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Hang In There

July 17th, 2015

My apologies for da bursts of hiatus in hiding but with da demands of my new job, its been pretty rough trying to keep up with WWD! amongst trying to pull my weight at home (trust me, das a lot of weight - I have physical proof 😆 ), picking up side jobs for da t-shirt biz and trying to remembah my WWD! moments (wen da heck I going realize my phone get one voice recorder, 'pen' and note taking software dat I thought was supah cool wen I bought it but have yet to realize da full potential?? - Wassup Wit Dat!).

And yes, I still do read each and every comment - Mahalos for those who take da time out of their day to add their two cents..... sometimes five. 😀

But I wanted to express dat there are quite a few friends of mine dat are going through some pretty rough times both physically, emotionally and all ovah dat have it worse than me. I'm surah there must be at least one person you know of dat's going through some troubling times and I hope dat you can, if not be there for them, 'remind' them dat you are.

Personally, I get a lot of crap thrown at me from all angles but I've been hardened to take those blows and keep trucking on, some aren't built dat way. I hope you can recognize a friend who may be ill or going through a rough time right now and if you're able, set some time aside to lend an ear, run an errand or let them know you are there for him/her.

Sometimes we all just need to hear - and be reminded - dat da little things do mattah. Those little gestures, those little nudges, those little efforts mattah. It may not mean or feel like it means much at da moment but we're all human, it does. Keep in mind too dat while you may have 'gone through it', da way da oddah person is handling it may be 'same same but different different'.

Dis weekend, reach out to dat friend or family member and just say "Wassup, how you doin' today?". Sometimes das all it takes.

"How YOU doin' today?"

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13 Responses to “Hang In There”

  1. wafan:


    Not much of a choice but to hang in there. The alternatives just do not look very inviting.

    Going broke with the heat and humidity can watch only so many movies and roam around stores. Spent 10 days in Louisville, KY, where I thought the 110-degree heat index was bad only to come home and experience the heat index of 104. Ho, da crazy! Where are all the folks who kept saying climate change was not real . . . oh, hiding in their air conditioned rooms . . . Sheesh.

    Unlike last weekend, at least today there some wind!

    Still, nice to be home!!!

  2. Ocean Lover:

    Kinda sorta whatchu talking about but not really.........people should think about friends they know going through rough times and appreciate that their life is going "great" in comparison. We spend so much time "wishing things could be better" yet should appreciate things knowing "it could be worse".

  3. kamaaina808:

    YOU matter because your heart is in the right place, BL. 🙂

    I mostly respond 'It could be worse' when people ask me how i am because it's exactly as you say - someone always has it worse than I do. Helps to remember that, yeah?

    You gotta throw us a link to your tshirts, though! I never did get one back in the day when you had a contest. Probably just as well cuz I doubt it'd fit now. 😉 😀


  4. Ynaku:

    Howzit brah, how you stay? What kind job you get now? Jus wondering.

  5. cojef:

    Tough when our adopted son quit his job in February at age 55 and is still looking for a new start. The other half at 85 has dementia and failing bad. Set-backs are tests for each of us as we make ourselves through life and how we rise to meet the challenges. The old adage applies, "survival of the fittest". A methodology to wean the weak.

  6. Ted:

    "its life",, what can you do but to ride it out till the good times,,dey come around again,,, I feel lucky as here in home town we lost 29 homes to fire,,seems they put one out and another starts,,see where they lost 121 storage sheds,,So we get a little smoke,,no big thing,,Going for another 102* tomorrow,,So hang in,, Lady Mary is baking coconut cupcakes,,so got to go......

  7. M:

    Howzit BL,

    No worry if you take a break from your blog we understand. We all need a break every now and then. Take it one day at a time. Go body surf, da ocean is good therapy.

  8. Spartan01:

    Thank you for what you do, living in the mid-west... This is my virtual ticket home. Often, it sucks looking like me, around these parts but, least I have aloha spirit. Most times, it's what the world needs more of.

    K den.

  9. King Katonk:

    You are absolutely right BL. Sometimes we just have to put down whatever electronic device and reach out as humans. I think we are losing the art of communication and compassion. A simple phone call or visit can go a long way.

    Hang in there braddah. The WWD ohana appreciate your wisdom and insights.

    One day your kids will read this blog and find out what a cool dad they have.

  10. Braddah Lance:

    In da words of of Gary Coleman, 'Wat chyou talkin' 'bout OL".

    Wen it comes to people you care about, you should take some time to reach out cause while you may think you having a hard time, it might not compare to someone who's caught in depression, going through a break up or having medical issues. If your troubles are manageable, why not reach out and help a loved one?

    Your issues, while earth shattering at da moment (and fixable), can be pale compared to someone you care about going through something extremely difficult.

    If can can, no can, no grumble..... but ok on WWD! 😆

  11. Ocean Lover:

    Please let me clarify, your statement "If your troubles are manageable, why not reach out and help a loved one?" touches on what I'm talking about. Help someone AND realize that your life's going pretty good in comparison. People waste too much energy "worrying" about how bad things are in their own lil world when its really NOT in comparison to others.

  12. Braddah Lance:

    It's au' good. 😀

  13. 9th Island Girl:

    Thanks, BL!

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