Wassup Wit Dat!

How You Stack Up?

March 18th, 2015

Having been around da block and experienced many types of work environments, I've come to da conclusion dat it's da people dat you work with dat make you want to come to work moreso than da company itself.

Your initial draw to apply was probably da opposite but as soon as you've "settled in", it becomes about da people you're surrounded by, work next to, share cubicle space with since they are (will be) your ohana away from your real ohana. Like it or not, you're there with strangers who turn to co-workahs who for many also turn into friends - spending 8+ hours a day will do dat to ya.

But c'mon, like any ohana, there will be some dat rub you da wrong way or habits you just no like but gotta tolerate, shake your head and say Wassup Wit Dat!. Whether your boss sucks okole or you have a co-workah who's da bestest of da restest, at one point in time you going get upset about something.

One thing dat irks me is wen people come and take files out but wen they put 'em back, stay all kapakahi li'dat and even more so it stay sticking out or folded or something. Wen I file things away, I make surah dat da buggah is flush so da next file is visible and keep it as "neat" as possible. My job deals a lot with papers so wen da buggahs make 'em messy wen it wasn't messy, kinda pilau.

And I'm surah dis happens to EVERYBODY with one shared fridge but if you get one container and it stay growing penicillin, maybe gotta throw 'em out yeah? Or maybe if you wait long enough going grow legs and jump in da trash by itself no? And those with expired expiration dates on bottles, no get all pissy wen you see 'em in da trash.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wen get dat kine stuff lingering, it takes away from people who latah say nevah have room to put their stuff in. Wooo-saaaaaa.

So if there's a time to talk stink and get it off your chest, dis is your woooo-saaaaa moment. Share your co-workahs irks, your untolerable bosses habits, da cubicle mate who invades da border - no worry, nobody knows you hea....... unless s/he works with you and reads WWD!.........

But wat's da odds of dat?

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15 Responses to “How You Stack Up?”

  1. sassy7:

    okay...hea we go...I get one co worker he been here for 30+ years as the janitor...he watch everybody like one hawk...if I late ..braddah stay taping his feet and looking at his watch....if he no see his supervisors car...he going come ask me wea he went??...If the main boss is gone..he going come and ask...why is he not hea???....and then if he missing one roll toilet paper..he going come in the office for accuse somebody.....
    so here's me...when I come late and he tapping his feet...I tell him....um...are you management!!!.....when his supervisor is not visable for him....I remind him that he's not the supervisor, and he is doing his job by not being at this desk 24/7...when the main boss is gone...I tell him that he's on a business trip, and if he has a need to meet with him...I'll schedule an appointment, but that he needs to follow his chain of command...so go see his supervisor first....and when he comes in accusing of missing toilet paper...I tell him to recount his inventory...and then give me the numbers..I'll make a report....talk about ni'ele...oh my...sometimes....he even peeks in the window when we all sitting at our desk and we just laugh....brah!!...he can retire...but because he get young kids 12 years old...he going wait till they graduate...brah...collect already..and go get one side job...if you gotta watch every body..and count toilet paper...you need something else.....no can!!..okay..I pau.....Happy Hump day everyone.....slow week the boss is in Las Vegas Golfing with his friends....

  2. Ocean Lover:

    Get one guy ova hea.......I not going say "fo shua"......but I notice afta he pau #1, da floor stay all "WET". Either he got da mean "split stream" action going or bruddah bettah "STEP UP TO DA PLATE".

  3. M:

    Howzit BL!

    Wen I no come work, like on vacation or sick leave, wen I come back work stuff on my desk iz moved around and my pen is gone. WWD! it's my desk, my cubicle and somebody making house wen I no stay.
    Sometime they borrow stuff and dey no bring back.

  4. 9th Island Girl:

    I hate when people don't clean up their lunch mess at the lunch table...crumbs or spills all over. Yikes, is that what your house looks like?!

    Sassy7 and Ocean Lover, too funny!

