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Office Decor

December 18th, 2014

Anybody decorate their office? Hea's mine.........

And of course gotta have one tree........... 😀

Press da "play" button on da pics.

Are you pressing it?

Is your mouse broken?

Try again.

Is your touchscreen not working?

How many times you wen try?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, WWD! but das how da buggah came out. It was a short video clip and I just shared da link and da "pic" stay moving but no video. Go figgah. But I wish I could have seen your face trying to figgah out wat was wrong. 😛

It's much more impressive live...... well, it is. 😆

SHOUT OUT: Whoevah can repeat wat da sign says verbatim hanging in da background will win a container of my infamous kim chee. And yes, you can copy paste so can have more than one winnah winnah kim chee dinnah but you gotta pick 'em up. Good luck cause it ain't easy.

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Technical Definition

December 16th, 2014

For those who don't know, operating a motorcycle takes a considerable amount of skill - even those dat are riding who aren't "fully" qualified can be easily pointed out wen knowing wat to look for.

There are a few obvious visual cues dat a seasoned, educated, experienced rider would never do - or at least avoid doing - such as (in a nutshell):

** Riding in/near da center of da lane
Reason: Da middle of da lane has collected da most oil because of vehicles leaking it and obviously, motorcycles want no part of oil on any of their tires. Also, since a vehicle's tire base width is generally da same, riding on it is da "safest" part to follow especially in wet road conditions since it literally is da "road most traveled".

** Fingers not covering brake and clutch
Reason: Da "newbies" wrap their entire hand around da throttle and clutch side grip and should an emergency or quick stop be called for, even da fraction of a second it takes for da fingers to move from da grip to da lever can add anywea from 10 to 30 feet of distance with da likelihood of getting into an accident because s/he couldn't stop in time. Also, wen your fingers aren't covering da brake, it can lead to "panic braking" in which you'll lock up your tire(s) unnecessarily.

** Going faster makes da motorcycle unsafe
Reason: Actually da faster you go, da more stable da motorcycle. I'm not talking rocket speed but aftah about 25 mph, da centrifugal force of da wheels HELP stabilize da motorcycle. As such wen traveling at speed, da non-rider (or struggling rider) would think you turn da handlebars to da left to go left wen in practice you actually turn right to go left.

There are literally hundreds of things to do and look out for and those who take da safety course offered at Leeward Community College will learn those things in da two month program. Unfortunately I nevah could afford it so I just read all da magazines and books I could get my hands on and wat should have taken two months to learn took me a few years to understand.

Yesterday on my way to work traveling through da zip lane, I noticed anoddah motorcyclist traveling da same direction but on da H-1 side. As he passed me I couldn't help but notice dat he looked a bit different. No, not just cause he was on a cruiser type bike but he was holding his ear as if trying to grab something. Then I noticed he was on his phone....... yup, you read right, ON HIS PHONE!

Wassup Wit Dat!

First, I can't even imagine dat a phone call held outside da confines of a vehicle at freeway speeds would be remotely audible as just da sheer wind noise with anything held to your ear would just sound like static. I used to have a comm set in my helmet and even dat was difficult to hear and talk. Plus, I hope it was an extenuating emergency dat he would need to be on his phone especially riding a motorcycle wea you literally need to use both hands AND both feet to operate it properly.

I guess his definition of hands free and motor vehicle is contrary to wat those actually mean.

You think you'd seen it all and da world nevah ceases to amaze. It brought me back to a photo I took last year wen I thought at dat time I thought I seen it all in da motorcycle world.

I guess they aren't covering wat they should be covering in da rider safety class..... or at least come up with more accessible literature for those who "know" how to ride.

Like we say, ride safe and rubbah side down.

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5-0 Chicken Skin

December 13th, 2014

Just like any oddah state, there is a certain representation dat automatically attaches itself to your person especially if you're from out of state but I truly believe dat da Aloha State is unlike any oddah.

Dat case couldn't be more prominent wen we travel off da rock to anywea in da world and come across a person dat is from Hawai'i. There is an instant bond - an "open willingness" - to help out more than average but at da very least, just talk story. Obviously da Ninth Isle nails it but wen your travels take you to da West Coast, chances are you probably run into a Hawai'i transplant or someone on vacation.

