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"New" Germaphobe

January 12th, 2015

Some time ago Da Ohana and I ventured out to da Windward side for a "Discover Windward" event at Windward Mall. Its been a long time since I've "returned" as my ex (waaaaay back in da day) lived not too far from there and having practically lived there for years, it has changed - at least internally.

Something about da "oddah side" of da Koolau's makes da Windward side unique as you pass through any of da three tunnels just like being transported through time. I used to spend hours admiring da majestic peaks, waterfalls, supah early sunsets and perfect cuddling weather nearly every night... except wen we was disagreeing. πŸ˜†

Walking around da event happening in da parking lot, it was like a homecoming of sorts with da air, da chill and all da familiar buildings still around (well, Starbucks wasn't around back then) then Da Keiki still being hungry, we went inside da mall to find something to eat.

As soon as I walked in I noticed dis wasn't Kansas anymore. Da food court was renovated with a new dining area and food vendors making it a pleasant surprise considering da before. Da decor was very modernized with Hawaiian contemporary and it was so...... "new" looking.

As Da Wife was ordering, I went ovah with da rugrats to kapu a table and noticing it was a little sticky so I busted out da wipes to clean it up. Aftah only a few swipes, Wilson was found......

I immediately told Da Keiki to get her hands off da table as I continued to wipe it down only to have to go through wat felt like half da container of wipes.

Yea, dat was all from ONE table.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I couldn't believe how filthy it was and even moreso, how much accumulation of gunk there was as if da tables weren't evah wiped down since its blessing. I used a handful more wipes than pictured and each time felt like I was peeling layers off an onion. It was a little unsettling dat a place so "new" would be so gross already.

There was a couple a few tables down dat saw wat I was doing and they did a double take looking down at theirs having already gone through half their meal now trying to eat hovering ovah their trays and playing Operation trying not to touch their table.

Do you wipe down tables wen eating out? Evah wondah if they clean da rag they use to wipe down ALL da tables with? Do you look for newer tables? Have you seen Ala Moana's new tables? Do da leftovah watah marks aftah wiping da table with a rag gross you out? Evah been given wet glass or silverware?

At least da Koolau's were serene.

10 Responses to “"New" Germaphobe”

  1. kingkatonk:

    Hey BL,

    Happy New Year. As far as the food court, even I am weary of the notorious rag (and this is coming from the reformed Asian Oscar Madison). After seeing your photos I might as well take my order β€œto go.”

    My wife will never outgrow her germaphobe side. It became evident when we had our first one and it has grown exponentially. No matter what hotel we stay at, Hampton Inn to the Kahala, she will always wipe down the entire room, including bathroom, before we settle in.

  2. pnutgrrl808:

    This is why we always carry a travel-sized bottle of rubbing alcohol wherever we go. At least if we can't completely wipe down a surface, the alcohol alone will kill the vast majority of nasties. More useful than carrying hand sanitizer.

  3. wafan:

    Ick! Not so sure about the ubiquitous wipe down cloth either. If I can't smell Clorox when they are cleaning the table I move on.

    A long time ago at an Asian place downstairs at one of the Pearl Ridge strip malls I watched as the lady wiped down a table (no Clorox smell) and the chairs, drop the food bits on the floor, walk away to take money, then picked up a bowl of noodle soup with her thumb in the soup. No, she did not wash her hands or even pretend to wipe her hands with the gross cloth.

    That was more than a little disgusting. That restaurant is no longer there. GROSS!

    I am glad you wiped down the table for your family. Many times it seems the health department is non-existent there.

  4. kamaaina808:

    Now that's gross! Glad you had wipes, though. I will be carrying some from now on because of my own experience this week.

    In Enchanted Lake on Thurs. sitting @ my usual table, my friend & I noticed a really weird odor. Kind of a really rotten fishy odor that was lingering around where we was sitting. My friend, being more adventurous decided to sniff the table... immediately the wrinkled nose gave it away that it was our table top. Guess the owner never like wash the rags or something. :barf: They were too busy to take care of it so we just kinda put down napkins & didn't dare pick up anything that inadvertently dropped on the table. Disgusting to say the least.

  5. Willie:

    BL, aftah seeing a special on places lye dis and wat grows in da "Petrie" dish ; we always carry wipes.

    Good practice we always follow is wen traveling on da plane. Clean up soon as we sit to wipe da tray tables and arm rests. Remembah you got to eat in flight meal on dis.

    Why can't Dept of Health do checks? Oh dey so short staffed, hard fo dem keep up wit restaurant food compliance.

    As my wife would say seein yo wipes above: "eww, ewww. . .ewwwww",

  6. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Oh da gross!
    I stay eating my lunch and stay reading dis too.
    I going wipe my desk now..

  7. st. anthony trojan:

    Me live in A 3rd world country...most of it 3rd ne way..(manila). n 4 sure... Mc do's.. n Pizza hut...KFC ETC...are present here... n I have no problem here with the tables ...floors etc...labor is so cheap here... they have one person whose job all day is...just to mop the floors...THEY ARE CONSTANTLY WIPING THE CHAIRS DOWN...WINDOWS...ETC..

    Of course they have bussers that wipe the tables.. n them are clean also....can't say so about other places that serve food...is why my lunch diet is mostly at Wendy's n Burger King...N THE FOOD COURTS AT MALLS ARE CLEAN ALSO...

    But was a nice piece by you....n pics were nasty...guess help is to expensive there...even at the minimum wage to hire help..plus benefits..but at least...tables should be wiped down on opening or closing...every day...hope you showed the owners all ur wipes n asked to be reimbursed....he he he

  8. sassy7:

    Our last visit home we went to a food court on the Windward side...the tables looked exactly how you displayed your pictures...so I asked the counter lady for a rag to clean the table...she just gave me a rag...I asked if she could clean it in hot water with clorax...she just hissed at me...needless to say...because I already had such a big order in I was not going to let my kids eat on a filthy table....so hot water, cleaning solution from the counter girl...cleaned the table...we were good....It's sad that eatery's don't clean that good....and St. Anthony's right on the money from the 3rd world country was so right.....they may be a poor country but they keep it clean and on top the keeping it clean business. Good on you BL keep them wipes handy....I still have wipes in my car...then home made kine....and I check um every once in a while when I come across the container....dunnfannit....kids leave them open all the time.

  9. sally:


  10. Ynaku:

    ick :mrgreen:

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