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Surprising Surprise

October 30th, 2014

Most times notes placed on your vehicle (Remembah dis one? Click hea.) aren't good. From strangers leaving "friendly" notes to solicitors placing business cards or leaflets on your window/windshield to tickets from HPD - they are nevah pleasant to see and most times they are spotted well before you even get your keys out making you wondah "wat da heck is dat?"

About a couple weeks ago a notice was placed on my motorcycle letting me know that motorcycle parking will no longer be free and will begin a $50 /month charge should I decide to continue parking there. Downtown parking - especially if you're able to park in your own work place building - for $50 is a fair and reasonable amount (even though designated motorcycle parking areas take up such a small footprint) of which I would be more than happy to plunk down.... if I could afford it.

Sadly, I've been on a quest to find free motorcycle parking of which there are a few lots (Marin Tower, Kekaulike Courtyards & Hale Pauahi) but kinda out of my way and I've emailed at least a dozen other buildings of which no one responded back. In da end, I may have to succumb to da "extortion" πŸ˜† but it was nice of them to have offered it for free all dis time. And it is a nice parking area.....

So it was pleasant surprise wen I walked to my bike last night and as I was about to put my key in, I saw dis:

My immediate reaction of course was Wassup Wit Dat! - well, actually it was more like WTF - and as I looked at it noticed it was a hat. Once I got home and looked at it, it was a brand new in a sealed package Yamaha Hawaii blue (racing team color) hat. I've seen Yamaha hats before but none with Hawaii embroidered on it so I was tripping out. Plus, since I "collect" hats it was an extremely cool hat to add to my repertoire.

Hea's wat it looked outside da package next to Da Keiki's ride:

It was a real treat and dunno who "gave" it to me but it was a cool gesture cause I believe I might be da only Yamaha rider there. There might be one oddah but I'm not 100% surah so whoevah donated it noticed dat I ride a Yamaha (have been for nearly 20 years) and thought it would be nice to hand it to someone who might appreciate it more.... like a Yamaha rider. πŸ˜€

So naturally, I left a note dis morning as well.........

"Whoever "donated" the super cool YAMAHA hat..... MAHALOS!!!
Very Much Appreciated,

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Use It Or Lose It

October 28th, 2014

As we all age physically, mentally we think we nevah will.

Alzheimer's is a growing concern and if there's one thing we always hear about now is trying to keep your mind sharp - besides keeping your body in shape and not da round kine.

Wen I was back at The Honolulu Advertiser, since I had daily subscription I used to collect the Sudoku's daily and loved the Sunday one wea it was da bombucha version. There's da crossword but das for people with "real" vocabulary and for some reason words and I don't get along.

I've been noticing - although I'll deny it - dat I've been "slipping" a little.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wen I get choke things to say, my mind runs fastah than Usain Bolt and then da words dat try to sprint out of my mouth stumble out of da starting gate. I even noticed dat I've started to stutter a little wen I get too excited or get choke things for say and wat makes it worse is wen I've consumed a few adult beverages, people tink I'm "gone" but in reality those "symptoms" are even more exaggerated cause I turn into one Potagee trying fo' tell a joke once ingesting some liquid courage.

There are so much studies dat say one thing or anoddah dat games, puzzles and/or mind stimulating exercises help your memory and now da Stanford Center of Longevity (yes, there's an actual place) states oddahwise. Here's an excerpt of da article: (A Consensus on the Brain Training Industry from the Scientific Community)

In closing, we offer five recommendations. Some of these recommendations reflect experimental findings in human populations, whereas others are based on a synthesis of correlational evidence in humans and mechanistic knowledge about risks and protective factors.

Much more research needs to be done before we understand whether and what types of challenges and engagements benefit cognitive functioning in everyday life. In the absence of clear evidence, the recommendation of the group, based largely on correlational findings, is that individuals lead physically active, intellectually challenging, and socially engaged lives, in ways that work for them. Before investing time and money on brain games, consider what economists call opportunity costs: If an hour spent doing solo software drills is an hour not spent hiking, learning Italian, making a new recipe, or playing with your grandchildren, it may not be worth it. But if it replaces time spent in a sedentary state, like watching television, the choice may make more sense for you.