No mattah if you (not) interested in it, if it connects with Hawai'i, you can't help but "feel" like it's a part of you. Try look at wen Ewa Beach won da Little League World Series, everyone across da state was beaming and you didn't even have to like baseball - or kids. You can hear or read about an athlete with Hawai'i ties and you perk up a little.

Marcus Mariota - Heisman Award winner.

Now das some chicken skin moment as a local boy winning da most prestigious NCAA Division I award you can win, wins by a landslide and da braddah is all up to his ears in fresh maile lei with all da haoles asking "why is he coverd in vine?" 😆 For all da hype associated with dis award and with da recent kooks to have been voted into dis unique fraternity, Marcus Mariota is an extremely refreshing damn humbling face.

Nevah mind he plays for da Oregon Ducks and not UH. Nevah mind he went to St.Louis and not one public school. He's a Hawai'i boy and das all dat mattahs wen you no longah are physically on da rock. Wen "one" person, team, event is nationally recognized, it's dat sense of pride we all feel wen just da word "Hawai'i" is mentioned. I guess you could say it's almost like living vicariously through da moment especially wen it's nevah been done before or just an infrequent moment wea "Hawai'i" just isn't synonymous with national recognition except for our high cost of living.

Regardless da motive, for locals, da odds are - will always be - stacked against us. We don't have da resources dat is readily available like our mainland counterparts have nor are there multitude of choices to pick from - but we hold our own and I guess it's dat "chip on da shoulder" dat drives and enlightens us at da same time.

Congratulations to Marcus Mariota for winning da Heisman and making Hawai'i proud.

Two Heisman finalists from Hawai'i in two years? Now even people NOT from Hawai'i are getting....... goose bumps.

Corporate Gift Baskets

December 10th, 2014

If you work in an office, chances are there's been a Christmas gift basket or two sent ovah for da office snack table by now from your vendors/customers but I wanna know, is there any thought as to wat kine of gift basket is to be sent?

Should you be da one who has to order for clients - with da plethora of basket options out there - do you have a stand by brand or a particular basket dat you always get?

Since da usual type is candies and snacks, it begins to snow pile on desk and counter spaces but wat I noticed - at least in our office dis year - is dat it looks like everyone did a one-stop shop at See's Candies. We literally have ovah a dozen boxes of candies, nuts and lollipops in dat famous white box from various business associate's.

So it begged me to ask, are there See's Candy traveling salesmen/women during dis time of year going door to door with a briefcase full of dark chocolates and salted mixed nuts? Are mailers sent to Downtown businesses or are they just slid undah da doors?

You know wat I no get? For da uku bucks you spend on those baskets, why not get some real food? Maybe a sushi platter? Malasadas? Pastries? Manapua? No get me wrong, it's da thought dat counts but wen da thoughts are all da same, makes you wondah if there was actually any thought put in no?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Relax, I not saying it's not appreciated - trust me, my opu appreciates it plenty - but I'm one of those dat like to think more "practical" as if you're already spending $50, 60, 70 on an arrangement of candies, if a sushi platter for da same price (maki, spicy ahi, maguro, hamachi) was placed next to it - which would you go for? My opu would love you should it be da latter.

And no lie, da sushi wins even at breakfast time eh? 😉

In da end, da platter would be whacked in a day or two and very much enjoyed by all but da snacks will either be thrown away or taken home aftah weeks of sitting in da same spot at work obvious dat no one likes dat particular flavah or style.

There was one gift basket dat arrived recently dat I was very impressed with. Whether da snacks were chosen or if they were pre-packaged, there was a lot of thought put into it.

Did you spock out a theme?

If you noticed da snacks carefully, it's all "Hawai'i made" even nicely packed inside a lauhala woven basket - how frickin' awesome is dat! All local kine snacks - some unique - but da fact dat "thought" was put into it for a gift was very cool.

We also got anoddah local kine basket made by Aloha Gourmet but it was da kine you get at Longs and you just throw 'em in one Easter basket with da long frizzy confetti kine paper. Put 'em next to da lauhala basket, which one you tink going get kapu'd first - da one you can get any time or da one dat you stay hoping no one going take cause you like 'em all for yourself? 😆

Wat kine baskets has your office received? See's Candy too? Has any basket impressed you? Wat was da most surprising - enjoyable - goodie(s) your office evah got? Do you still have last year's snacks on da community table??

