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Who's Doing Wat?

November 26th, 2014

Ok, so it's da eve of Thanksgiving and we all know by now dat Black Friday is no longer Black Friday as it's already been Black Watevah from at least two weeks ago. From wat I've been hearing, there are way bettah deals happening tomorrow than Friday,

Wassup Wit Dat!

For those who are "traditional", wat are your plans for tomorrow? Are you da cooker? Da eater? Da "Al Bundy" couch slouch? Da football whore? Da go outside and play, come in to eat, go back out to play? Da volunteer? Da chillaxer? Da spock out all da ads you can and plan your route shopper for da madness person?

By da way, I've always wondered wat people cook too? Are you da traditional turkey, stuffing and gravy holiday cooker? Have you done turkey variations like fried, kalua or bbq? Does a special stuffing make its way to da table? Or maybe a special dish dat only comes out during da holidays?

Da Wife is trying something a little different wea instead of buying a whole turkey, we just bought a bone in turkey breast. We were just thinking back to all da times we made turkey for da extended ohana dat da dark meat wasn't always da first choice taken. Plus had gravy and different kine sauces so da meat was nevah "dry". I nevah even knew came li'dat but I'm glad cause I no like da dark meat too much. 😀

Stay safe out there and enjoy da company around you. Da weather is fantastic - a nice crisp feel - and it totally gets everyone into da mood for da holidays. It's awesome to look up and see baby blue sky, high to no clouds, da shining sun and wispy cool air gracing your face.

Lucky we live Hawai'i, lucky for ohana to share it with - hopefully dis "luck" continues its ripples through da next few weeks of madness.

Happy Gobble Gobble everybodies!

14 Responses to “Who's Doing Wat?”

  1. snow:

    happy thanksgiving BL, lanceformers, kwonics and lurkahs! i am going to eat, eat and eat tomorrow. going thankgiving gatherings with 3 different sides of the family! i will need to shop to walk off those thousands of calories! since we normally are running around on the holiday, we are the poke and pie people. that way, i don't need to stress out about making something for three different places. hope you have a relaxing holidday with your family!

  2. moonfyre:

    we are doing the "stay at home" Thanksgiving this year (as most of our relatives live too far away) We're having a traditional turkey dinner (which we picked up from a restaurant, because I can no longer physically stand for hours and cook like I used to) Just a quiet day, enjoying each others company... probably watching the Macy's parade or the game on TV. Good luck to all those who are traveling this holiday - I hear its really really difficult, especially with the traffic and the airports (weather is bad on the east coast and midwest and that causes tons of delays). Happy Thanksgiving Day/Weekend to everyone, far and near!

  3. sassy7:

    Happy Gobbles to you too Bradda Lance....so i have a stuffing recipe that my mom made...everyone wants the recipe....so here you go...any kine bread/loves or even stove top...get your na'au package out of the turkey...boil with Hawaiian salt. and onion..once the liver...heart...all that good stuff boils and is soft...cut up in pieces and put into your stuffing mix....add celery to it...chicken broth and 2 sticks butter....then add a can of New Zealand corn beef....then bake in it's own separate pan....oh mylanta....it is good....brok da mout.
    My ohana wanted ham this year so we making the mustard/brown sugar/honey farmer john ham...it's all good...chopped potato sweet/red with zucchini and bok choi and asparagus...my favorite with mayo/shoyu.....not doing the Black Friday sell...ala ala kala...gotta pay the mortgage first......lol...that come first....but life is good...no snow yet here in Utah...but I am sure it's coming.....Pumpkin Crunch and Custard pie will top off the meal...too bad I no moa your Kim chee....lol.....so....Happy Gobble my Bradda Lance....have a great 4 day with your ohana....and to all everyone else who reading Bradda Lances' Blog....You have a great "Thanksgiving" too....malama pono!!!!

  4. Ynaku:

    Give me a can of cranberry and I good. Have a great weekend gang.

  5. NKHEA:

    Howzit BL,

    Eh if you no like da dark meat save um fo me i stay go come pick um up from you :mrgreen:

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody

  6. Lowtone123:

    Don't let big retailer take Thanksgiving away from us! Enjoy the day in fellowship with family and friends.

  7. kamaaina808:

    Happy ThanksGiving, BL! I'll be in Kaka'ako attending a public 'pot luck' tomorrow, probably serving out da food (and chowing down, too). 🙂

  8. wafan:

    When I lived at home it was humongous Thanksgiving dinners with the family. Since I moved here I make my own turkey dinner. I buy the other end of the turkey - the hind quarter. We should buy one whole turkey and split it next time. HA!

    Tomorrow a new tradition when I share dinner with some good friends. We adopted each other. They're from the Bronx. Talk about two mean set of accents when things get going. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    Hope everyone has a great turkey day. As bad as it seems, we all have lots of things for which to be thankful.

  9. dihudfan:

    eat to your hearts content... drink till you feelin good... if you drink, NO DRIVE!!! to all out there... have a safe and happy thanksgiving!!!

  10. keoni:

    Hey Braddah Lance, Happy Thanksgiving to you and da 'ohana. I'm spending da afternoon with friends in Waipahu, eating and watching a movie and eating and talk story and... You get da picture! 😆

  11. keoni:

    Oh yeah, and Happy Thanksgiving to da WWD hui!

  12. Angel:

    I second @keoni's Happy Thanksgiving to da WWD hui! 🙂

  13. 9th Island Girl:

    Happy thanksgiving! Regular roasted turkey for me, and I also make the Mac/potato salad. My mom makes the BEST stuffing with Portuguese sausage. I'm with Ynaku: cranberry sauce is my favorite!

  14. cojef:

    Thanksgiving was big deal before, where the "missus" once roasted 3 turkeys on 3 different dates. 1st one the turkey was too small, so son had no left-overs to take home, so mama roasted another turkey for him. 3 days later the missus's, cousin who work for Hiroshima bank, come on fellowship study with his wife and stay over for couple of days. Never experienced Thanksgiving or had turkey so the wife roasted her 3rd buggah. Now, we are too makule to cook, so son come over and cook high-class French style chicken thighs with lots of wine, later sistah-in law will bring turkey dinner son prepared with slices of apple and pumpkin pies. Have a very good good ohana feelings at this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving to the Wassup Wit Dat fans, and especially to Braddah Lance and his ohana for continuing to bring many joy to me.

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