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10, 9, 8, 7.............

December 31st, 2014

It happens every year at dis time and every year we say da same thing, "crap, dat was fast" - or something to dat effect.

Rarely does one exclaim dat da year was "too long" unless you were excitedly waiting for something or someone towards da end of da year.

You know wat's da most amazing thing about New Years Eve? It's a day dat EVERYONE is involved with. There's no discrimination, no color, no race, no religion, no favoritism, no nepotism, no -ism's watsoevah. Traditions - cultural and adopted - are followed through amongst ohana and friends and passed on to generations to come.

It doesn't mattah wea you live (at least I think cause I'm not a world traveler during New Year's) but wen dat clock hits 12:00:00am, your guard comes down and a tidal wave of serenity and calm passes through you and whoevah/weaevah you are, everyone gets a hug, kiss and a Happy New Year.

Then 12:07am comes and as dat zen-like feeling you had seven minutes ago fades and passes, real life gravity begins to pull you down as for some, slams some sense back into you. Thoughts, memories, could of's, would of's, should of's shoot across your mind while da fireworks dwindle from their finale and you wondah wat da heck did you do last year which only ended seven minutes ago?!

Wassup Wit Dat!

If da world, in dat one instant could live those few minutes of da New Year Eve/Day for da majority of da year, we all would be in a much happier and pleasant world to live in.

So I challenge you in dis fast approaching countdown to continue dat "feeling" for as long as you can and share da "universal Aloha" dat truly should last more than a few minutes.

Or at least until 12:15am. 😛

SHOUT OUT: Ok, absolute last time (well, it is da end of da year) for those who wanted/signed up for kim chee a few blogs ago at "For Those Who Still Stay" to contact me - or post - to arrange a pick up for dis weekend. Remembah, you snooze, you lose as it only happens one time a year.

Wishing all da WWD! Hui a great new year, pah-tay hard and keep each oddah safe. See you on da flip side.

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Business Morale

December 29th, 2014

For many of us, we've been employed for probably at least a decade or more and during dat time, chances are, have experienced several employers and their practices. From those experiences you come across employers who are/can be more "generous" in their ways and those you just wonder how da heck would one continue to work there.

But hoping and wanting are two different things as some just need da work so they stick with da employer to survive especially in Hawai'i nei.

Then of course factoring in da nature of da business really determines wat can and cannot be done so sometimes you're just crap out of luck. Wen I used to work in Waikiki - whether it was at a hotel or ABC stores - holidays only meant a time and a half instead of an actual day off since there are zero "holidays" in da hospitality industry. Wen I used to work at a non-profit social welfare agency, all state, city AND federal holidays were observed which was frickin' awesome...... then I went back into da for-profit side and realized dat you were lucky to have a half dozen or so compared to da 14 + two extra days (birthday and shopping, yeah, a shopping day during da holidays).

It all depends wea you work and wat kine of boss/company you have so I was EXTREMELY appreciative wen my current employer was very generous enough to give us half day on da eve, then da holiday AND da da AFTAH da holiday off - for both Christmas AND New Years! CHEEEEEEE-HU!

But then again, I haven't had a raise going on three years (previous and current employer) so it was a very welcoming "gift" not only for me but to everyone aboard. It was a morale boost especially during da holiday season and while it wasn't da norm, it was something my employer could do (handle) aftah heavy consideration. If there's one thing employees appreciate da most is being appreciated and besides of course any type of raise, a paid day off.

While there are morale killahs too, there are some employees who aren't so appreciative as well. Whether they've been burned before, they think da company "owes" them and treat every gesture with a grunt and Scrooge like attitude. We've all been around "those" type of people wea we just may nod politely in agreement but you know inside we saying......

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wen I used to work as a shift manager at Pizza Hut, during my shift (hypothetically speaking) I'd make surah da people who closed da store all was able to make and take something home. It wasn't much but da "gesture" made a long night bearable as I knew their pay wasn't good and leaving close to midnight wasn't exactly an ideal work situation. Wen making da work schedule, I'd make surah to give those who buss okole their requests to keep them "happy". There were oddah little things to do - whether it was by da book or not (hypothetically of course) - dat I could do/control to make surah dat their work was valued and appreciated.

Has your employer evah done something special for you, your department or company-wide? Do you "expect" certain things or compare a previous employer to your current one? Do you think your current employer can "handle" certain gestures? How is da morale wea you work at - is it generally cool or is it da type wea people kinda grumpy? Just curious - if you one supahvisor - have you done anything to boost morale for da people dat work for "you"?

SHOUT OUT: For those who signed up to get kim chee, shoot me an email or bettah yet just post a reply to let me know whether you want to pick up on da eve (Wednesday, December 31) or either Saturday or Sunday. Preferably in da Pearl City area but could be town area if our schedules line up. I just need to know which day so I can prep and we can connect via email for the specific meet times.


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December 27th, 2014

Now dat da holiday season has come and gone, we're all back to da "real world" of things including biggah bills, people behaving badly and nevah ending WWD! moments.

At least dat means da blog will have material. 😀

Now da stores who have banked on selling and stocked up on inventory are now clearing things out - how many of you actually hit those aftah Christmas sales?

I'll admit I've nevah been one of those but da last couple of years I have. Besides da ukumillion emails advertising clearance sales - how they got my email is besides me - I found myself hitting up Home Depot at da end of da year to pick up mainly Christmas lights for next year and storage containers. Wen you have Christmas materials at 50-75% off (sometimes more), it makes for a nice way to top off da holiday spending.

Yeah, yeah, Wassup Wit Dat! but I like to think I'm helping out da stores by helping clear their stock to make way for da "new" things. 😉

Do you check out da post-holiday specials? Are you one to buy wrapping paper AFTAH da holidays? Wat's your post-Christmas ritual?

And no worries, we'll get right back to da "real" WWD! moments soon enough.

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Mele Kalikimaka!

December 25th, 2014

From da Kwon ohana to yours.....

Mele Kalikimaka!

May your day be filled happiness and joy to last a lifetime.

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For Those Who Still Stay

December 22nd, 2014

As a once a year WWD! tradition, it's dat time again to offer up some fresh pupu - or meal - howevah you take it.

Since its offered up only one time a year (it's a pain staking time consuming process), it's also only mentioned in a post once a year too so you snooze, you lose. 😀 For those who are still hanging around and interested in some free grinds, let me know and a container of my infamously award winning broke da mouth not da okole kim chee is yours for da holidays to share or kapu for yourself.

Ok, so it's only famous in da blog and there's no award but it is ono going in and definitely easy coming out. 😆

If you still around during da holidays and actually reading dis, let me know. Da only catch is dat it'll be AFTAH Christmas (already made ovah 20lbs so far so I need a break) either dis weekend or by New Years - pick up/meet details can be hashed out later.

Who's down?

Naturally there's anoddah catch....... you gotta post if you like...... oddahwise how else do I know WWD! has more than three readers? 😆

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