Wassup Wit Dat!

No Such Thing As "No Can"

July 16th, 2014

Those who are stuggling on dis Hump Day Wednesday and dat cup of joe just ain't doing it, check out dis video dat I came across...scratch dat... dis frickin' AWESOME video.

It's da HPU (Hawaii Pacific University) 2014 Spring Commencement speech featuring Big Island (Hawai'i Island) Mayor Billy Kenoi.

I don't know da man nor have any political affiliation with him or HPU oddah than wat I see on tv but a quick glance at Mayor Kenoi through media, you don't get da "brightest" impression. I do get dat he's very down to earth with local boy "mannerisms" but you truly do NOT see dat - evah - in today's politicians.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I guess it really depends on who's "looking" at him. I can imagine people of "position" not particularly impressed with him while us blue-collar-get-your-hands-dirty kine of people can totally relate. It shows - proves - dat you can really be.... both.

They say dat you got roughly 60 seconds to impress people..... dis man impressed me for a full 9 minutes and 22 seconds.

You need inspiration? You need shmall kine motivation? You need a quick laugh? You want a smile on your face? Then for da next 9:22 - no judge, just listen. Chillax on your okole sipping your brew and enjoy a terrific local boy share his mana'o and mo'olelo's in a manner befitting to his (our) true local character.

It don't cost a thing oddah than wat you put in.

[youtube p_7bqrzFYj4]

9 Responses to “No Such Thing As "No Can"”

  1. dihudfan:


  2. M:

    Howzit BL!

    It's a crazy morning for me. It's only 11:10 am and I received over 30 calls already, placed about 20 calls and trying to keep up with my regular duties.

  3. Makiki:

    WOW! Feel good Wednesday? Mahalo BL

  4. Ynaku:

    I heard Mayor Kenoi's speeches first hand and he always crack me up. He did come from humble beginnings. My father in law went school with his father. Both were kolohe 😀 But he does love da people. This is his last term as mayor and he is a giving person. Gives from the heart. He even giving up his raise and donating it to the Hawaii United Way (das what i heard but no tell the county workers 😆 ) He no scared jump in da water with you. He even will to go paipai da water to chase fish into the net and share food with you.

    From a guy that almost flunk school, he went on to become a lawyer and mayor of our county.

    Imua Billy.

  5. Ocean Lover:

    I have several friends that told me about this speech "You gotta watch this" they said and it was always in the back of my mind.

    MAHALO BL for posting and its worth EVERY SECOND.

  6. sassy7:

    Hey BL...you wen share um too...I did on my facebook....my husband saw it...and asked to have it watched during family dinner....it was motivational.....inspirational....and just right on ke'ia....I loved it...and I am grateful you shared it.....no scade um go get um!!! You is like dat...so mahalo for sharing!!...miss you...miss home...one day...

  7. 9th Island Girl:

    Saw it on Facebook and loved it, too! Heard he might run for governor later. I think he might be able to win!

  8. cojef:

    A very inspirational commencement speech, Hawaiian style from the heart and with much "Aloha". His humbleness comes through loud and clear, how can you not love him. Wonder what his next move will be? State Legislature a few terms and then Congressional Office?

  9. Kage:

    I had the opportunity to watch him speak twice already. Each time it was inspirational. He talks just like the rest of us so we can relate.

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