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Heads Up

August 15th, 2014

I remembah probably about a year ago - probably longer cause I'm makule and always on Hawaiian time - Uncle Rodney from Midlife Crisis had shared a pic with me dat I thought I saved but now sadly can't find but it triggered a flashback as I rode into work dis morning.

Being a holiday today, I was expecting a carefree fast flowing kine of commute into work but as soon as I get on da freeway, it was a bit crowded. Not only was I heading into work an hour earlier, there really shouldn't be "slower" traffic considering. So wat was causing da slowdown? If I only had a hands-free camera (still trying to save up for a Go-Pro 🙁 ) as wat I saw totally tripped me out.

It was a bright yellow with fairly bright and thick red border around and triple skegs....... if you guessed Ronald McDonald, guess again. It was a frickin' SURFBOARD!

Wassup Wit Dat!

There it was, lying upright on its side leaning against da barrier separating West and East bound traffic kinda buss up but not visibly broken up, a surfboard. How it was placed so nicely and snug against da barrier is a mystery to me cause if da person who lost it had stopped, I'm surah s/he would have just picked it up no? Unless it was causing traffic lying in da middle of da lane and someone just stopped and leaned it so oddahs could pass but in any case, it's an "odd" sight to witness on da H1 freeway just past da Pearl City on-ramp.

You can safely guesstimate dat there wasn't an accident as if there was, I'm surah it would have been picked up at dat time. Anyone seen it dis morning? Anyone wanna guess how long it'll stay there? I'm going to say it'll be there till Sunday.

Evah since watching Lethal Weapon 2, I've always had a fear dat a surfboard - or anything strapped to da roof or rack of a vehicle - would break free and come at me like a scud missile. I literally change lanes or at least drive on da side of da lane dat is not occupied by a projectile.

Wat was da weirdest thing you evah saw on da side of da road? Have you evah witnessed something flying off of a vehicle while traveling? Do you overstrap item(s) or just hope your load doesn't huli off?

Now all I can tink about is wat if da buggah was doing some Teen Wolf action? 😛 😆

SHOUT OUT: Just wanted to see if anybody has tennis rackets to sell? I'm trying to get my "pleasantly plump" friends to be a bit more active and we're rotating activities and tennis came up but none of us has rackets..... I know, I know - Wassup Wit Dat! like play tennis but no more equipment. 😆 But if you have one, two or four lying around collecting dust dat you not using, I'll be happy to take them off your hands as long as they not da kine wooden kine eh? 😆 Hit me up at and let me know how much..... or do you accept kim chee currency? 😉 😉

Drink It

August 13th, 2014

It was bound to happen and everyone dat witnesses it can't help but shake their head or mutter something to themselves.

Da returns have begun.

For those of us who were unscathed by Hurricane Iselle and Julio, those survival necessities purchased in a chaotic mad rush have now become "inventory" in our cupboards, garage or weaevah you happen to keep overflowing supplies.

But for those who - to be politically correct - "over purchased" have now started to flood da customer service lines to return mainly bottled water.

Ok, who am I kidding to be PC....... those damn selfish hoarders who had no shame to take watevah they could load in their cart(s) without regards to how much they actually needed or carry a single thought dat there are oddah people on da island besides themselves looking to "survive" as well.

I've heard reports of CARTFULS and even those flatbed carts carrying a full load of watah to be returned - seriously? Returning water dat you hoarded leaving oddahs high and dry (pun intended)? Have you no shame? Especially via da flatbed???

Wassup Wit Dat!

Hea's a thought dat maybe wasn't considered............ DRINK IT!

You telling me you not going to out to da beach, or to a game, tailgating, picnic, pah-tay, BYOB, work WATEVAHS in da next year??? Are you a hermit? Do you live exposed wea da water might turn into algae or mold?

Hea's anoddah thought....... why don't you donate at least a case to da Red Cross or any oddah organization das helping communities hard hit especially Puna? They most definitely need da water dat you greedily hoarded and now want to return carefree. I'm so glad some stores put out "No return on water" signs.

