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Makule + Political (Non)Power = Watevahs

March 30th, 2015

It constantly amazes me at how society just seems to be degrading and it's becoming da acceptable norm. Whether it be an ainokea kine attitude or it's all about me, no one - generally speaking - seems to give a damn. Add to dat, if it was a person in some sort of power position, heaven forbid dat any "inconvenient" rule would apply to them.

Last week I came across a video dat went pretty viral of a 77 year old Washington D.C. delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton and her awesome parking skills - I'm not saying dat lightly, seriously, it took some skills mind you a 77 year old is behind da wheel. Check it out:

[youtube Z7Ym-kk1tRw]

It seems dat if you're a nonvoting delegate, you're immune to da commoner's rules of da road. No mattah dat da painted lines on da road dictated angled parking, she decided on her own dat it was to be a perpendicular parking spot. Wat many haven't noted or noticed was dat if she parked dat way, she approached from da "wrong" angle! She was coming from da oddah side of da street cause if she was "proper" there's no way in heck da parking would look li'dat.

And da second thing no one bothered to notice was her aide - wat kine aide is dat? He no can even tell her da parking is off but instead gets out of da car to make surah dat she nevah hit da oddah two cars on each side of her and helps guide her in?! Braddah no more da olo's to say da car stay parked "wrong"? Oh wait, I get it. She was right but EVERYBODY else was parked wrong. 🙄 Maybe da aide was in awe dat he gets to be chauffeured around instead of her.

And da kicker? When contacted for comment, Norton’s office claimed that nothing was amiss with the parking job. “After the Congresswoman parked her car, we assessed the cars on either side to see if there was any damage. We could not find any. But we left a note with a business card so the congresswoman could be contacted in case we missed any.”


Uh, not a she's sorry about da terrible parking or da fact dat she's even sorry one iota. So oblivious to da most obvious fact dat she violated parking rules by actually parking out of da stall? You telling me her ENTIRE office - including her handler or campaign manager - didn't see anything wrong?

Oh yeah, I fo'got, commoner rules are for commoners only.......... at least those who give a......

9 Responses to “Makule + Political (Non)Power = Watevahs”

  1. Dorobo:

    Eh!!! BL,
    You find em where eva eh!!!
    Some politicians and some people in general have the attitude "the rules or laws were written for da oddah guys"!!!
    Wassup wid da Hilo mayor charging hostess tabs on county credit card. Too bad somebody wen check.
    Dat being said "get choke good guys in dis world" da a$$ho!e$ jus taking da most air and space cause it wasn't meant fo me and you.

  2. sassy7:

    Get way to many that do that...park wrong....run the red....no stay in their lane...go into the right lane in the intersection just for try beat you thru the light..and then merge (cut you off) as they get into yours....you know...I gotta say BL...
    Some lope...when start making it seem to be alright for you to do wrong...and neva mind you going get away with it....okay...I give you an example....Joan Rivers....k...( I stay on my soap box)....who gave her the right to decide it was okay for cut down people..talk crap about how the dress and get away with it in the name of a few laughs....and guess what the lope's who watch her show allowed her to do it so everyone else is like..okay...so it's okay now to cut people down, yell at the President...disrespect someone else cause if she can get away with it..we all can in the name of dry humor/a few laughs....I no can!!... I would have been the one telling her aid and her...eh...you maybe somebody...but you cannot just park like that....what kind of example are you setting for people...and you of all people should be an example.....you know what I mean....no excuse that she old...that's what her handlers are for....help the lady...or not don't let her drive....oh...I getting started....but you feel me....k...pau soap box....BL I trying to come home in December so kim chee heawigo!!!!!....

  3. M:

    Howzit BL,

    People who has high political positions believe they are above any laws, look at Big Island mayor Billy Kenoi.

  4. Ocean Lover:

    2 words........"Woman Driver"............JOKE! 😉

  5. Kage:

    I thought the painted lines and arrows were only suggestions on how to drive.... LOL, just kidding.

  6. Cojef:

    Social mores has a tendency of evolving from influence from the new younger generation. Currently it is about me. Hey look at me, see what I am doing. Modern personal gadgets contribute to this me, me, syndrome. Look at the "selfies" that are in cyber-space. Even to the point of publicizing self nudity on Facebook. Liberalism mantra, if it feel good, "do it". Liberalism has invaded our high and grammar schools. Whereas, it was concentrated in the colleges and universities in the late 60's.

  7. Ynaku:

    Like my co-worker told me and others several times that the Speed Limit sign is ONLY a suggested speed 😯 😯 Say WHAT?

  8. NKHEA:

    OL; 80

  9. wafan:

    Talk about a sense of entitlement!

    Or is that just blatant stupidity from her and the aide?

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