Wassup Wit Dat!

No Waste My Time

June 12th, 2014

Down-sizing. Max productivity. More with less.

Some of da buzz words we live with all around us as we try and literally fulfill the jobs of two people into one. Why? Cause we no like lose our jobs and we got bills to pay. Plus unless you homeless, keeping a "real" roof ovah our heads and food on da table isn't free... nor cheap in Hawai'i nei.

It was interesting to read multiple articles about da biggest time wasters and contrary to belief, it's not Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.

It's da instrument used to access it.

A'ole, still not da computah.

It's your "smart"phone.... while da computah isn't very far behind.

Between instant messaging (text), checking emails, using an app or even playing a game check out your cubicle mates desk and wat's on top? Probably not so much da bombucha flip style but da almost as thick as a pancake (minus da case) flat screen phone.

Wat you do on it basically boils down to about two hours a day.... at work!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Sneaking in a minute or two or more checking a text or email adds up. Then watevah you can't access - or can't see cause maybe too small for your old eyes 😆 - you open up a browser on your computah which then of course drags to a few minutes hea and there.

Joining da list are meetings dat drag (no clear purpose), water cooler talk (gossip) and in da top three of time wasters next to your smartphone and web surfing are distractions which seem to pop up at da most inopportune time yeah?

You know, you add up all da wasted time and I swear we really only work five hour days! 😀 Granted there are some dat really take advantage and MAYBE put in four hour days and I'm surah you know who they are.

Wat do you see around dat seems to waste time at work? Wat are your pet peeves about a co-worker dat seemingly always wastes time? Wat is YOUR biggest time waster? No lie, you get.

No worry about getting caught you "anonymous" hea.... plus you NEVAH wasting your time at WWD!. LOL

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7 Responses to “No Waste My Time”

  1. keoni:

    Well, being a MLC kine guy (translate dat to 'old fut'), I no get all the fancy kine stuffs fo' my phone. In fact my phone so basic it should have a rotary dial in da center! 😆

  2. Makiki:

    As a business owner (and employer) I am on the other side of the situation. We have a no cell/smart phone policy and computer use is restricted by user based on need with all social media, email and questionable sites blocked for all. Seems draconian but I would rather we focus on giving our customers our full attention and provide the best service possible and I don't feel that is possible allowing all of the distractions available today.

    We do allow folks to take personal calls as necessary and of course they can use their phones on breaks and during lunch.

    Do you REALLY need to know what someone had for lunch or who did what to whom while at work?

  3. wafan:

    High school kids just do not get it. They think, no believe, they will allowed to use their phones or computers anytime to surf the web or view personal sites.

    I figure they will learn the hard way -- unfortunately. I hope they remember that mean old guy who kept telling them to put their phones away and to get back to work!


  4. Lowtone123:

    I had a co-worker who smoked and he used to go to the designated smoking area every hour. Five minutes to walk there, ten to smoke (cause when other smokers are there as well you not JUST smoking, yeah?) and five top get back equals twenty minutes in every hour which in an eight hour day is two hours and 40 minutes a day.

  5. 9th Island Girl:

    I agree that the smoke breaks and the walking around talking story people are the biggest time wasters.

  6. kamaaina808:

    Reading comments on news articles. But of course not WWD 😎 😀

    I have one dumb phone, so no games - not even on my computer, BUT I do read lots & lots of news via feeds, etc. from all ovah and came to the conclusion after one exhausting evening: Reading comments are a massive waste of time cuz garrans ball barrans the participants gonna sink into one stink fight - especially political-kine comments on sites that don't have Tutus for mods like they do @ the SAd. 😀 I no lie. Check out Poitico or some of the others - all same kine pilau-mouth comments one right aftah anodda.

  7. cojef:

    Been retired for 24 years now so do not know or experienced whatever happens in an office environ. Was an internal audit unit director so discipline was not a problem as personnel were all professionals and we're aware or recognized their responsibilities regarding work ethics. Own a bare bones prepaid cell phone that works well for us. Between wife and self, have 2 laptops, and a 3rd generation iPad and iPad mini. We don't know twitter language and have no use of it. Do not care to be a zombie like kids of today, who shun personal face to face relationships. Just visit the malls, the younguns have their heads bent sitting down with their friends and communicating with whom heaven knows, twitting their fingers without exchanging any sort of communication amongst themselves. Lack of personal interaction with eye contacts. Sad.

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