Wassup Wit Dat!

Really... Wassa Mattah You?

September 2nd, 2014

It really makes me wondah how da heck society has gone from decently respectful people to people who just no give a $h!t.

Da Wife and I were at Waikele dis past Labor Day weekend - Saturday afternoon specifically - and while you might have thought dat da mall would be a little crazy, it really wasn't. There were a handful of parking stalls still open considering it was packed and while there were vehicles parked illegally against da far wall in da upper section of the mall, dat has always been da case wen it becomes overcrowded and no, we have nevah parked against da wall even though it was "open".

But dis one - no, make dat TWO - lolo's really took da mac out of da mac salad.

No see nothing wrong? Try look at 'em dis way.

Still don't know? Try check out da keiki and his dad walking in da second pic. Still no can figgah 'em out?

They stay walking on da median and not in walkway cause get two massive suv's PARKED in da walkway!!!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I mean really, in da WALKWAY?!? Why not just drive through da mall and park in front of da store you shopping at? Forget dat da curbs are CLEARLY painted red which at last check I thought universally - at least in da U.S. - signaled "no" or "danger" and da likes. I guess das a way to beat getting a ticket for parking in da handicap stall. 🙄

Wat gets me is dat even at da very least, da Mall Security didn't do a thing! I saw two ride by and nada - not even a flinching double take.

I get it dat it's busy and crowded but does dat mean we just ignore civilized rules? We no longer have da patience to wait your turn wen it's "inconvenient"? So wat if you have to park "far" - aren't da stores you're planning to visit even further? Outlet mall and shopping centers aren't cakewalks and you rack up miles walking during your shopping outing so wat's a few more yards?

Times like dat I wish I was in a Road Runner cartoon and da giant anvil just dropped. 😆

We were there for a few hours and those two *bleep bleep bleep* were there before we got there and still wen we left with no repercussions.

Sadly, chances are they'll do it again...... and oddahs will follow.

9 Responses to “Really... Wassa Mattah You?”

  1. Linda:

    Security. Tat's the kind security you get wen you pay 'em $8.50/hour.

  2. Lowtone123:

    Wit two parked there and security neva do nothing, chances are the cars belong to those who worked there which makes it all the more pupule.

  3. Newobop:

    You think rent-a-cops are bad? The regular traffic control meter attendants do nothing about enforcing No Parking zones on Robello and Austin Lanes.

  4. M:

    Howzit BL,

    It takes one lolo to do it and it's follow da ledah...

  5. Ynaku:

    SMH 😆

  6. wafan:

    Saw something like this at the upper parking lot at the Pearl Ridge Tony Roma's. Lolos parking in every nook and cranny on walkways, motorcycles in handicapped stalls, etc. and folks thinking nothing of it!

    Not wishing anyone harm but it is sad they had their brains removed.

  7. Masako:

    Wow I cannot believe it! I bet it will start happening all over the place. Hopefully other places will have stricter security. Another thing i'm starting to see pretty often is people backing up after they realized they passed a stall with someone leaving, which would be ok in some cases but i've seen it happen when there is a person behind, blinker on waiting for the stall. I heard that down at the beach sometimes people send their kids to stand in parking stalls right after the car pulls out, even though someone else is waiting for the stall and people don't want to confront them because its the kind of people that are too scary to confront.

  8. kssjr:

    Whatever happened to common decency and the Aloha Spirit. Have we succumb to the ME and only ME generation?

    Very much appreciate WWD pointing out these idiots hoping "shame" will be a factor.

    One suggestion, next time get the license plate clearly in the pic

  9. D. Lee:

    I wuz in HNL last week and on a walk wit my elder ma. She fell down and several good people came to help me pick her up. Mom is fine, thank God. Thanks to all da gud peepl who came and helped me and Ma. Many, many gud peepl still in HNL. God bless the American spirit.

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