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Foodie Kokua

April 21st, 2015

Howzit Howzit!

So hea it is, a friend of mine who has defected to da "main rock" is back in town to help take kea of his mom. He's been ono for some local kine grindz but not plate lunch kine cause we get a bunch of us getting together for dinner but we have no idea wea.

Sorry but Zippy's and and da like are out and I'm asking Da WWD! Hui for any suggestions - anywea between Mililani and Town is game. C'mon, you guys have got to know at least ONE 'nice' place no? Or you just like me and only go to da 'safe' places? 😆

I'm hoping dis time da foodie's will come out of Lurkahville and post cause da last couple times I asked for Da WWD! Hui's help in dis area, it was like no one evah ate out.

Wassup Wit Dat! 😆

And I know you guys da ones to buss out da phone and take pics of even just da french fries so no ack eh. 😀

We're thinking Side Street Inn as our fall back but would be great to try some place different even if you nevah try 'em before...... and get a Shakanack review too. 😉 😉

Mahalos in advance to those who eat out a lot. 😛

15 Responses to “Foodie Kokua”

  1. NKHEA:

    Howzit BL,

    Lemme go make couple calls to my friends who live out dat way, they always go out to eat and have couple cold 1's

  2. 808 Dad:

    Try Home Bar and Grill. Very good food and drink. Near Convention Center.

  3. pnutgrrl808:

    Depends on what price range and what you're looking for. Whenever we have people coming back home or visiting Hawaii, we take them to at least one of the following spots, always to rave reviews:

    Aiea Bowl: http://www.travelchannel.com/shows/man-finds-food/video http://www.aieabowl.com/the-alley-restaurant/

    Pig and the Lady: http://www.travelchannel.com/shows/man-finds-food/video http://thepigandthelady.com/thepigandthelady/

    Town Kaimuki: http://www.townkaimuki.com/2011/10/see-ed-kenney-on-the-cooking-channel/ http://www.townkaimuki.com/menu/

    MW Restaurant: http://www.frolichawaii.com/blogs/mw-restaurant-soft-opening/ http://mwrestaurant.com/menus/#course_menu

    (Note: Pig and the Lady, Town, and MW are all finalists in the prestigious national James Beard Award as well as winners of the Star Advertiser's Ilima Award)

    I also heartily recommend Home Bar.

    You'd be best off making reservations at all of these places.

    Bonus suggestion, which is not a dinner option but I always tell people about this: Ethel's Grill in Kalihi. http://www.honolulumagazine.com/Honolulu-Magazine/Biting-Commentary/December-2010/The-Greatest-Hole-in-the-Wall-in-Kalihi/

  4. Cook 'Em:

    Don't eat out that much -- can't afford it! But, when we do:

    Aiea Bowl -- I second pnutgrrl808's nomination! Lemon Crunch Cake and Pumpkin Cream Pie at Aiea Bowl are to die for!

    Tadashi's -- Very good Japanese food and sushi at reasonable prices -- in Pearl Kai Center across from Pearlridge. Very popular, parking is tough, but worth the effort. Lunch is a little less crowded.

    Souvaly -- Thai food at the other end of the same building as Flamingo's on Kam Highway in Pearl City. Not plate lunch kine food -- more high end but not at outrageous prices. Thai sticky rice is 'da bomb.

    Kuni's in Waipahu -- Old-fashioned local style Japanese food; fabulous ice cream pie desserts!

    Ricado's in Pearl Kai Center -- Very good Italian food in nice restaurant. Lot's of family parties, and baby showers.

  5. Makiki:

    Tough one since "nice" is kinda relative.

    Mid - upper end is MW (probably one of the best in town right now)
    Chinatown - Pig and Lady (another one of the best in town right now)
    The new Liliha on Nimitz is nice and reasonable with a safe menu.
    The Alley @ Aiea Bowl has good local food

  6. titagirl:

    How'z about Gulick Deli (well..for lunch)? That's my go-to food for local kine grindz. But be ready fo break yo' wallet!

    The Alley too-gotta get the oxtail soup.

  7. OG1VN:

    Ichiriki! they get happy hour for food and pupus if you go early for dinner (LARGE Kirin $4). open for lunch too!
    But, no go to Piikoi one cuz everytime I like go, all full so no take my space!

  8. Cook 'Em:

    Hawaii Prince Buffet -- this link has nice pictures of food. Our boss takes us to this buffet for our birthdays. It's not inexpensive, but there is sure to be something for everyone. Sushi is good too.


  9. makahawahine:

    We like Nico's on the waterfront for atmosphere and tasty seafood. Really nice at sunset for drinks and pupu.

  10. keoni:

    BL, one of my favorites is Anna Miller's, right in front of Pearlridge, corner of Kaonohi & Kamehameha. They always have a special where if you order an entree or sandwich and a drink, you can get a slice of pie for $0.99. Last night I went with a friend and got the grilled cheese with bacon and tomato. It comes with two sides like mac or potato salad, fries or rice. It's very reasonable, like around $10-11 and very filling.

  11. M:

    Howzit BL!

    I like The Pig and The Lady
    Ono Hawaiian Food
    Nico's Pier 38
    Home Bar and Grill
    MW Restaurant

  12. Braddah Lance:

    Mahalos for all da suggestions! Even my friends had mentioned Pig and The Lady - sounds like a place to check out.

    We actually ended up at Karai Crab which I've nevah been and got a review on dat coming up. 😀

  13. M:

    Howzit BL,

    I like try Karai Crab, going wait fo yo review.

  14. Ynaku:

    Duck Butt Grill and Get your Korean voice in order for some karaoke. In fact they have side rooms. (I mean that's what I heard 😆 ) I no can remember after all that Soju

  15. cojef:

    Have not been to Oahu of late, so no can tell. Last time was full month in October 2012.

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