Physical exercise is a moderately effective way to improve general health, including brain fitness. Scientists have found that regular aerobic exercise increases blood flow to the brain, and helps to support formation of new neural and vascular connections. Physical exercise has been shown to improve attention, reasoning, and components of memory. All said, one can expect small but noticeable gains in cognitive performance, or attenuation of loss, from taking up aerobic exercise training.

A single study, conducted by researchers with financial interests in the product, or one quote from a scientist advocating the product, is not enough to assume that a game has been rigorously examined. Findings need to be replicated at multiple sites, based on studies conducted by independent researchers who are funded by independent sources. Moreover, participants of training programs should show evidence of significant advantage over a comparison group that does not receive the treatment but is otherwise treated exactly the same as the trained group.

No studies have demonstrated that playing brain games cures or prevents Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

Do not expect that cognitively challenging activities will work like one-shot treatments or vaccines; there is little evidence that you can do something once (or even for a concentrated period) and be inoculated against the effects of aging in an enduring way. In all likelihood, gains won’t last long after you stop the challenge.

In summary: We object to the claim that brain games offer consumers a scientifically grounded avenue to reduce or reverse cognitive decline when there is no compelling scientific evidence to date that they do. The promise of a magic bullet detracts from the best evidence to date, which is that cognitive health in old age reflects the long-term effects of healthy, engaged lifestyles. In the judgment of the signatories, exaggerated and misleading claims exploit the anxiety of older adults about impending cognitive decline. We encourage continued careful research and validation in this field.

Basically, get off you okole and do something - anything - and no just veg out. Amazing wat alphabet soup aftah your name does huh wen us "normal" folk already kinda figgah'd dat out yeah?

Have you bought into da daily puzzle routine? Do you do da daily crosswords or even buy those travel crossword books? Or do you do oddah kine puzzles? Are you a solitaire person? But we all know there's an app for any puzzle or "mind stimulation exercise"...... but does it cancel out if you're doing it on your okole?

Now das a study I'd like to see them conduct.

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Lack of (Simple) Customer Service

October 24th, 2014

I dunno about you but I've been around da block - and down a few dark alleys - to know wat I'd like from a person (business) dat I deal with. Why? Cause I've been on da oddah side of da canoe.

Just like those in da service industry wea you hustle to "earn" as much tips as you can. Back in my hay day, I used to deliver pizzas on my motorcycle and while I was quick enough, sometimes da order fell behind even before I left da store so I already knew 1) da customer was going to be upset and/or 2) I wasn't getting any tip.

I hated those orders cause it wasn't my "fault" it was late but I still accepted da consequences of possibly not getting tipped. I wasn't upset at da customer by no means and truthfully, I really didn't expect any tip considering. In fact, I'd usually bring an extra bag of breadsticks to make nice and at times, would even decline da tip.

But das just me.

Customer service should be da epitome of da Golden Rule cause no mattah wat, we've all been on da oddah side of either giving or receiving dat service. If I was a CEO, I'd make surah dat da people who are on da floor interacting with da customers are paid nicely because why? They not only da "face" of da company but more importantly they are wat makes da company wat it is. With dat being said, if da "associate", "customer satisfaction agent" or watevah $5 position name it may be is not "happy" - even faking it will work - on da floor, I'll just fire their okole.

It's because they are paid like crap, treated like crap, they act like crap.... to da customers. If you no more da personality to interact, why da heck would you hire a person to be in a position wea interaction is critical in satisfaction and return business?

In a professional environment, it's da same whether you're dealing with internal employees or outside vendors. Hea's an email trail from work with of course certain aspects hidden.

-----Lance Kwon wrote: -----
From: Lance Kwon
Date: 10/07/2014 11:31AM
Subject: Invoice & W9
Our (position) Sistah Rocks, received an email for certified copies costing $4 (REF# XXX-X-XXXX) – was there an invoice generated? If so, may I please get a copy. Also, would you please forward a W9 copy for our vendor files.

