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Believe In Good

July 18th, 2014

Please bear with me as anoddah video was shared with me dat I wanted to share cause it's one of those dat makes you stop, think and wonder wat da heck has happen to our society wea da simplest manini gestures have been lost and gone? It's heading towards a point of extinction and just make us "old school" peeps say,

Wassup Wit Dat!

While it appears dat dis guy lives alone and more free to "give up things", at da same time, he didn't have to. He actually goes beyond and I'm not talking ovah da top but more than just "once" and das wat makes it so special in just ovah three minutes - now I know you got three minutes.

[youtube uaWA2GbcnJU]

Ironically, dis video is actually a Thai insurance commercial which in turn is out there to make money - like all oddah insurance companies - and at times it seems like these types of companies are da exact opposite of their commercials. Even if it's a ploy to pull at your heart strings and sign up with them, it's still a message dat we as a society need to take to heart and try to keep perpetuating. In fact, they got a whole video series about being "good" - really ironic considering the current perception of insurance companies.

Have you noticed, not once did he buss out a smartphone or on a tablet. Not once was he on da internet. Not once was he checking out any social media. It was like da commercial pointed out, it's about gestures and emotions by interacting with society physically and knowing dat there are things beyond "you". It's not a bad thing to share and help and care.

If your eyes are still dry aftah watching da video, bettah check to see if you got a pulse.... or buy some insurance.

Happy Feel Good Friday!!!

No Such Thing As "No Can"

July 16th, 2014

Those who are stuggling on dis Hump Day Wednesday and dat cup of joe just ain't doing it, check out dis video dat I came across...scratch dat... dis frickin' AWESOME video.

It's da HPU (Hawaii Pacific University) 2014 Spring Commencement speech featuring Big Island (Hawai'i Island) Mayor Billy Kenoi.

I don't know da man nor have any political affiliation with him or HPU oddah than wat I see on tv but a quick glance at Mayor Kenoi through media, you don't get da "brightest" impression. I do get dat he's very down to earth with local boy "mannerisms" but you truly do NOT see dat - evah - in today's politicians.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I guess it really depends on who's "looking" at him. I can imagine people of "position" not particularly impressed with him while us blue-collar-get-your-hands-dirty kine of people can totally relate. It shows - proves - dat you can really be.... both.

They say dat you got roughly 60 seconds to impress people..... dis man impressed me for a full 9 minutes and 22 seconds.

You need inspiration? You need shmall kine motivation? You need a quick laugh? You want a smile on your face? Then for da next 9:22 - no judge, just listen. Chillax on your okole sipping your brew and enjoy a terrific local boy share his mana'o and mo'olelo's in a manner befitting to his (our) true local character.

It don't cost a thing oddah than wat you put in.

[youtube p_7bqrzFYj4]

Is It Just Me Or..........

July 14th, 2014

There are a LOT more murder's happening in da 808?

Get choke stabbings happening wen no mo' gun for shoot 'em with?

TheBus stay way ovah their quota of running ovah people?

Convicts and criminals in custody...... are escaping too easily?

Most - not all - politicians just "look" crooked?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat else you got?

Wea Does It Go?

July 9th, 2014

It dawned on me da oddah day wen I was riding into work dat things often fly into my eye quite often - at least once a week but it always makes me wondah wea da heck does it go?

It's an inevitable fact dat things will fly into your eye eventually and we all do basically one of two things: rub it or rinse it out if you're near water but wat happens if you can't do either? At times either our hands are full or we just can't rub it right away so we tear up like we just finished watching Steel Magnolias.

Wen we rub it, most times da object just "disappears" aftah awhile. Wen I ride, there are times wen a tiny pebble flies straight into my eye and I can't do anything about it since I have my helmet and gloves on. As my eye lid flutters and tears begin to flow uncontrollably, I can feel it moving around my eye then nada.

I'd like to think dat it exited with da tears but we've all at one point or anoddah felt it "lost" inside our eyeball no? We also used our shirt and no see nothing stuck on it aftah trying to dig it out. We all asked somebody to take a look inside as you pull down your lower eye lid. We all tried flushing it out with watah only to feel it still irritating your eyeball and now your eye lids feel water logged.

So wea does it go? Das wat makes me think Wassup Wit Dat!

Is there an accumulation of junk behind our eyeball? Does our eyeball know which junk it can handle and which one to dispel? Is dat why some people have bags undah their eyes? 😆

Anybody got an explanation - fiction or non? Got any trick oddah than a shirt, Kleenex, watah or blowing your spit particles into da eye you're trying to help?

One day my eye won't be so lucky and I'll be wearing an eye patch having changed my name to Jack....... One Eyed Jack.

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Da Long Haul

July 8th, 2014

Seven years ago on da seventh day of da seventh month in two-thousand and seven was da worst day of my life.

It was da day I signed my name on da dotted line - well it's actually a solid line - gave up everything I owned, had to start asking permission, placed under curfew and literally cried about it in front of hundreds of witnesses..... but I got to drink all da beer I could. :mrgreen:

I got married.

Wassup Wit Dat! 😆

Considering it was a very hectic wedding date being 07/07/07 - plus it fell on a Saturday - it was a great day to enter da last day of da rest of my life.

All kidding aside, I married a very strong woman. She's amazes still to today with her strength - or stubborness depending on how you look at it - and it really is astounding how/why we're still together ovah a decade (including wen we was dating) cause normally wen you got a "strong" woman with a hard-headed Korean, it normally doesn't work out. We can't figgah it out still to today.

Da thing about anniversaries? You always reminiscing and it brought me back to our FIRST anniversary, well, seven years ago so I dug around and found a blog dat I actually did, well, seven years ago and still got some of da SAME WWD! Hui posters!!! Really, WWD! 😯 😛 😆


We got our differences still and it's those times dat our marriage bond is really tested but heck, das wat kim chee, poke, beer and da garage is for!

Happy Anniversary Babe!

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