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Go Guess 'Em Go

July 30th, 2014

Back in da day - ok, a handful of years ago - there was a local kine game quiz dat was brought to my attention and with permission from da creator Tracy Nishibun, I was sharing them with Da WWD! Hui. I haven't heard or seen new ones but I'm surah they are out there.

I'll have to dig through da archives but hea's one to get you started.


You probably seen 'em at least once by now but always fun to see if you can get 'em all again yeah? FYI - da spelling is kinda technical so if you misspell it, no panic eh.

Geez, I get so much reviews to post too (WWD!) but just don't have da time right now so stay tuned. I'll try and post one a week for da next few weeks cause I starting to fo'get wat happened already so until then, have fun with da quiz and let us know wat you stuck on if you no get 'em all.

Hey, it's Hump Day Wednesday and we all need something to get us ovah da hump. Plus I stay itchin' for a long ovahdue trip back to da 9th island..... anybody get buddy passes? 😉 😉


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2 Responses to “Go Guess 'Em Go”

  1. 9th Island Girl:

    You mean you didn't win a trip this year?! Someone from my office did and she's leaving in six days!

  2. GA Bows:

    I got everyone one but the last one... no can.

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