Wassup Wit Dat!

10, 9, 8, 7.............

December 31st, 2014

It happens every year at dis time and every year we say da same thing, "crap, dat was fast" - or something to dat effect.

Rarely does one exclaim dat da year was "too long" unless you were excitedly waiting for something or someone towards da end of da year.

You know wat's da most amazing thing about New Years Eve? It's a day dat EVERYONE is involved with. There's no discrimination, no color, no race, no religion, no favoritism, no nepotism, no -ism's watsoevah. Traditions - cultural and adopted - are followed through amongst ohana and friends and passed on to generations to come.

It doesn't mattah wea you live (at least I think cause I'm not a world traveler during New Year's) but wen dat clock hits 12:00:00am, your guard comes down and a tidal wave of serenity and calm passes through you and whoevah/weaevah you are, everyone gets a hug, kiss and a Happy New Year.

Then 12:07am comes and as dat zen-like feeling you had seven minutes ago fades and passes, real life gravity begins to pull you down as for some, slams some sense back into you. Thoughts, memories, could of's, would of's, should of's shoot across your mind while da fireworks dwindle from their finale and you wondah wat da heck did you do last year which only ended seven minutes ago?!

Wassup Wit Dat!

If da world, in dat one instant could live those few minutes of da New Year Eve/Day for da majority of da year, we all would be in a much happier and pleasant world to live in.

So I challenge you in dis fast approaching countdown to continue dat "feeling" for as long as you can and share da "universal Aloha" dat truly should last more than a few minutes.

Or at least until 12:15am. 😛

SHOUT OUT: Ok, absolute last time (well, it is da end of da year) for those who wanted/signed up for kim chee a few blogs ago at "For Those Who Still Stay" to contact me - or post - to arrange a pick up for dis weekend. Remembah, you snooze, you lose as it only happens one time a year.

Wishing all da WWD! Hui a great new year, pah-tay hard and keep each oddah safe. See you on da flip side.

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7 Responses to “10, 9, 8, 7.............”

  1. kamaaina808:

    That Aloha should last our lifetimes. 🙂

    See you on Sunday! 8)

    Hau'oli makahiki hou everybody ❗

  2. NaPueo:

    Happy New Year to All!!!

  3. GA Bows:

    Happy New Year everyone!

  4. Dorobo:

    Braddah Lance and da WWD ohana,
    Hoping da bestest for all.
    Happy New Year!!!

  5. wafan:

    Dang. I cannot pick up this weekend. Next time I will be available to pick up will be in early July. Heading home today.

    Happy and prosperous 2015 for everyone!!!

  6. Kage:

    Happy New Year everyone!

  7. lib:

    what?!! man, i keep missing the deadline for your kimchee... and it must be pretty good cause everybody wants some.. does it come with the recipe...

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