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Bleeding Blue

January 14th, 2015

In light of police officers across da country having to defend all their actions, they - as a whole - have gotten a bad rap, generally speaking of course.

Surah there are those who skirt or even break da law, are overly aggressive, think they bad a$$e$ or could/should have approached situations differently but let's not forget their sworn duty is to protect and serve.

On Monday night aftah playing basketball at da Y, I headed up Punchbowl Street and da lights were out at Punchbowl and Vineyard. There were two officers standing in da middle with their reflective vests, strobing flashlights and whistles.

Considering dat da lights were out, there are still people who are clueless on how to approach a non-working intersection. Obviously da first thing is to slow down but dis one lolo coming off da H1 heading west bound was approaching at a high rate of speed. Da officer already had held up all traffic except that one direction and was blowing his whistle, had his hand up with his flashlight pointed in that direction to gain da attention of da clueless drivah.

But da officer stood his ground and by da time da drivah realized wat was going on hit da brakes hard and ended up past da crosswalk. Boy was da officer pissed! He stomped ovah and gave a lecture dat I could only imagine wasn't so pleasant then sent da car through to clear da intersection before letting our lanes travel carry on. A thankless duty dat could have ended tragically for not only da officer but for any vehicle going through.

Then yesterday, I was able to get home while da sun was still out so I took Da Keiki and Da Baby for a bike and tricycle ride respectively. As we headed to da park, we have to cross Waimano Home Road near Moanalua Road and dat area is notorious for close calls and damaging fender benders so before I even enter da road way make surah da light is red up on Moanalua and no cars are coming flying uphill in da opposite direction.

It's all about timing da lights cause at one point there will be no cars - or far away enough - to make your way across.... but you know how my luck goes. We crossed da first half without fanfare and da red light was holding da masses at bay but as soon as we were in da middle, it was like Nascar threw da green flag with a handful of vehicles coming downhill approaching FAST!

Wassup Wit Dat!

All I could think was "make eye contact, make eye contact, make eye contact." Luckily in da lane we just entered I made eye contact early and was now focusing on da last lane. Imagine a short stocky asian crossing da street hunched ovah pulling a pink bicycle flanked by a pink helmeted 4 year old and pushing a Red Wagon tricycle with an 18-month old comfortably strapped in - can't miss us right?

Looking way uphill, a white car wasn't slowing at da same pace as da oddahs so I stopped instead of trying to dart across da last 10 yards with cargo in tow. Da car I made eye contact with originally looked in his rear view then his passenger side mirror as he observed our action to stop and guess wat he did? He changed lanes to make surah da oddah car would have to stop. Yes, he did so safely and with distance to spare but his quick actions and anticipation of da situation is commendable.

Did I mention he was driving tandem in a HPD squad car? So there it was, a squad car in each lane stopping traffic so we could cross safely.

As we crossed right in front of him, I flashed him a shaka and in true Hawai'i fashion, he gave me da "respectable" head nod. They both waited till we were on da sidewalk before heading off and as da officer rolled by, Da Keiki turned and waved to say thank you. He gave her a genuine big smile and an enthusiastic wave back.

Now das "Serving and Protecting with Aloha".

SHOUT OUT: Sorry I missed his car number but he was traveling south-bound on Waimano Home road at approximately 5:45pm probably heading back to the Pearl City Station - just wanted to say a heartfelt, Mahalo to dis young officer (probably in his 30's). His Aloha was witnessed and shared by da parents watching their keiki's football practice (probably watching to see if we were going to get hit) as they all had great big grins aftah da officer waved back to Da Keiki who had a great big grin of her own.

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11 Responses to “Bleeding Blue”

  1. kamaaina808:

    What a wonderful story BL - mahalo for sharing that with everyone. Our Police are people too -and the vast majority of them are good at heart and really do want to 'Serve and Protect."

  2. wafan:


  3. dihudfan:

    ALL SMILES!!!!!!!

  4. cojef:

    Love the the introduction to a very nice conclusion. Most cops are good and then there others that are very intimidating. Give em a badge and gun and bingo they want rule the roost, no two ways about it. Have had my share, although all my fault for speeding on city streets. Never did begrudge them for giving me tickets. You know it!

  5. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Now dats awesome!

  6. 4G:

    Awesome story, @BL!

    Kudos to you for being an aware pedestrian and kudos to that police officer!

  7. Ocean Lover:

    Mahalo for the "feel good" story BL. As I read it, I imagined the cop screeching to a stop for you folks and leaving "SKID MARKS". 😉

  8. Ynaku:

    Whoo Hoo. You also da man to make da decision to look around, check out da situation, make a decision to stop. Good thing the officer wen spock you staring as wide eyed as a Korean can open his eyes at da car barreling down da road and made the move to block da lane for you.

    Thanks for teaching your keikis to show respect for da man in blue too

  9. 9th Island Girl:

    Nice story!

  10. sally:

    Now there's a non-WWD story I wish could get into the news!

  11. sassy7:

    oh so nice...and good on you BL for keeping the DAD eye out....my land...people who dont pay attention just get me going......

    For sure the head nod was appreciated...my son he nod all the time...ova hea..but they don't nod back...make him mad...but he keep doing it...nice of the Police Officer to way to baby...I am sure it made her day.

    Here's to you BL for being a very cautious Daddy!!!

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