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5-0 Chicken Skin

December 13th, 2014

Just like any oddah state, there is a certain representation dat automatically attaches itself to your person especially if you're from out of state but I truly believe dat da Aloha State is unlike any oddah.

Dat case couldn't be more prominent wen we travel off da rock to anywea in da world and come across a person dat is from Hawai'i. There is an instant bond - an "open willingness" - to help out more than average but at da very least, just talk story. Obviously da Ninth Isle nails it but wen your travels take you to da West Coast, chances are you probably run into a Hawai'i transplant or someone on vacation.

No mattah if you (not) interested in it, if it connects with Hawai'i, you can't help but "feel" like it's a part of you. Try look at wen Ewa Beach won da Little League World Series, everyone across da state was beaming and you didn't even have to like baseball - or kids. You can hear or read about an athlete with Hawai'i ties and you perk up a little.

Marcus Mariota - Heisman Award winner.

Now das some chicken skin moment as a local boy winning da most prestigious NCAA Division I award you can win, wins by a landslide and da braddah is all up to his ears in fresh maile lei with all da haoles asking "why is he coverd in vine?" 😆 For all da hype associated with dis award and with da recent kooks to have been voted into dis unique fraternity, Marcus Mariota is an extremely refreshing damn humbling face.

Nevah mind he plays for da Oregon Ducks and not UH. Nevah mind he went to St.Louis and not one public school. He's a Hawai'i boy and das all dat mattahs wen you no longah are physically on da rock. Wen "one" person, team, event is nationally recognized, it's dat sense of pride we all feel wen just da word "Hawai'i" is mentioned. I guess you could say it's almost like living vicariously through da moment especially wen it's nevah been done before or just an infrequent moment wea "Hawai'i" just isn't synonymous with national recognition except for our high cost of living.

Regardless da motive, for locals, da odds are - will always be - stacked against us. We don't have da resources dat is readily available like our mainland counterparts have nor are there multitude of choices to pick from - but we hold our own and I guess it's dat "chip on da shoulder" dat drives and enlightens us at da same time.

Congratulations to Marcus Mariota for winning da Heisman and making Hawai'i proud.

Two Heisman finalists from Hawai'i in two years? Now even people NOT from Hawai'i are getting....... goose bumps.

5 Responses to “5-0 Chicken Skin”

  1. Cojef:

    Very powerful thoughts you mouth about what it is about a "kanaka". To me a "kanaka" is anyone who is born in Hawaii, notwithstanding that the natives may mouth distaste. Have lived on the mainland for most of my adult life, but still consider myself Hawaiian. The chicken-skin feeling happens whenever anyone makes you feel proud when our own has made good, any success for that matter. Love this moment every time anyone makes you feel proud to be Hawaiian. Braddah Lance your the man for calling attention to this chicken skin feeling.

  2. Ocean Lover:

    Congratulations indeed! His speech exemplified the essence of how a true local acts. I just hope he continues to stay true to those ideals with all that he's going to experience soon.

  3. M:

    Howzit BL!

    Once a local boy, always a local boy. Congrats Marcus and mahalo for making the state of Hawaii proud.

  4. alma koki:

    I agree with Cojef's meaning of Kanaka. I've been away from Hawaii for over 50 years but always referred to myself as a Hawaiian, and not an Angeleno. Anytime I hear the word Hawaii, my ears perk up; anytime I read or hear news about Hawaii, I am prould to say I come from Hawaii. Hawaii is a magic word. My congrats to Marcus Mariota. How proud we are of you.

  5. sassy7:

    808 pride....BL...you know me...I am ever so proud of being from the 808...and you can bet I was and still am very proud of Marcus...and his accomplishment in winning the Heisman...I was so proud for the 808...for him and his ohana...and for knowing that he worked his tail off to be awarded such a great honor....your right...anything 808 or Hawaii gets your ear's perked..and the need to help our people out....I just had a bunch of football players from Utah state....I've never met a lot of them....but getting them on their flight to the Mexico Bowl.....all I had to say was "Howzit"...and each young man from home..."said...Howzit! Aunty where you from???? North Shore I said....Bulldogs all the way!!....they each told me where they were from....Waianae.....St. Louis.....Kahuku......SLC Utah with ties to Hawaii....you know.....it made me feel good...just like seeing Marcus win made me feel good...chicken skin good...I cried...for my 808....for my aina...for my people....eha!...eha!!!....We proud to be from the 808...no matter if it's been 5 years you havent been home....20...30...or 40.....we always going be 808 proud!!!!!...BL..i going get off my box...now.....lol....miss you!!....I miss home!!.....

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