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Have A Good One

August 30th, 2014

Having a special day from work was a real surprising treat for me yesterday as I got to do something I haven't done in a couple of years.

A person in my position (blue collar line workah) rarely, if at all, gets to hob knob with "execs" but wen I was fortunate enough to have been invited to help represent our company in a fundraiser golf tourney on Friday, I couldn't say no especially wen dat invitation came from a Sr.VP, right? 😛

Well, at least das da line I gave my boss who smirked and said,

Wassup Wit Dat! 😆

It was a great way to start dis holiday weekend and even more so being thought of to join in on the fun - Mahalo AC! 😉

So wat's your plan for dis extended weekend? I know our mainland peeps are more known for taking (long) road trips dis time of year but we no can cause on dis rock, in 40 mins you going either hit da ocean or gotta turn around. 😆

Do you have any Labor Day rituals or traditions? Do you travel or go camping? Clean house?

Shmall kine off topic but how's about our UH Warriors who played valiantly but came up just short tonight! I certainly hope they can sustain it as we do have a history of going balls to da walls then fizzing away cause not enough "power of poi". Looks to be a promising (successful) season. Let's Go Bows!

Last before I hele on and although Friday pau already, dis song should be paying dis whole weekend.

Be safe, stay safe. A hui ho!

[youtube QNIRvyBbgzA]

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9 Responses to “Have A Good One”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL!

    I went paddling today and plan to do more paddling this weekend....

  2. wafan:

    Some teachers use this weekend as a period of mourning for the summer's demise. Nope, not me! I'll enjoy doing pretty much whatever I want (within reason)!

    That was an awesome game last night. The 'Bows look like they are back. The offense needs just a little more (brown) rice or quinoa; and the defense! Wow!!! When was the last time anyone heard the DEFENSE chant at the Rust Bucket? That was a top 25 team they played. Hope they pull things together and pound the Beavs! (Yeah, even though I am an OSU alum.)

    'Attaway 'Bows!!!

  3. Makiki:

    So far shaping up to be a pretty good weekend! Good game (tailgate) yesterday, Andagi Dogs today and best of all I get to spend it in Hawaii!

  4. cojef:

    Best time to travel on the mainland is after school start and after all your own kids have completed their schooling. Long trips(week or more) usually to the north parts of the US to take the change in colors of the woods. New England be very nice in early to mid October. April meant trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms. Makule now so stay at home or drive to beach, Dana Point, Huntington, Seal Beach, Laguna Beach and even down to Oceanside to smell the salt air and trudge along sandy shores hoping to find some rare sea shells. Been retired for 25 years.

  5. 9th Island Girl:

    So how was your golf game?

    Holidays are catch up on sleep and chores times! Yes, I do have a boring life. 🙁

  6. jeff:

    Why are you writing in this broken English?

  7. Ynaku:

    Rib Eyes on the charcoal. Come, I need Kim Chee 😀

  8. sally:

    Simply enjoying a paid holiday!

  9. N:

    We don't work so my mom says: Holiday? Everyday is a holiday for us. Yesssss.

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