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Who's Got Da Power?

April 14th, 2015

Mahalo to those who responded to da previous entry - all valid 'expectations'; but, how about wen you no can see 'em?

Been to Pearlridge Center recently or more specifically their bathrooms recently?

It is a wordly improvement from wat it used to be: run down, out dated and flat out 'dirty'. It now sports a more modern look inside and out and obviously clean (for now).

Wat made it even more surprising (impressed really) is dat they were cognizant to parents with young keiki albeit very Waldo-ish. Take a look at da pic above. Wat do you see? Men's, Women's... and a mystery lighted entry which turned out to be two ohana bathroom's as well as a private nursing station. I was totally tripping out dat they finally realized dat OHANA's frequent da mall and wat a bettah way to keep making money than to have it more convenient for them to stay no? 😀

It was well hidden and you would have nevah guessed it was in there unless you made a wrong turn or curiosity got da best of you. I kinda guessed it was an ohana bathroom so took a peek and was pleasantly surprised until.....

As a male parent, running around with a baby and a young toddler, men's bathrooms are not my first, second or third choice so if/wen there's a family bathroom, there's no doubt we're heading there. It would be just our (my) luck dat it would be out of service but then we checked door numbah 2 and.....

Au'right! As we checked da door handle, it had a very convenient 'Vacant / Occupied' sign above da handle and luckily it said 'Vacant' as Da Keiki began her happy dance; but alas, it is me we're talking about so it was still...... locked ❓ Noticing dat there were intercoms at each door, naturally suggesting you needed to contact someone to open da door, so I told Da Wife to press it. It begins to dial and aftah about three ringtones we hear a click and then a loooooooooong pause:

DA WIFE: Hello?
ALMIGHTY: HELLO! (trust me, sarcastically gruff is an understatement)
DA WIFE: We're at the family bathroom and the door says it's vacant but it's still locked, is there a way to open it?
ALMIGHTY: (aftah a pause yet again)THAT'S WHY YOU SUPPOSED TO CALL AND ASK! (upset sarcastic gruff now)
DA WIFE: (looks at me and we both telepathically say da same thing, "isn't that wat we just did?!?") Ok, can you open it?
ALMIGHTY: Does it say vacant? (very smart a$$-like)
BL: (holy crap! wtf? Isn't dat wat Da Wife just said?!?!)
DA WIFE: (cool as da oddah side of da pillow) Yes.
ALMIGHTY: (no reply...long pause....... then longer pause)
DA WIFE: Hello??

'Click'. We check da door and it's unlocked.

Wassup Wit Dat!

For conspiracy sake, I'm even wondering if da Almighty had da powah to control da soap dispenser as well cause dat wasn't working either or maybe cause we nevah ask for dat too. 🙄

Kudos to Pearlridge Center for expanding da facilities to accomodate and then regulating da use of da ohana/nursing bathrooms, which as a parent I sincerely appreciate, as taking kids to da bathroom is not an easy task especially wen da 'designated' bathrooms are occupied by people without keiki. To help monitor, they even have a ceiling camera (sorry, didn't get dat pic) with a huge wall mirror (not for aesthetics but for camera angle view) in da hallway to verify people requesting to use da bathrooms are legit.

But please have someone who has da 'powah' to make it happen without having to go all high makamaka especially to those people who follow directions, explain da situation clearly and asked 'nicely'.

Oddahwise next time I use dat intercom, I going all FOB and place an order for pizza... in Korean.

Can You Answer Dis?

April 13th, 2015

Got a blog brewing up for tomorrow but wanted to ask, what do you think customer service "should" be? Name up to your top three gotta have and top three bettah not have.


April 10th, 2015

Wea you stay?

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Bucking Broncos!

April 8th, 2015

I gotta hand it to da H.A.R.T. guys dat if there was a push to continue da rail, I figgah'd out how they're doing it.

Have you driven on Kamehameha Highway recently or da past few months? Besides da obvious horrendous traffic dat it's causing making you "begging" for anoddah mode of transportation pronto, it's flat out frickin' nutz to drive on dat road unless you got a 4x4 lifted truck with posh suspension.