  5. snow:

    since OL was compelled to tell me who he was talking about... i was too grossed out yesterday to comment. lol! but, i was unfortunately not surprised about who it was. i just don't want to see that person in the hallway so i don't have weird thoughts! ewwww... !!

    anyway, i, too, can't stand when people don't clean up their messes! one day, some water from our hot water pot had leaked out (from the leaky spout) and started dripping down the counter. as i was wiping up the water, i noticed that the water dripping from the cabinet below was brown, not clear. WWD?!? i opened the cabinet door to find - probably - years worth of coffee drips inside! so gross! and, no, i don't think our cofffee pot (it's a mr. coffee, not a coffee urn) has leaked and dripped down the counter, like the water. so... coffee drinkers out there... clean up your mess!

  6. Ynaku:

    I got tired peeking through the window so I retired 😆

    You right that your workmates become your extended ohana. And get those that you wish lived on the moon (iykwim) 😀

    One peeve is when I clean everything us, make nice nice and then leave. I hate when I come back everything in shambles again.

    Or after I clean my office and then peeps toss all their stuff inside cause they like hide their mess.

    Oh I am talking about at home 😆

  7. Ocean Lover:

    Bruddah DID IT AGAIN DIS MORNING! Crazy ting is.........sometimes he doesn't wash his hands after he touches his dingy........and when he does wash his hands, just like he gonna do surgery or something! Snow, NEVER SHAKE DIS GUY'S HANDS now.............it has touched his dingy.

  8. hemajang:

    Ha! Funny stuff you guys.

    When I was still working my area was fairly clean and organized. Had my small office and much larger area for production and printing. Part of the room was multipurpose for meetings and lunch. We had a refrigerator, sink, microwave and portable burners. I had very explicit rules about clean up. Threatening signs were everywhere and I lead by example. I made sure everyone cleaned up. Everyone had to use a wet paper towel to clean table after eating. I didn't mind cleaning after a mess but I also let people know. It was an obsession to clean everything and put things back in an orderly fashion. I posted a sign when frig was to be cleaned and if you didn't take your stuff out the day before, it was tossed even if food was still good. I was the kitchen nazi and proud of it. But don't get me wrong, everyone was a friend and got along great but this area was my domain.

    I took the signs down just before I retired. It didn't matter to me if I wasn't working there everyday. I was going in for a few hours a week to volunteer on a special project and slowly the place got messier and cluttered but it didn't bother me. A couple co-workers said the place not same since I left. Ha, I guess you can take that 2 ways, good or bad. Lately I don't go in as often since wife is not well but when I do its fun talking story with former boss and co-workers even if the place is mess.

  9. snow:

    sigh. i am grossed out yet again. thanks, OL... i am forever indebted!

    *gonna go live in a hole... or at least work in one that's clean... lol!*

  10. griper:

    OOOOoooooo, you opened can of worms wit dis one!
    Nah, I only going give my 2 absolute top peeves that piss me off:
    1. Da person in da next cubicle who nevah learn how fo eat witout smacking and making all kind open mout noises. IRRIMATATING!
    2. The mainland guy who first in line to take food, drink, anything and NEVAH bring NUTTIN!!!!

    I get plany more but I spare you!

  11. 4G:

    @OL - I was thinking - maybe the floor all wet cause the guy NOT touching his dingy? 😆

  12. Ocean Lover:

    @4G - Maybe da guy's dingy gotta replace da "steering"? 😉

  13. sassy7:

    too funny...thanks everyone for the Aloha Friday laugh....I stay quietly giggling in my office even tho I the only one....lol....crazy....blaaahhhhhh!!!!!

  14. wafan:

    The teacher who leaves his door open ALL day even when playing loud off-key music/singing/clapping/chanting/etc. Yes, he continues even after being asked by other teachers in the hall to tone it down and close the door.

    I used to host luncheons in my lab. But, some folks would mooch off others who brought more, and everyone always left without helping to clean up their messes.

    Kids who sneeze and cough all over the keyboards and desktops. I do not even want to know how many of them do not wash their hands after using the restrooms. UGH! What the heck is up with that?!?!

  15. HloMusic:

    Have been on vacation for 2 weeks and now catching up with your blog. I had to comment on this because I'm the one who sends out an office email to staff to clean out their food from the refrigerator - usually about once a month. I also am the one who has to clean up in the kitchen area. Sometimes I wonduh if they leave their house this way, too!

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