Should any of my co-workers be reading dis blog, I already wen kapu da Kaimuki Grill beef jerky chips.... and yes, I will wrestle you for it. 😛

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Pride vs Best vs Listening vs ???

December 8th, 2014

Da Keiki is at da creative age wea she's either dancing, singing, coloring, drawing or just hamming it up so wen an opportunity came up for Da Keiki to stir up her creative juices I thought it would be pretty cool to sign her up...... especially since it was at Home Depot. 😛

No, I am definitely not raising her to be tomboy but wen you can blend wat Daddy "likes" with da "creative" side, it's a win-win no? 😀

Da Keiki patiently waiting in line

Hard at work

Two of da three lawn stakes cause her hands couldn't hold da third one good. LOL

Apparently these workshops are popular cause it was choke crowded! As such in any crowd from all walks of life, there are many different "views" of how one should behave, perform etc. We've nevah been to a kids workshop and standing in line, all we did was check in, got handed a classic orange Home Depot apron kid size (very cool) and given a kit to build. Simple right?

Well aftah opening da kit up (3 wooden lawn ornaments), da first instruction said to glue it. Uh, wea's da glue? There were only tables with hammers and paints spread out on every table - no glue. Oh well, on to step two to pound in da nails then. Now hea's wea da social-observations started to kick in. There were parents with obviously higher expectations of their five year old's ability to pound in a nail and some nevah even cared to watch as they were getting da oddah part of da kit ready. Yeah, you read right - not even watching their kid holding a hammer trying to pound in a nail by themselves. Thank God no one got hurt at least around us dat I noticed. Yes, Da Keiki did use da hammer (two hands with my hand over hers) while I held da nail as well. Da noise was too much as it rebounded off da resin tables so she was done with dat part..... wat a girl. lol

Then came da decorations part (second pic) wea she went crazy cause she loves stickers so she looked at the pics and followed it to a tee... well maybe off level a little.

Last was painting (pics on my oddah camera) which Da Keiki was getting a kick out of cause there were choke colors to choose from. Hea's wea it was totally pupule. You literally had parents doing da project from beginning to end: nailing, stickering and painting. Da most trippy part? During da painting phase, some parents were da ones who were painting it as if they were Picasso while their child watched. Then there were da ones who were directors. "No, not that way." "No, not that color." "Don't color outside." "Don't mix the colors." "You want to paint it THAT color??" "You no like listen?"

Wassup Wit Dat!

And hea I thought it was a "KIDS" workshop. 🙄

Besides da hammering, no parent should have touched da project nor gave any input cause why? It's for DA KEIKI! Plus, how can you "direct" your own kids creative side? Its their "feel", its their "touch", its their mind. If s/he wants to paint a snowman green then so be it cause it's not a competition nor are there any awards given so why all da control? Hea's da ultimate kicker.......

it was F-R-E-E!!! Ai-goo.

It was enjoyment enough watching Da Keiki having fun doing something different as all I did was pound in da nails she didn't want to in addition to pouring da paint and holding da individual kit (snowman, snowflake and gingerbread man) while she painted so she could paint easier, dat was it. No input, no scoldings, no need.

I really felt bad for da girl across from Da Keiki cause she was just standing there looking up from her Dad to her Mom to her Dad to her Mom while they painted so intricately. Oh wait, she did get to paint one side of da ground stake - with direction - which was literally insignificant as it would be below ground.

To tell you da truth, I'm glad I got to witness it because it'll be a mental picture I'll keep as a reminder to let my keiki's be wen it's "their" time. Of course, I'm still da mean okole disciplinarian but at da same time you just gotta let kids be especially in situations wea it's for da kids. It's not like a cooking class or sports clinic wea you're training or learning a specific craft, it's just a fun, quality time event wea we, as parents, tend to lose sight of sometimes.

If you work - or know someone who does - at Home Depot, MUCH MAHALOS for those kids workshops as they are extremely cool. For those interested in da next kids workshop which is a mini sled, CLICK HEA FOR WORKSHOP INFO. There are tabs in the middle designating wat kine workshops they offer (DIY, Hers, Kids) and they are all free so go check 'em go check 'em go check 'em go.

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