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Guinea Pig

November 24th, 2014

We've all had to be one at one time or anoddah but wen was da last time it was shoved down your throat?

Aftah I was cleaning yard Sunday afternoon, I was putting away my tools near da front door and saw a piece of paper kinda crumpled in between some hand tools. I picked it up and dis is wat was on it:

In case you nevah read da notice, it basically said C&C (City & County of Honolulu) - in "cooperation" with oddahs - was going to lay down road surfacing products to "study" pavement peservation.

While I am honored *sarcasm* they have chosen our specific street, wat da heck is going on - vague information along with damaging side effects?!? Hmmm, let me paraphrase da letter as I understand it:

*** No specific date - it's going to happen SOME TIME between 11/7-12/30/14
Only a two month open waiting period? Why not three? Heck, why even give us a range??

*** We can't park on da street for da majority of da day and you WILL tow any vehicle "illegally" parked and we got a problem to take it up with HPD
Wow, C&C coordination at it's best - HPD will be there lickety-split to tow your ride wen it took them nearly three years to bust down the drug house three houses away.

*** If the product (don't even know which one will be used) is not cured, it stick to your tires and track onto your driveway and leave unsightly stains
So how long does da curing process take? Will the street be closed? Wat happens if our driveway does get stained by a product we don't even know is being applied to our street at watevah day/time we don't know about?

*** Keep our children, pets and vehicles off the treated raodway until it has cured
If that's the case, are you going to shut down the street? Oddahwise, how can you expect vehicles, pets and children to stay off of it? Then, are da fumes harmful? Are there safety precautions we should take like not leaving our windows opened? Are we able to just wash it off with soap and water if we happen to get some flung on us? And wtf are you guys laying down product dat has da potential to cause harm and not even say wat's being used?

*** The notice even makes note TWICE dat da street WILL be damaged if it doesn't properly cure
Then why da heck are da streets left opened???


Why da heck do it on public streets with a possibility of damage and unknown harm if it's just a study? Are our vehicles and lives dat insignificant? Why not lay da product down in a C&C parking lot, close it for 24 hours to "cure" then reopen it? How's about a section of road at UH, LCC or KCC during winter break? I mean there are countless oddah "safer" more adaptable venues than populated housing areas.

You tell me, how da heck do you respond to dis "order"? Forget it being a C&C owned road and all da legalities of it, do you even believe dis method is pono? How da heck can you "experiment" and not even divulge wat's being used?

So now not only are my vehicles and property at risk but my ohana's health too without even knowing by wat product? At least da guinea pigs in da newspaper ads get paid but I guess da taxes I pay aren't enough.....

They got me by my olo's too.

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10 Responses to “Guinea Pig”

  1. NKHEA:

    Firtst again 🙂

  2. NKHEA:

    Yikes no can even spell 🙁

    Howzit BL

    Now iou 2 plate lunches

  3. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I'll call da mayor and ass WWD! 😆

  4. bamboohouse808:

    You telling me that the city couldn't find one street on the WHOLE ISLAND to test this on that doesn't block people's driveways? All the city engineers must have been busy putting in that bike lane on King Street to find one better place to test new paving material.

  5. wafan:

    "Funniest" part is the paragraph about rescheduling because of weather. If it rains on the day(s) they were planning to apply the chemical(s) you might have to wait another 2-3 months. No on-street parking for all that time.

    Really sounds like road repaving. Dig it up and resurface it. Brand new! Couple of weeks later have someone dig it up to replace some sort of pipes. Repave it hemajang. Voila! New potholes, dips, bumps, rough spots, . . .

  6. makaha wahine:

    You got questions that need answers. Call them up and ask. Call your city council representative. No get huhu. You do have options.

  7. cojef:

    Braddah Lance, sounds like someone in C&C no like one of your fellow residents and trying to make dem hu hu, and so u suffer too. Odds on selection of street ??????? able?

  8. Ynaku:

    If was Hilo, it'll neva get done if they going wait for a sunny day 🙂

    If dis one test, why not test em at one C&C Park? Not going waste.

  9. Otto:

    C&C is just using different type of liquid asphalt sealers in different locations. Different vendors trying to sell different products that extend the life of the pavement (e.g. seals the surface). They want to see which product works best. This type of surface treatment is alot cheaper and faster, than putting a new layer of asphalt on top (overlay) or digging up the old ashpalt and base course up and rebuilding. The sealer usually takes about 8 - 24 hours to cure (i.e., dry)... My neighborhood association (in Newtown) does this about every 3 years or so. This is the kind of preventative maintenance that the C&C should be doing... spend a little bit of money every few years instead of spending big money every few years....

  10. Jeannette:

    Here it is called "slurry sealing" and where I live it has been done three times. The notices are in our mailboxes or taped to the front door. Vehicles have to be off the street by 6am and are not allowed back on the street until 6pm. Promptly at 6am the tow trucks take the vehicles off the street. Barriers are up at all the intersecting streets but they are gone at 6pm. The newly paved street is nice though.
    One of my neighbors disregarded the notice and his car was splattered by the soft slurry seal and he was fined for driving through the wet slurry.

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