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April 29th, 2015

If you haven't heard by now, da mother of da year award has an uku-serious contender and she hails from Baltimore.

Da video, if you haven't seen it by now, is a viral sensation of some real old school parenting wea you see a parent actually taking charge and proud ownership of her child. *** Search "Baltimore Riots Mom" but take note dat da 'real everyday' language is NSFW ***

In just da short video, if there evah was a time for a person's pride to blow up it definitely was at dat moment. There's one thing dat society has been diminishing in is pride and Toya Graham showed exactly wat it was to be a parent full of it.

As da mo'olelo goes, she saw wat appeared to be her son (whether on tv or on da street is unclear) but wat is clear is dat da moment she saw him hurl rocks at da police and made eye contact with him.... a mother knows.

And a child definitely knows dat wen they f*#%ed up, once those heart piercing with a spoon daggers through their skull, they're f*#%ed.

As a child who has experienced da death defying kim chee stare and now as a parent, I was/am filled with dat same pride and fear of shame dat guides me through difficult choices. It was great to see a parent have dat much pride - and fear - to not have her son continue to participate unlawfully and even forcibly pulling down da mask to show everybody who he was instead of just shuttling him to da side to 'talk' to him.

Sadly, reportedly, no oddah parent was there to yank their own keiki from da dangerous wrong-doings even though da streets were filled with kids from da nearby high school!

Wassup Wit Dat!

You know wat was impressive though? Dat da mother must have done something right cause as she was giving him lickins', he was taking it and all da while being 'respectful' by not confronting her and backing down while she continues to 'emphasize' her point.

Surah, she was da 'crazy mom' as da politically correct crowd is b!tc#ing about but you know wat? Look at da situation da boy was in - I would have done da exact same thing..... with much more bleeps.

There's a handful calling it abuse but while only an open hand and extreme profane language was used, it wasn't like she was beating him to submission. Da only thing we can hope (wish) for is dat da 'discipline' was just a reaction to da situation and not an everyday thing with them. I can only imagine da shame and disappointment she must of had and you can only feel dat if you tried to raise your keiki 'right' oddahwise who/why else would someone feel so much emotion?

It was scoldings and lickins' hitting da very essence dat still makes a person a person, pride.

Once das gone, das wen you want to start worrying.

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6 Responses to “Hey World, Take Notes”

  1. Cojef:

    Can relate to that moment. Got up late and missed my car ride to high school and was confronted by my Dad who got an ironwood switch that had fallen from upper reaches. He started to beat me around the shins and although it stung to all heck had to bear the discipline being meted out. Several,times wanted grab the switch but refrained. Afterwards was remorseful for having conscious of attempting to grab the switch. Never missed my ride after that incident.

  2. Ocean Lover:

    "Spare the rod.....and we get a generation of wussies" Mahalo BL...... 😉

  3. Annoddah Dave:

    Kudos to the Baltimore Mom. As I understand she is a single parent. She took the father role in this situation!

  4. 9th Island Girl:

    I totally respect that mother, and that kid will, too, when he becomes a parent.

  5. Ynaku:

    To all da haters, put yourself in her sh0es and see if you don't do the same thing to your kid. Do what gotta do to get them out of harms way. Give her credit. She snapped to see her son showing disrespect. As much as I would love to show self control, sometime tough love is needed.

  6. Ynaku:

    FYI, I'm not referring to the good people on this blog. Just the comments what I read on the news 😉

    Have a great weekend everybody. Be safe

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