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Back To School Traffic

August 4th, 2014

Is it just me or does back to school traffic breed in multiples people who shouldn't be on da road?

Riding in to work today, it was all backed up cause one Tacoma decided to take out dis motorcyclist before da Aiea Heights overpass. There was glass all ovah but luckily da motorcyclist was on his feet and ok and da truck nevah look too buss up about a 100 feet further down da highway from da motorcyclist.

And to think.... I would have been "there" if I left on time too! For watevah reason, I was taking pictures of completed t-shirt jobs which I could have done aftah work but decided to do it before I left home.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Then of course - dare I say funny.... or bachi - had one accident directly across da median west bound on H1 cause from wat was speculating on da radio, dat Tacoma was rubbah necking da motorcycle accident going east bound, spun out and got turned sideways. Go figgah.

Now had two accidents backing up traffic to Kauai and Lana'i cause people get all kine nuts wen it comes to back to school traffic.

Wat is it about back to school traffic dat brings out da worse in people? How come gotta get all pupule out there? If you late, you late. Tailgating and weaving doesn't get you there hours faster and there is absolutely no one to blame wen you late....... unless you decide to drive a big rig with a load too tall and hit an overpass.

'Nuff said

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