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August 15th, 2014

I remembah probably about a year ago - probably longer cause I'm makule and always on Hawaiian time - Uncle Rodney from Midlife Crisis had shared a pic with me dat I thought I saved but now sadly can't find but it triggered a flashback as I rode into work dis morning.

Being a holiday today, I was expecting a carefree fast flowing kine of commute into work but as soon as I get on da freeway, it was a bit crowded. Not only was I heading into work an hour earlier, there really shouldn't be "slower" traffic considering. So wat was causing da slowdown? If I only had a hands-free camera (still trying to save up for a Go-Pro 🙁 ) as wat I saw totally tripped me out.

It was a bright yellow with fairly bright and thick red border around and triple skegs....... if you guessed Ronald McDonald, guess again. It was a frickin' SURFBOARD!

Wassup Wit Dat!

There it was, lying upright on its side leaning against da barrier separating West and East bound traffic kinda buss up but not visibly broken up, a surfboard. How it was placed so nicely and snug against da barrier is a mystery to me cause if da person who lost it had stopped, I'm surah s/he would have just picked it up no? Unless it was causing traffic lying in da middle of da lane and someone just stopped and leaned it so oddahs could pass but in any case, it's an "odd" sight to witness on da H1 freeway just past da Pearl City on-ramp.

You can safely guesstimate dat there wasn't an accident as if there was, I'm surah it would have been picked up at dat time. Anyone seen it dis morning? Anyone wanna guess how long it'll stay there? I'm going to say it'll be there till Sunday.

Evah since watching Lethal Weapon 2, I've always had a fear dat a surfboard - or anything strapped to da roof or rack of a vehicle - would break free and come at me like a scud missile. I literally change lanes or at least drive on da side of da lane dat is not occupied by a projectile.

Wat was da weirdest thing you evah saw on da side of da road? Have you evah witnessed something flying off of a vehicle while traveling? Do you overstrap item(s) or just hope your load doesn't huli off?

Now all I can tink about is wat if da buggah was doing some Teen Wolf action? 😛 😆

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11 Responses to “Heads Up”

  1. Ynaku:

    OOh dats scary. I too get phobia when I see something sticking out the back of the vehicle in front on me that's not fully tied down.

    Ova hea in Hilo, we gotta take our own trash or green waste to the dump (unless you hire a private collector). The law says you need to cover and tie down. But you know how that is yeah? I've followed trucks that had bags fall out or worse Tree branches.

    One time, this rubbish truck coming out of the dump forgot to put down the rear back door and hooked the telephone cable. Brought down the utility pole with electrical wires and blocked the road.

    So yeah, Heads up when you drive and follow the 3 second rule (mostly)

    Have a great day gang.

    FGF to our newly crowned Kwonics (yesterday's post) 😀

    Bruddah Lance no respond to my posts cause I always get something to say but not always say it 😆

  2. dihudfan:

    Wen I wuz working the late shift... wuz driving to work from Mililani to downtown on the H2... just before the merge (Waianae and Mililani) I wuz driving speed limit, wen one tire came passing me... I slowed down and pretty soon this car with only 3 wheels came flying pass me and eventually ended up between the guard rails dividers... the tire wuz still rolling down the highway... I stopped to see if the drivah wuz ok... he just wen wave me on... just in shock... since he wuz ok, I called 911 and wen go work...

  3. cojef:

    About 5 years after moving, was following a landscaper in his pick-up truck loaded with all his gear on the truck in the slow lane just before arriving at my usual off-ramp lane. Luckily wasn't following close, when a spade came flying out of the tool rack and it head straight for my windshield and shattered the right panel. Had to speed up to catch up with him to let him know what happened. Up a ways, we found a safe place off the freeway and stopped. He was surprised when he saw my windshield, but was more astonished that he was missing a spade. He gave his insurance agent's telephone number as well as his name and address. Very scary feeling when a shovel comes flying at your car with no chance to avoid for fear of crashing into the car in the next lane. Freeway speed is 70 miles per.

