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Who You?

January 28th, 2015

In dis day and age of electronic mischief, most information - and opinions - are shared online whether it be via blogs, forums, chat rooms, social media or da like. Da secrecy of hiding behind a screen name - or handle - is not only obviously for one's own security but mainly for da anonymity of nevah being known which in turn leads to a bit more machismo and judgement.

I would say 100% - rogah, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! - of all da comments left online are not "true". Well, it is true to a certain extent but more than likely you're saying (typing) something something you wouldn't say to a stranger face to face as etiquette is usually thrown out da Aloha Tower.

Look at today's world wide web wea every single article - no mattah wat da site - having da ability to leave a "comment" to be "heard" is so commonplace dat it's uncommon not to have one.

Da funny thing about ALL of them? They all have da same "characters".

Wassup Wit Dat!

Think about it. Wea else in da world can you sit on your okole - work, home or play - and witness a cosmopolitan of commenting people "sharing" their thoughts without restrictions, remorse or consequence? And it's da same no mattah wat kine site you stay checking out from ablutomania to ziganka - you going get da same kine of all kine people. Hea's a small sampling of da most common ones dat I've come across based on their "common" comments left at visited sites:

AINOSKEDU (I not scared of you) - Dis is da internet tough guy. They will usually use some kine of "threat" or hint or flat out state some kine of harm will come should "you" proceed on your stated path. Always with some kine of call out........ but nevah leaves their real name, photo, date, time or place fo' scrap. 😆

OMG! - Basically a person who has Kleenex with them at all times - always gotta comment with sympathy or empathy and/or needs dat in return.

High Makamaka - Dis person has worn out da F5 key constantly refreshing their screen to see if people have responded to their post and wondering "why not" if no one has responded to their most clever, witty and obviously da most overwhelmingly interesting post evah.

Hog Cheese - Gotta have your "name" on EVERY possible article there is no mattah wat da topic.

Sukebe - Need I say more? Well, ok. Dis da kine people dat boderline make you tink if they stay taking their meds cause da things dat they "say" or have said they've done is sketchy at best. You really wondah with their mindset how they even learned to use one computah - probably some inbreeding action going on.

Da Babooze or Kolohe - Dis person usually has nothing relevant to say/add but likes to change things up with a joke, chillax message or "why you mad brah?" They also are instigators and like to egg people on just to see da reaction all da while cracking up behind da screen.

My $h!t No Stink - Kinda like da high makamaka people but only thing is dat they've NEVAH messed up. They walk on watah and ALWAYS are righteous in their way of life and have nevah wronged a soul.

False Crack - Dis kine people probably irk people da most. They say things without proof or fact or state it's a fact wen obviously it's not - or "shown" proof to be wrong - and then still so adamant dat they are right. Fiction or not, it's all da same.... cause it's on da internet.

No Speakee Engrlish - No sense of da English language as acronyms, emoticons, smileys and who knows wat else are frequently flooded in da reply and unless you have a doctrine in internet lingo, you are either really turned off by it or as a reader, find a need to figgah out wat da heck was being said! 😆

Lurkahs - Those who too scared fo' post anything while nodding or shaking their heads reading oddah peoples posted comments. Da only button they press is left click. They also have a fear of being (mis)labeled as any of da above.... moreso nodding or shaking as they related to some of da above. 😉 😉

No worries, it's au' good cause hea at WWD! cause Da WWD! Hui has long shown dat we can get along even with differences in our backgrounds and experiences as long as get da kine mutual respect. We all get along no mattah wat kine character you are.

But plausible deniability no count.

Wat kine character you? Am I missing a type? Are you even a type?

13 Responses to “Who You?”

  1. Ynaku:

    I dunno what type I fall undah.

    I no like read comments cause they get me all riled up cause some no think before they post. So I guess Im they kind where I read the article, make my own opinion and move on.

    So what you call dat? 😀

  2. Ynaku:

    Oh Posting here is in no way a true reflection of who I am although you already know who I am. I am da Mochimanju Man :LOL: And no be late. Get da memo 😀

  3. og1vn:

    Nah, if I was being honest, I'm My $h!t No Stink.
    Always shaking my head at the dumba$$e$ who comment stupid kine stuff when they nevah read the entire article or

  4. Uncle Rodney:

    Da Old Fut - All da time, talkin' about da kine old days, wen gas was less den a dallah and how dey had fo walk 1 mile to skool every day. Uphill. Both ways.

  5. Uncle Rodney:

    Da Long No See - Da kine who post one comment 'bout every tree monts. Den da buggah disappeah until you see da next comment tree monts lattah. Maybe too monts eef holiday time.

  6. Uncle Rodney:

    Da ADOS (Attention Deficient Oooh Shiny!) [Mahaloz to KAN for dis one] - Da kine who always go off-topic. FOCUS!

  7. Kage:

    I like to tink My $hit No Stink.... nah.

    I dunno where I fall in these categories.

  8. GA Bows:

    Da Long No See from Uncle Rodney... life is keeping me busy

  9. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... well, if most people post stuff they would not say in person ... I'm exactly the opposite ... because most, if not all, of what I post I'd readily say in person too ... I'm actually a bit shy, but very opinionated ... and I will speak up, even in person ...

    ... and my name is real ... not some made up moniker to hide behind ...

    ... what kind of character am I? ... I'm a little bit of 'em all ... at some point ... depending on the topic and the site ... oh, and the mood I'm in ... aren't we all like that ... nobody's perfect ...

    ... Have a Great Super Bowl Weekend Everyone (hope it ends in a tie!!!) ...

  10. cojef:

    Fall between "old fart" talking about his own life journey in the ole days and making waggish retorts, just to rile other bloggers dander. Luv Hawaii pidgin talk. "Takes me back to my roots.

  11. st. anthony trojan:

    you forgot one...brother... lance....the academia...who thinks only posters with impeccccable writing skills should post...enuf said...

  12. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I dunno, I not one lurkah just one Old fut.

  13. 9th Island Girl:

    I think I'm like rayboyjr... Little bit of everything!

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