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August 11th, 2014

With da exception of da Big Island and certain parts of our neighor islands, we all got off pretty good I think. A big shout out to Madam Pele and her mountainous shield. Note: Mountain vs wind...... mountain wins. Maybe Hurricane Julio got da message and thought twice yeah?

I hope most, if not all, of you lived through da weekend unscathed. How many of you witnessed da returns? 😆 I can't say dat I have but I'm just wondering if some shame and going wait till things settle down before taking da plunge of heading into customer service with 10 cases of water and 20 cans of Spam. 😛

Wassup Wit Dat!

As we all float back to Earth and all those who complaining and bitching about da false crack, I hope next time da natural disaster........ (you can fill in da blank).

Dis is how Da Baby and Da Keiki spent Sunday......

Besides watching ice melt, we played bubbles and ran around seeing how they've been couped up in da house for ovah two days. Aftah a good long fight, sadly, da ice lost. Note: Sun/humidty vs ice..... sun wins.

I hope you all made da effort to go out and vote! It was a hectic day not knowing if Hurricane Julio was on our doorsteps and if dat contributed to a couple of major surprises in dis year's race. I really wondah... wait, I'll save dat for anoddah blog.

One last bit of randomness..........

Da toughest decision of da day: a hardened liquid sugar coated Oreo topped fried doughnut....... or a plum.

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6 Responses to “Just Checking In Some Randomness”

  1. Ynaku:

    Spent Friday cleaning up around the house. Roof over kennel came loose from the hurricane. Power went out for 24 hours. First things kids did when power restored? Plugged in the internet and wifi 😆

    Puna side was brutal. Many still without power. Those Albizia trees totally devestated the area. HELCO poles snapped like splinters.

    Through it all, people will rebuild.

    Aloha spirit is shown with the exception of a few implants that confronts the HELCO crew. So dumb.

    This weekend, people from around the island rallied to bring water, ice and food to the Puna district to share with their Ohana and even people they don't know.

    Some of my relatives, picked up their chainsaws, drove from Hilo to Puna and started clearing a path from people's houses to the roads so the could get out. If that's not showing Aloha, what is?

    Kudos to the Utility Crews, Public Works and the National Guard for their sacrifices in helping others. IMUA!

  2. Braddah Lance:

    Big Island = Big Hearts 😀

    And to those lolo implants....... wat? You tink people just sitting on their okole's especially in times like dis? Da nerve. I can see if it was week's and nothing being done but even da outer communities chipping in to get life rolling along as quick as they can.... onipa'a.

  3. Pinot Noir:

    I'd eat the doughnut and the plum.

  4. 9th Island Girl:

    Definitely doughnut.

    I hope next time the natural disaster is still taken seriously.

  5. cojef:

    Famous last word, "you can't fight Mother Nature" from the mainland. In Hawaii, "Madame Pele". Love the doughnut.

  6. wafan:

    Plum looks like it has one more day before it starts to shrivel . . . donut today, plum tomorrow!

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