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Have A Good One

August 30th, 2014

Having a special day from work was a real surprising treat for me yesterday as I got to do something I haven't done in a couple of years.

A person in my position (blue collar line workah) rarely, if at all, gets to hob knob with "execs" but wen I was fortunate enough to have been invited to help represent our company in a fundraiser golf tourney on Friday, I couldn't say no especially wen dat invitation came from a Sr.VP, right? 😛

Well, at least das da line I gave my boss who smirked and said,

Wassup Wit Dat! 😆

It was a great way to start dis holiday weekend and even more so being thought of to join in on the fun - Mahalo AC! 😉

So wat's your plan for dis extended weekend? I know our mainland peeps are more known for taking (long) road trips dis time of year but we no can cause on dis rock, in 40 mins you going either hit da ocean or gotta turn around. 😆

Do you have any Labor Day rituals or traditions? Do you travel or go camping? Clean house?

Shmall kine off topic but how's about our UH Warriors who played valiantly but came up just short tonight! I certainly hope they can sustain it as we do have a history of going balls to da walls then fizzing away cause not enough "power of poi". Looks to be a promising (successful) season. Let's Go Bows!

Last before I hele on and although Friday pau already, dis song should be paying dis whole weekend.

Be safe, stay safe. A hui ho!

[youtube QNIRvyBbgzA]

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August 27th, 2014

As many of Da WWD! Hui know, I observe a lot of things. I like to people watch and see how our society is in "real life".

Besides Downtown, Costco is definitely a place to watch... especially wen get da kine samples.

Da Keiki noticed one demonstrator showing chocolate granola bars and wanted to "sample" but she wasn't ready yet. She said she had to open da ENTIRE box of granola bars before she could start sharing and it would be a few minutes.

I thought it would be an excellent time to teach (reinforce) to my daughter da value of being patient. I told her dat if she wanted a piece, to wait patiently in front of da stainless steel stand and not to block da walkway. While just da top of her nose was eagerly peeking ovah da stand, several people peered ovah looking to see if da samples were ready but it was not.

There were quite a few dat were pretty rude about it and even one lady - yeah, an adult - had da nerve to stand IN FRONT/SIDE of Da Keiki literally cutting in da line of two.

Wassup Wit Dat!

There was anoddah kid about 10 years old dat was standing behind Da Keiki in line and had a look like, "isn't dat wrong... but das an adult so I no can say anything". I just stood wea I was about 12 feet away watching to see wat Da Keiki would do. Da "adult" waited about twenty seconds then left. Auwe dat kine! Da Keiki just smiled at me wen da wahine left still patiently waiting to get her hands on da goodie. Ahhh, childhood innocence.

Aftah wat seemed like 15 minutes of waiting, da samples was finally ready..... and of course da SWARM ensued like flies on doo-doo. Da Keiki being "first" turned out to be third and da ONLY ONE to say "Thank You" - a three year old.


But I did have a life "altering" moment shortly aftah. As we walked up to da front to meet Da Wife, I turned da corner with da stroller and there was cart turning from da blind corner. Luckily I saw it, slowed down and turned to da side as da teenager wasn't paying attention. Wen he realized he almost took out Da Keiki wit da monstah truck cart he said,

"Ohhh! Sorry, Uncle."

Uncle?!? Heh? Do I even look remotely close to "Uncle" status?


I mean really, is dis da face of "Uncle"?

Thought you guys could use a laugh on dis hot and humid hump day Wednesday. 😀

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Nihongo Hanashimaska?

August 25th, 2014

Just a quick question:

Can you speak another language?

My friends were over dis past weekend channel surfing as we were going through our fantasy football draft and surfed on to KBFD. For those who don't know, let's just say it's K-drama galore.

As the scene was playing, I was reciting the lines as it was being shown on the subtitles even though many a times those lines are not wat they are "really" saying. Then they said to turn off the subtitles but they know that I speak Korean anyways. Well, pidgin Korean.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Having nevah taken a formal class, it's conversation immersion as we are first generation from Korea and my parents obviously only spoke Korean at dat time so da only way we could communicate - besides hand signals - was being force fed Korean..... along with English and of course, Pidgin.

Unfortunately for me, Pidgin became my "first" language as my grammar was nevah proper both in English and Korean - obviously evident if you've evah heard me talk either language. My Korean is a bit rough only knowing da vocabulary dat I grew up with and not knowing da $5 words so wen I talk to native Korean speakers, I may understand but replying gets to be a bit more tricky.

I get by by picking up a few key words and piecing them together as to wat might be said to me and can get the jest of da conversation but once it gets formal, it's all ovah. Das why wen I talk with my parents, in one seven worded sentence there will be a kapakahi assortment of Korean, English, Pidgin and hand signals.

Yeah, you like try talk to me now? 😆

In high school, I had aspirations of being multi-lingual (wanted a career in da travel industry) and Korean wasn't an elective back then so I took two years of Japanese and two years of Spanish. Unless I'm speaking to a three year old in those languages, I barely can make out wat you might be saying but only if basic vocabulary is used.... and a lot of fingah pointing charades. I was surprised to find out how much being an expert in Pictionary paid off while I worked in da hotel industry for da next four years aftah high school.

Well, along wit da limited vocabulary and pidgin of course. 😆

Do you speak any oddah languages? Conversational or fluent? Or are you like most, know a handful of vocabulary and guesstimate wat da rest is? Are your parents or grandparents native speakers of their motherland?

