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Got You Now

September 29th, 2014

So with a brand new segment to WWD! started earlier dis year Sept.12, 2011 (ho wow lau lau dat was long time ago!), Da WWD! Hui has been pretty damn good about guessing da "Wat Dat?" pics.....

But I think I got you guys now! 👿

There has been at least one person to have always guessed right but dis time I really think I got you guys now so go try 'em go try 'em go try 'em go.

I got you now huh? 😆

In Case You Missed It

September 27th, 2014

Well I missed it too but I heard da roooooar of da F/A-18 Hornets scream by my hale so I grabbed da camera with my telephoto lens and climbed da roof to take watevah pics I could.

If you wasn't able to make da show, hea's da best I got from how far I was..... between power lines, utility poles and some trees. 😀


Naturally of course da one angle I needed to view da show was blocked by a hugemangeous mango tree... WWD! lol

All pau.

Who's Him?

September 24th, 2014

Whether it be bumpah stickahs or t-shirts, a lot of da slogans/catch phrases we "proudly" wear and display is an indication of who we are as an individual - especially if it came as a gift. For instance, I got two T&C shirts as gifts years ago dat I still wear today: "Yakamashi" and "I Not Late" - both of which I will not deny I am.

It's amazing dat we will proudly display who we are so loud visually but wen in public interaction - or wen no one's looking - it would almost contradict wat's so boastfully "said".

I was telling Da Wife a few weeks back I nevah understood why so many vehicles on da road had da window stickah "HEKI" (backwards 'K') on them. I nevah heard of it nor knew of any outfit by dat name so it was always a mystery to me every time I saw it. I was tinking of all da acronyms I could think of until one day by da hand of God slapping my coconut shell dat dat stickah.....

HEKI (assuming backwards 'K') = HE > I = HE is greater than I

Yeah, pun intended. 😆

Basically, every vehicle with dat stickah is confirming their association with God and da practices dat go along with it...... right? I mean, if you're letting da entire world know dat your belief in God is greater than you, you not only are a God fearing human, you must live by your respective religious rules too no?

So it puzzles me as why some of those "HE>I" drivahs are so fake! And no, it's not only them but it's about da association they claim to have to God dat makes it so.... ironically funny. Isn't God's will - in da most minimalist sense - to love one another, care for each other, respect etc but seeing one shaking da one fingah Aloha while tailgating anoddah or parking crooked (two stalls) scream contradiction?

No get me wrong, my family is HEAVILY religious and I've been brought up dat way but my actions, if following a way of life, would run parallel with those beliefs as best I could. Perfect we all are not but when you "say" you are 24/7, it's kinda disheartening to witness actions proving oddahwise.

So it was a trip wen I was driving behind a Mercedes 5-class trying make his way into a lane. "His" signal was on but anyone dat has driven on da Pearl City Wal-Mart road knows dat 1) it's hellishly BS, 2) only one lane goes straight and got da "cutters" who make/force their way in last second as if it was da Lunalilo on-ramp and 3) no one like let you in knowing all dat wen they was waiting their turn.

Haven't noticed it yet? Well, no more da "HE>I" stickah but check out his license plate.

No one let him in and instead of turning left as traffic indicated, he just went straight as if it was a dedicated lane and I'm surah (couldn't see dat far aftah we turned) he "made" his way ovah into da lane. It would have taken him no more than two more minutes to get to da same place had he turned with traffic. 🙄

Now if dat isn't a slap in da face to "Him" I dunno wat is.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Now I dunno who "HM" is but I'm only guessing da vanity plate is saying "(LIV-4HM) = Live For Him". I can't imagine "Him" being a law breaking okole, can you? 😆

Just to be clear, "HE > I" is just for co-relation purposes and nothing against those who have dat stickah on their vehicle(s)... unless you one of those who say one thing and do anoddah. It goes da same especially for someone driving a company vehicle, you REPRESENT wat you "saying".

And yes, I do have only ONE stickah on da outside of my truck window.......

"RELAX - This Ain't The Mainland"

And yes, I do drive li'dat..... most times. 😛


September 22nd, 2014

For those dat caught da one blog wea I was trying to get my friends active again, our activity yesterday was tennis. ** btw, mahalo to an anonymous Lurkah who sold me his racquet **

Having been involved in sports all my life, playing in an organized league is entirely different than playing in a public arena. It's called "street ball" or just any sport with "street" preceding it since you'd be open to playing against - or with - anybody who's there.

My friends and I are no strangers to dat as das how you learn/hone your skills amongst oddah things and while there are no referees, there are "rules" dat you must adhere to. Whether you know them or not, you'll learn them force fed or just following wat da crowd does at dat particular 'hood.

As you can imagine, you don't see much younger players clamoring da tennis courts - compared to basketball - to see wat kine competition get to challenge and in tennis, there are more "groups" than individuals dat frequent da court. They mostly all know each oddah and just like surf spots, they get their own kapu'd court.

Well yesterday they nevah get da early worm cause my friends and I were there at 7am giving it a go already. By da time it rolled around 8/8:30am, with da half dozen or so dat was there early shortly aftah us, da "regulahs" started coming in droves as if da manapua truck was driving by. I'm guessing we had da choice court as we were all getting da shmall kine stink eye as if we invaded their court.

We played a bit more before they started to encroach "our turf". We didn't mind as we were about pau anyways but once they had da "numbahs", they just ganged up and ovah took our bench. We fully understood dat you sit on da bench to let da players know they got "next" but dis one wahine, she was something else. There were a couple dat sat off to da side of da bench while anoddah two or three sat outside da fence waiting.

Once we was pau, we headed to da bench and made obvious we was pau by grabbing our stuff but was shmall kine hard wen dis wahine had her right okole cheek partially on my helmet while slathering sunblock. She was nearly leaning back against my shirt - which was wet - and nevah even budge an inch wen I was trying to grab my stuff!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Ho wow lau lau - no like even move eh? I was so tempted to shake my head and fling some sweat off but instead I just took my time to getting my jacket, wet shirt, okole printed helmet, racket cover and cooler all of which was on da side of da bench leaving more than enough room to sit. I nevah knew even da bench on a tennis court was so territorial!

Next time we going bring more friends and hog cheese da court and benches..... cause we got next. 😉

Nah, it's all good. My friends and I ended up just laughing in da parking lot aftah cause we got handled by makule bullies. 😆

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Spock 'Em

September 19th, 2014

Happy Feel Good Friday!

How good are your WWD! eyes? Check out da pics and you tell me wat's Wassup Wit Dat! with 'em.

Most of you will probably see it.

Most of you probably haven't even noticed da "difference".

Just thought dis was one of da most ridiculously hilarious things I've seen.... at Long's! Wat da heck is it and wat are da medical benefits besides wat da label insinuates.

Have a great weekend everybodies and no fo'get to feed your goat. 😆

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