dancing. They have da world's first 24 hour video - yes, TWENTY-FOUR HOURS! - and I gotta say it's pretty damn cool.

I listen/watch it everyday at work towards da end of da day ovah and ovah to get me pumped up and well.... get happy. Da video is very entertaining and you'll see da people dancing seamlessly - some not good - but regardless of their style, they are "happy" and if you not grinning by da time da song is ovah, you must be a vampire or something. 😛 Actually it's almost more entertaining to watch da people WATCH da people wondering..... Wassup Wit Dat!. 😆

It is truly an amazing video and must have not only taken a long time to make but just da vision to do it you'll certainly appreciate da effort. It's kinda neat in dat you don't have to repeat, you don't have to pause, you just play and if you have to walk away it's still playing - you can even fast forward "time" (check out lolo wahine on da side who is totally OBLIVIOUS dat she's about to get runned ovah multiple times at 8:36am). 😉 😆 Well, check 'em out and you'll see wat I'm talking about.... almost 10,000,000 views can't be wrong right?

Wat's more contagious than a disease?

A person who is genuinely...... smiling happily.

Start spreading da cure by clicking hea: "24 HOURS OF... HAPPY!"

Happy Feel Good Friday!

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10 Responses to “24 Hours Of Happy”

  1. Ynaku:

    Happy Happy Happy 😆 It's Friday

  2. Lowtone123:

    HAPPY Aloha Friday!

  3. cojef:

    In 2 weeks will be 89, and the happy part is just being alive to read blogs like yours braddah Lance. Retired just 6 months shy of being 65 and have not looked back, just happy every day when you get up knowing you are alive. Any song I listen to is happy for that matter, tho have long hair music station set in car radio. In California KUSC 101.5 FM.

  4. M:

    Howzit BL!
    HFG Friday!

  5. Ro:

    whooo! - you just made my Aloha Friday! I've loved Pharrell's music since I first became aware of him while watching the first "Despicable Me" movie. (his music was so reminiscent to me of the music of "Earth Wind & Fire" which I grew up listening to nonstop growing up as a teen in the 1970s.) Their music and his music both make me so HAPPY! seriously... that music is so uplifting! Thanks SO much for sharing this with all of us. Happy Happy Aloha Friday Braddah Lance!

  6. Makiki:

    Happy FGF everyone!
    Mahalo BL!

  7. kamaaina808:

    Happy FGF, BL & all you peeps... have a great weekend! 🙂

  8. wafan:

    A special one day a year kind of happy! It is graduation day here!!!

    Next Friday will be another one day a year kind of happy -- SUMMER BREAK!!!


  9. 9th Island Girl:

    Love that song and actually do feel happy when I hear it!

  10. snow:

    it's such a catchy song... i love it! i always makes me want to sing and dance! 🙂 was thinking that i needed to make a mix of all my favorite "happy" songs to listen to throughout the day.

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