  4. 2B:

    About 2 years ago I was driving up the Pali and was wondering why everybody was hitting da breaks so hard. It seems that someone lost two of their paddleboards. One was real buss up and the other one looked salvageable but man I make sure my boards are strapped down when I go anywhere these days.

    My aunty was on the Big Island and was following a glass truck. Yup you guessed it a pane of glass came tumbling at them end over end and rolled on top and over their car. No injuries, but they had to leave the rental on the side of the road. They heard some people talking about the accident at the airport, and the people were surprised that my aunty guys were fine and not in the hospital.

  5. N:

    Like dihudfan we were driving west bound by UH on a dark rainy nite, and a big a** tire came outta the dark and was rolling towards us, the big rig kine. OMG we dodged it and as we slowed down we saw all these huge tires bouncing and rolling on the freeway. A truck that was transporting them somehow was losing it's cargo, which was all big rig tires. We kept driving cuz it was already dangerous try to play Frogger with them. We were busy dodging them and praying we weren't gonna get rear ended.

    Then one day heading Pearl City on the freeway, about Fort Shafter I noticed trash on the freeway and it continued all the way to the Pearl City exit. It was like a map of the rubbish truck direction. I called 911 at the top of Red Hill and said to find the truck just follow the trash. It was like the entire load was been slowly tossed out to create that many miles of it and all in the right lane. Dang that was a massive cleanup, but it was mostly paper so nothing to threaten vehicles. Amazing the driver didn't look back and see it.

  6. Dorobo:

    If you live long enough you going see all kine stuff.
    Lot of scary things happen on the road because people forget their load.
    One Xmas I was following a pickup out of the Lowes parking lot. Going onto the hiway I tried to pass him cuase he had a huge box in back so he was driving slow. When I went on the side he started to go mo fast. I accelerated a little and so did he so I figah he no like me pass so I went back. I then told my wife the box is moving so I slowed down. He nevah and his new refer went tumbling onto the hiway. I was thinking after that, what you going tell your wife?
    I no evah like have to tell my wife that kine stories.

  7. kamaaina808:

    Closest call I've ever had of getting hit by anything on the freeway: Driving the 405 South, tire on rim came flying off truck going opposite way, hit the 'k' barrier & flew straight up. What comes up must go down & I slowed down & ducked. It hit the car right in front of me - smashed the edge of his windshield & of course busted it in a bit. He was ok but we was both shook up.

    Direct hit from a projectile on the freeway: Someone's aluminum ladder came loose 2 cars up & I swear it 'floated' right into the passenger side bumper. Put one dent, but I kept driving because was in the middle lane. It would've been too dangerous to stop.

    Wish I had rackets - kim chee sounds ono right now. 🙂

  8. 9th Island Girl:

    I haven't had anything happen to me but my husband's coworker had a kayak from the car in front come smashing through her passenger side window. My other friend had a rock dropped onto her windshield from the overpass, and her whole windshield shattered.

  9. wafan:

    No mo tennis rackets - sorry!

    I wonder why folks do not tie down or completely cover their loads. (That just sounds so odd.) A bunch of years ago a girl was nearly killed when some trash fell off the back of a truck. She survived but has undergone multiple facial reconstution surgeries. A few years ago she and her mom pushed through a tie-down law.

  10. titagirl:

    I know of a doctor who was decapitated! when a surfboard that was "tied" on the car roof in front of him loosened and came straight at him. 🙁 Gotta remember not to drive too closely to cars with loads. Any news with the tied down bill? They have those on the mainland where it's illegal to drive without trash, etc. being covered.

  11. titagirl:

    I know of a doctor who was decapitated! when a surfboard that was "tied" on the car roof in front of him loosened and came straight at him. 🙁 Gotta remember not to drive too closely to cars with loads. Any news with the tied down bill? They have laws on the mainland where it's illegal for trucks to drive with their tops uncovered.

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