Or why not even plan ahead dis time as hurricane season only just begun and we already have a couple more threats heading our way. So keep your water and no need bitch and moan about standing in line and getting stink eye as you talk on your cell claiming there's no water on da shelves.

Survival is in da eye of da beholder and will always trump all instincts of etiquette - social or personal.

Now, wea does M live...... he get all da survival gear already and I get da kim chee and beer.

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Just Checking In Some Randomness

August 11th, 2014

With da exception of da Big Island and certain parts of our neighor islands, we all got off pretty good I think. A big shout out to Madam Pele and her mountainous shield. Note: Mountain vs wind...... mountain wins. Maybe Hurricane Julio got da message and thought twice yeah?

I hope most, if not all, of you lived through da weekend unscathed. How many of you witnessed da returns? 😆 I can't say dat I have but I'm just wondering if some shame and going wait till things settle down before taking da plunge of heading into customer service with 10 cases of water and 20 cans of Spam. 😛

Wassup Wit Dat!

As we all float back to Earth and all those who complaining and bitching about da false crack, I hope next time da natural disaster........ (you can fill in da blank).

Dis is how Da Baby and Da Keiki spent Sunday......

Besides watching ice melt, we played bubbles and ran around seeing how they've been couped up in da house for ovah two days. Aftah a good long fight, sadly, da ice lost. Note: Sun/humidty vs ice..... sun wins.

I hope you all made da effort to go out and vote! It was a hectic day not knowing if Hurricane Julio was on our doorsteps and if dat contributed to a couple of major surprises in dis year's race. I really wondah... wait, I'll save dat for anoddah blog.

One last bit of randomness..........

Da toughest decision of da day: a hardened liquid sugar coated Oreo topped fried doughnut....... or a plum.

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Good Luck

August 7th, 2014

Hope you all prepared for the worst and praying for the best.

Most of all show some aloha if/wen you can cause it ain't pretty during times like dis.

If you got pics of da storm and/or anything out there da next few days you like share, feel free to send it to oddahwise Wishing you all a safe and dry as can be journey da next few days.


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Human Nature

August 5th, 2014

Survival is an instinct dat we all have but lies on such a broad spectrum of extremes. There are those who are minimalists, those who overstock and then those who flat out hoard.

Evah since Da Baby came around, I haven't watched any tv (dvr is completely full) and any news I catch is from da radio if/wen I listen to dat too since I rely mostly on mp3's.

Then I barely hear through da radio dat we expecting a direct - near direct - hit of double whammy hurricanes.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Not one, but TWO! How crazy is dat?! We live in a tropical paradise but we all know it's a mattah of wen, not if, dat these natural disasters going strike and unfortunately we got two aiming for us with a vengeance.

I hope all 23 of you reading WWD! are taking precautions to ensure dat you got at least da basic supplies to last a few days: watah, toiletries, flashlights and batteries. Make surah you got your blankets and sheets washed, fill up containers with watah in case da plumbing goes out or gotta bocha outside.

But most of all, NO HOG CHEESE!

We went to Sam's Club last night to avoid da mad rush towards da end of da week and pick up a case of watah, paper towels and toilet paper and I saw people strolling out with cartfuls of watah - waaaaay more than they needed among oddah things dat you know they were ovahstocking like a nuclear war was going to happen and going to be trapped undahground for months.

I was amazed to see people's true human nature become exposed and their perspective of their own survival come to light. There were ohana's dat just pau work late rushing in with their keiki in tow to come to empty pallets yet da carts standing in da long a$$ lines had more than enough for their own biosphere utopia.

For me, it was saddening to see how selfish people can be wen it comes to "survival" and yet we are not in dire straits. Even wen past hurricanes have hit, we weren't in famine. Even wen Hana Road was literally "broken" and unable to enter or exit, people were able to keep on.

C'mon people's! I'd like to think people of dis great state, these great islands dat we were brought up a little different. A lot more heart than oddahs sharing all da aloha we can pour especially during times like dis. Have we succumbed to lose da title of "kama'aina"?

Well see in da next few days............

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