Wanna try guess wea these salutations are from as I'm surah you've heard 'em before... even though you may not "speak" it. 😛

Au revoir
Anyeonghi gasyeo
Hasta la vista (baby)

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Huh? - Follow Up

August 21st, 2014

Aftah a WWD! Hui Kwonic posted a link (Mahalos tksv) regarding the previous blog asking wat kine of animal/insect I encountered, I went and contacted "Report A Pest" via da website form and got this automated response:

Aloha Lance,

Thank you for submitting your pest report.

This pest report will be processed in the next 7-14 days. More information may be needed to verify this report; you may be contacted if you provided contact information.

You will receive an email notification when your report has been assessed. If your report is verified, it will be handed over to the agency responsible for dealing with this particular pest.

If you are reporting a snake, please immediately contact the police at 911 or the Hawaii Department of Agriculture 808-643-PEST.

Hawaii Early Detection Network

Da first thing dat caught my attention was dat da pest report would be processed in 7-14 DAYS!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I thought it uniquely weird in dat a department so intent on trying to stop invasive species/insects would take dat long to investigate or inquire further about a report of a possible encounter. Albeit I'm surah they don't have many in da department to begin with to investigate incident reports dat quickly but wouldn't an encounter "disappear" well before 7 if not by 14 days aftah da encounter? But then again, I am not an expert nor do I know how it works but just thought it was kinda weird dat it would take so long.

So being da pain-in-da-okole dat I am not wanting anoddah invasive species to infect our aina, I went ahead and emailed watevah email I could find from da website and I got two responses within two days and I cannot confirm if it came from da original website inquiry or da separate email dat I sent as da email identification did not correspond to who I sent it out to but regardless, below is da following two emails which I am very impressed to say was answered in fine detail and quashed any worries dat it was da rhinoceros beetle. Plus, it was answered so quickly dat it was actually pretty cool dat it wasn't brushed off or just given a generic response in addition to it being cc'd to multiple people as well to keep them in da loop.

Hi Lance,

Thank you for your email regarding the CRB. Larval stages of both oriental flower beetle and coconut rhinoceros look familiar, but rhino larvae try to crawl on their sides, and oriental beetle larvae wiggle on their backs, so the larvae you saw was probably the oriental flower beetle. Thank you for your effort and time in helping us eradicate the coconut rhinoceros beetle.

Beverly L. Akiona
Operations Deputy Chief
Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle
1849 Auiki Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
(808) 832-0585

This electronic message contains information generated by the USDA solely for the intended recipients. Any unauthorized interception of this message or the use or disclosure of the information it contains may violate the law and subject the violator to civil or criminal penalties. If you believe you have received this message in error, please notify the sender and delete the email immediately.

Aloha Lance,

What you discovered is the grub stage of the oriental beetle. The quality of your photo and video was of excellent quality that it was easy to Identify it.

The oriental flower beetle is established in Hawaii and has been here since the early 2000's.

Please feel free to contact us if you come across any strange beetles or grubs. We are looking for the coconut rhinoceros beetle.

Wil Leon Guerrero
Plant Quarantine Inspector

On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 9:42 AM, wrote:

I am tardy in reporting as I didn't know/realize what it was but I believe I encountered a rhinoceros beetle larva... crawling in the middle of the road. Yes, crawling in the middle of the road. It was directly in front of the driveway in Pearl City at #### xxxxxxx St (yellow corner house). It was crawling on its back which I thought was strange and blogged about it at www. I have photos and video up on it asking my readers what it was.

One of my readers posted a response saying it could possibly be the rhinoceros beetle of which I immediately Googled the larva and with the exception of the legs not fully developed, the head, size, color etc all seemed to match. I'm hoping it isn't and it's just some sort of gnarly butterfly but my apologies for the tardy notice as I did not know what it was. Unfortunately had I known what it was I would have went back home and gotten a container and scooped it up. Sorry. I hope you're able to locate it.


Mahalos to da WWD! Hui for jumping in and helping solve our very first "mystery"!

Auuuuu' riiiiiight! 😉


August 18th, 2014

WARNING: Do not read further if you're weak of da stomach or get grossed out easily or just ate. Remembah, you've been warned and da disclaimer is out. 😀 😛

Aftah coming home last week Friday, I took Da Baby out for a little stroll around our block in his recent 1st birthday gift from Grandma - a Radio Flyer Comfort Wagon which he absolutely loves.

As we're just cruising down da road, I notice dis HUGEMANGEOUS white thingy just lying in da middle of da road......

And then it does dis...........

So I'm there for a few minutes as I watch it inch it's way to only God knows wea cause there isn't a piece of grass, tree, shrub or greenery anywea within da next fifty feet or so.

If you haven't noticed it by now - don't have da WWD! eye yet huh? - but it was crawling around on it's back. If you take a closer look, da itty bitty tiny brown "extensions" are it's legs and da front part is it's "teeth/fangs"?

I was both grossed out and intrigued just watching it struggle cause of it's wormlike action but da fact dat it appeared to look like a grub yet had legs threw me off. And let's just say dat I thought walrus' had da biggest.... tusks.... wat were you thinking? 🙄 😆

So I decided to be its savior and flip it ovah with my slippah and just moments latah it wasn't too happy and started to da happy/sad face wiggle (if you've evah sprayed a centipede with Raid, you know wat I mean). It then flipped itself back on it's back(?) and continued it's journey.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I was trippin' out but then I thought about it. Da buggah was sooooo huge dat dat legs wouldn't have even been able to reach da ground more less been able to move it's massive body. Plus watevah da heck dat black thing is, I'm surah it wasn't too comfortable having dat thing scraping against da asphalt.

So anybody know wat dis thing is? Have you evah seen something like dis before? If so, in da middle of da road??

Here's a parting video I was able to take before Da Baby was instructing his chauffeur to move on.

[youtube aDzKWXAx_9M]

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