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Good Luck

August 7th, 2014

Hope you all prepared for the worst and praying for the best.

Most of all show some aloha if/wen you can cause it ain't pretty during times like dis.

If you got pics of da storm and/or anything out there da next few days you like share, feel free to send it to braddahlance@gmail.com oddahwise Wishing you all a safe and dry as can be journey da next few days.


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5 Responses to “Good Luck”

  1. Lowtone123:

    Stay safe BL and all da braddahs and sistas out dea.

  2. cojef:

    Hope you all are safe from the storms visiting Hawaii. The roof to my brother's home in Waipouli on Kauai tore off by "iniki". He had to wait a very long, long while to have it replaced.

  3. Makiki:

    Hope everyone is safe and dry on this Feel Good (but worried) Friday!

  4. wafan:

    Everyone still here? Raining like the PNW.

    Keep safe!!!

  5. 9th Island Girl:

    Thank God all the people here who bought the ten cases of water didn't have to use them.

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