Wassup Wit Dat!

Too Damn Easy

April 20th, 2015

It's a Mumblin' Monday and I gotta say, wen da heck has it become so easy to do watevah dat 'used' to be wrong freely and not even bat an eyelash?

Look at our recent headlines of an SUV allegedly running ovah a motorcyclist... ON PURPOSE! How about - and I've blogged about dis - prisoners releasing themselves from furlough... nearly everyday without da public being aware! Wat about those lolo's who STILL drive on da shoulder lane just cause traffic, TRAFFIC!, is toooo slow for 'them'. 🙄

And let's not forget about da pupule (mostly successful) attempts of trying to either scale, ram, fly or run through restricted White House space. Or how easy it is for a teenager to carry out shootings..... with multiple guns! Wat about gang raping an allegedly drugged woman on a beach during spring break..... while hundreds, yes, HUNDREDS, surround and watch...... AND RECORD WITH THEIR PHONES but no one bothers to interfere or call da police!!!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Will doing da right thing be too frickin' hard to do soon?

2 Responses to “Too Damn Easy”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL,

    Da Ainokea attitude iz spreading all ovah da globe.

  2. cojef:

    From the "greatest generation" to the "millennial" social mores gradually evolved to the liberal side contributed to to some of the ills being witnessed being witness today. Gradually individuals are being indoctrinated to believing that if feels good, do it. It's become the "me" thing. Thus, the indifference when a passed out female is being gang-raped by number of individuals. Ai no kea is indifference magnified in today's world.

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