Lance Kwon
Finance – Accounting Clerk
Da Bestest Company I've Evah Worked For
Shiny Business Building, Downtown Honolulu 96813
Tel 808 123-4567 | Fax 808 891-2345|

Confidentiality Notice: This email message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure, or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and permanently delete this transmission and destroy all copies of this communication and any attachments thereto. Thank you.

If you haven't laughed or smiled yet..….. why not?


From: BLAH BLAH BLAH [mailto:blah blah]
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2014 8:07 AM
To: Lance Kwon
Subject: Re: Invoice & W9

Good Afternoon Lance:

The answer is no. We typically do not generate invoices for requestes under $5.00. As for our W9 you will need to contact our Fiscal Department. They have questions regarding this request. Thank you!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Blah Blah Blah
Some Department Deep In State Government


-----Lance Kwon wrote: -----
To: Blah Blah Blah
From: Lance Kwon
Date: 10/08/2014 08:09AM
Subject: RE: Invoice & W9

Do you have any contact information for the Fiscal Department?


From: BLAH BLAH BLAH [mailto:blah blah]

Just call the xxxxx Main Line and follow the prompts: 987-6543

To me, das da whole core (or lack thereof) "customer service". Was it dat difficult to have already forwarded or mentioned who I needed to contact with either a name, email or telephone number in da original reply instead of having da "customer" ask for it? Was it dat much of a hardship to have located dat small bit of information? We all have experienced government bureaucracy and if you're not familiar, there are many "Fiscal Departments" within da government.

So I called da numbah, went through five minutes of prompts (exaggeration for effect but it did feel like a long time) and got transferred, left a voice message, got a call back, gave our information which had to go to annodah person to take care of our request.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wen someone comes to me with a question or problem, I make surah to get da EXACT answer they need - good or bad. If not, I go and find da appropriate person or department and provide him/her with contact information whether it be a name, phone number and/or email. I also make surah dat if s/he doesn't get an answer to get back to me and I'll find out cause personally, I do not like "guessing" who to contact and more worse playing phone tag and being transferred all ovah da place.

No even get me started about trying to get a credit card issue resolved...... talk about passing da buck. But I guess das how come unemployment stay low yeah? Da more layers, da more employed people there are. πŸ™„

So go check 'em out dis weekend and see who is working or just at work. See if da people who have da most interaction with a customer should be da one to be "interacting"?

No fo'get to smile yeah. πŸ˜€

Going Green Illiterately

October 22nd, 2014

In dis day and age, we all gotta do our part to help in watevah way we can, especially our environment. Most of us put a conscious effort into sorting out recyclable goods marked "1" or "2" from da rest (if you don't know wat I'm talking about, you ain't doing it), stacking up old newspaper and using those "blue bins" properly. Some even go as far as taking things they can't recycle at home to locations or stores with convenient centers to help dispose of batteries, plastic bags and even handheld electronics.

It's amazing even with simple straight forward directions - dat includes pictures - some just no care. Well, they actually do but just no care if it's right or wrong. Take a look at dis pic I took at Ward Starbucks a couple weeks ago:

Notice anything?

Besides "everything else" being empty, da "directions" are pretty clear no? Take a closer look....

So I'm just logically deducting dat those two containers in da recycle side are from people who sat down and either was on da free wi-fi or just enjoying someone's company - both of which most regulahs do right?

And you can also logically deduct dat they would know wat they doing as far throwing things away at da location too no? Again, just assumptions and deductions but how da heck can you miss da pictures of wat NOT to throw away? They even have three pictures of their own products there!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I for one am NOT a regulah although Da Wife is and everytime she asks me wat I like, I just say verbatim, "get a large of watevah you getting and I'll share with you" - most every time, same thing. Sometimes I'll say something with chocolate and cold should da mood strikes to get something on my own but considering wat they charge, I usually just share with Da Wife.