Consider dis post me saving you..... from screaming obscenities and flushing your face with an unnatural color oddah than a Hawaiian sun kissed tan.

On da way home a couple weeks ago I had to travel on Kam Hwy and nearly ate it - and I was only going straight! Da road is sooooooo bad dat it's a wondah why anyone would still be on it (das da plan, congest oddah roadways and make da existing roadways so bad dat there would be more rail supporters). As I was slowing down anticipating da steel plates strewn accross like Afghanistan land mines, I literally launched from my seat and had I not gripped da handlebars tightly in dat instant, garans-ball-barens I would have huli'd right on da road no doubt.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Dat $h!t woke me up mighty quick and got my heart pounding while I continued to play dodge ball with steel plates. I couldn't believe dat da construction workahs nevah even made an attempt to try and smooth out da "lip". It was like I was in da X Games Super Motocross Freestyle event with every lip I hit I could have done an aerial move and stuck a landing unless I was traveling single digit speed which made vehicles brake erratically and unpredictably creating a supah dangerous combination.

And if you happened to catch a section without metal plates and a launch pad, you'd have to face da pock marked asphalt making you feel like you were in a terrible massage chair. You actually would prefer pot holes to da crap das out there and das saying a lot as we all know our major roads are in disrepair.

But Kam Hwy from Aloha Stadium to Sam's Club is a pathetic joke! And we have to "live" with it for da next couple years till they move onto da next town?

I'm not saying they have to repave every time but at da very least, make 'em as level as you can and pave da area they damaged but not using. I think we citizens deserve dat "courtesy" as I can only imagine how much damage it has caused vehicles dat need to travel dat way everyday. And good luck trying to win a claim.

No wondah there's much more traffic on da freeway and by wea I live cause people tired of putting their ride through da he!! and back.

While there are many who may not travel via Kamehameha Highway, no worries, it's coming to a town near you. Sadly cause I work in town right along da planned route, I no can escape da carnage to be made. For those who have been blessed with dat commute, how you doin'?

Just make surah your insurance is up to date..... I hear demolition derby is making a come back.

Halfway Freedom

April 6th, 2015

Is it just me or does it seem like there are too many work furloughed prisoners interpreting furlough to mean freely released?

I for one do not know how these furlough programs work and can only guesstimate that a majority - if not all - are "low risk" type of convicted crimes but still one begs to ask - aren't they supervised at all when on furloughed work detail? Or just required to "check in" at da end of shift - or specific times - or only at bed check?

If they are reporting to a job site: are they by themselves, with a group of oddah furloughed inmates or co-mingled with civilian workahs? Are they dropped off or do they catch TheBus? Who is ultimately responsible - the correctional facility or da work detail s/he reports to?

While anyone reading WWD! may not give a mongoose's okole about these "workahs", wat would happen if these particular individuals were "free" and then committed anoddah crime (I can only imagine boosting a car first comes to mind) and dat crime was against you? I bet you would be all up in arms, "WAAAAAAT? S/he was on FURLOUGH?"

Da incidents dat trip me out are da lolo's who have only a short time left on their prison term and then escape for just a day - or more - before getting caught.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Seriously, just serve a little more and pau, fresh air, but to have it literally taken away for a quick joy ride with no money? I get it dat there are probably some of them dat want to stay in prison (reminds me of Shawshank Redemption - Brooks Hatlen) since it's "home" but for those who violate furlough? Gotta be shmall kine nuts as if you were put in da hole (solitary confinement) and then finally back in your cell but would rather stay in solitary. Go figgah.

I dunno if it's true or not but I was once told dat da guys who do landscaping on sides of da freeway are furloughed inmates but if das true, how does one get a "solo" assignment to be able to run away then?

In any case, do you think furlough programs work? Wat are your thoughts about not knowing dat a "low risk" workah could be right next to you and you wouldn't know it?

On a side note, I used to live in very close proximity to a halfway house when I was 10 so I passed - and played - by it everyday. Funny looking back at it now, all I thought it was was just dat....... half of a house.

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