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Wea Does It Go?

July 9th, 2014

It dawned on me da oddah day wen I was riding into work dat things often fly into my eye quite often - at least once a week but it always makes me wondah wea da heck does it go?

It's an inevitable fact dat things will fly into your eye eventually and we all do basically one of two things: rub it or rinse it out if you're near water but wat happens if you can't do either? At times either our hands are full or we just can't rub it right away so we tear up like we just finished watching Steel Magnolias.

Wen we rub it, most times da object just "disappears" aftah awhile. Wen I ride, there are times wen a tiny pebble flies straight into my eye and I can't do anything about it since I have my helmet and gloves on. As my eye lid flutters and tears begin to flow uncontrollably, I can feel it moving around my eye then nada.

I'd like to think dat it exited with da tears but we've all at one point or anoddah felt it "lost" inside our eyeball no? We also used our shirt and no see nothing stuck on it aftah trying to dig it out. We all asked somebody to take a look inside as you pull down your lower eye lid. We all tried flushing it out with watah only to feel it still irritating your eyeball and now your eye lids feel water logged.

So wea does it go? Das wat makes me think Wassup Wit Dat!

Is there an accumulation of junk behind our eyeball? Does our eyeball know which junk it can handle and which one to dispel? Is dat why some people have bags undah their eyes? 😆

Anybody got an explanation - fiction or non? Got any trick oddah than a shirt, Kleenex, watah or blowing your spit particles into da eye you're trying to help?

One day my eye won't be so lucky and I'll be wearing an eye patch having changed my name to Jack....... One Eyed Jack.

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6 Responses to “Wea Does It Go?”

  1. Lowtone123:

    I tink you right on da tears. I tink of it as your body's natural eyewash. Wen your eye irritated it starts to tear to either remove what wen go inside or to moisturize it or relieve the irritation. Now if you tear because you getting all emotional and stuff das wan different matter, yeah?

  2. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... yeah, I agree with Lowtone123 ... nearly everything is washed away by tears ... even though we can't feel it being washed out ... sometimes near the tear duct ... sometimes on the eyelashes ... I think that's why we blink a lot too ... it forces the excess liquid out of our eyes ...

    ... it's hard to imagine that stuff would get trapped in the eye socket ... your eyes would probably be red and irritated ... or worse if it scratches or injures the eyes it might get infected ... but I still think that anything small and hard to detect eventually gets washed away with tears too ...

    .... k-den ... I going Google dis and check if my fiction is same as da Google fiction ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  3. DIO:

    You wanna know where it goes? Go have your head scanned, you'll see thousands of objects orbiting your brain: eyelashes, rocks, bugs, etc. NAH!! 😆

  4. zzzzzz:

    It ends up in your makapiapia.

    Do you not wear anything covering your eyes when you ride, e.g., dark glasses, visor, goggles (like all the German soldier motorcyclists in the WWII movies)?

    I strongly suggest you wear something to cover your eyes. Getting hit in the eye by a pebble at 60mph could not only damage your eye, but it could cause you to lose control and cause a crash.

  5. Ynaku:

    It goes into da Black Hole. Your eye ball. For realz. My daughter works for an eye doctor but she neva tell me dat. 😆

    I think your tears wash it out then it falls and gets loss.

    Now is was one beeg beetle that whacks your face when you going 50 mph and you see stars (that happened to me) that's a different story.

  6. Glenn D:

    I bet da small stuff hits da eye, den gets washed away by da tears den goes down some canal and just accumulates somewea in da mucus membranes. Den wen you get enough you pick it out of your nose as buggahs. I don't know, just made dat up. Just wea glasses, da Oakley wrap-around kind and just remembah to keep your mouth closed wen you ride so you no have to scrape dem bugs off your teeth. Ride safe, BL!

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