If you've evah been to Starbucks it's like da Soup Nazi and In-N-Out Secret Menu combined. There's a certain way to order and da language to do it is daunting... if you not one regulah but das for anoddah blog.

For all you Starbucks regulah, do you use their trash bins properly? No shame now even though get pictures. πŸ˜› You one of those with da long kine order for one drink dat you could have just said "large coffee with non-fat milk?" πŸ˜† Have you evah used - or seen - those cardboard boxes at Target, Wal-Mart and da like to recycle plastic bags, batteries etc? Have you used them? Have you seen anything else asking to be recyclable besides da "norm"? Wen dining out, do you make a conscious effort to separate recyclables at places dat offer separate bins for trash and recyclables?

Ultimately da best recyclable solution would have been to bring in a reusable Starbucks cup but I can at least say I threw away our drink properly.

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Who Cried Wolf?

October 20th, 2014

So we dodged anoddah one. Hurricane Ana came and spared us all from da damage and devastation of Mother Nature's fury and boy were we lucky. Who would have imagined a hurricane headed straight for us - at least run closely parallel - and then veer off westerly - it was only our hope dat it would and it did.

Wat I no understand is da countless numbah of people who kept saying, "not going hit us" or even those who decided it was "safe" to go out and about - especially surfing - in stormy conditions. Granted it wasn't nearly as windy as we thought it would be but das due to Ana tracking away from us. As a surfer of ovah 30 years, why would you go out and surf in those conditions? Da waves are mush, da size - if it's there - isn't even fun to ride being lumpy and bumpy and da biggest rush of shooting through a barrel is a far fetched dream if evah.

It's times like dat I wish it did hit us to shut those kines of people up but at da same time I'll take a million false cracks rather than having to go through a hurricane hitting us.

Da Wife and I was sitting at home doing our best to keep up to date while occupying Da Baby and Da Keiki and there was one update dat aired dat I was totally surprised to hear.

It was on Saturday I believe and of course there's the dog and pony show from the Mayor and a handful of other departments making their statement on air in the Civil Defense room but there was one person, Peter Hirai - Deputy Director of Emergency Management, dat made me double take.

He opened up, "For those whose weekend plans were spoiled or ruined, we have many people working hard..." and blah blah blah (I'm totally paraphrasing as I can't recall word for word what was said). Now it may be just me but his face and his tone was basically saying quit whining you frickin' complainers who don't have a weekend while I (we) have to work.

I couldn't believe his "message" was about his department working "hard" while people couldn't enjoy da weekend.

Wassup Wit Dat!

His ENTIRE message was about dat. Nothing about wat to do or take shelter or who to contact, it was about people's plans ruined and his department "hard at work". Ummm, Mr.Deputy Director of Emergency Management, have you looked at your title recently? Isn't dis an "emergency"? Isn't dis wat you and your department does in times of "emergency"??

And tink about it, if you're in an emergent position, isn't dis wat you are prepared and trained to do? It's like telling a firefighter no fight one fire or HPD not to respond to a threat or a lifeguard no jump into da watah to save da idiot trying to surf in a storm.

Last time I checked, it's their JOB to do it.

All those positions, I would like to think, is something they LOVE to do. Helping, saving, responding and just being of service as those jobs are things dat they especially enjoy doing. Have we forgotten about 9-11 and those responders who just did their job?

Oh wait, sorry, I read too fast. I only read Emergency..... I overlooked Management. πŸ™„

I certainly hope his attitude is not trickled down through his department but then again like I said, it might be just me but I for one if in dat position would not have started off by scolding or going off in a blaming innuendo.

But then again, I listen wen I hear wolf.

FYI - I tried looking for that particular update but couldn't locate it. If you find it, please let me know so dat I can look at it again. Maybe I was in a salty mood and I surah would like to know if it was noticed by oddahs or if its just my no nonsense nonsense. I believe it was Saturday afternoon and Mayor Caldwell was wearing a black and green aloha shirt and there four people speaking.

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