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No Make Sense... At Least To Me (Pau)

July 25th, 2015


Once I get da credit card statement and confirming no credits were given I did wat anyone else would have, I called my credit card company.

Aftah a lengthy discussion with them (trust me, da blog isn't long enough to talk about dat) they said they would send ovah forms for me to fill out and return in a few days. A week goes by, a'ole. Anoddah week goes by, a'ole. Then I get a letter that they are going to disregard my dispute because they nevah get a response from me.

Is dis deja vu or something? I immediately call them on da phone and tell them dat I nevah received da forms. Aftah re-explaining da whole situation, he said he'd resend those forms and make a 'note' not to cancel da dispute. I also made surah to add da additional charges dat had come through aftah da inital dispute as well.

Now da fun begins.

I ask him if they'd be able to refuse future transactions from Baseball Express and he said 'matter of factly' dat since I provided them with my credit card information, they can do wat they wanted to. I began to 'argue' dat dat wasn't right. How can a vendor 'freely' make charges on my card if I am disputing charges from them? Is there no way to flag them for my account? Is there no way to 'protect' a consumer from dat?

Wassup Wit Dat!

He then suggested I get a new card to prevent da ONE vendor from making charges on my card in which I replied dat I have so many payment links connected to my card dat dat was an overwhelming inconvenience. He of course said there was nothing else he could do and really gave an attitude about it.

Of course, I wasn't too pleased with our interaction thus far so I clearly expressed my dissatisfaction and dat while I understood he was not a policy maker, I did mention to him dat if as a consumer, why is it extremely difficult for us to get 'protection' wen erroneous and possibly fraudulent charges can be freely made in such a carefree fashion? It is exactly how a person can steal your identity and dat you spend a lifetime trying to fix and defend while these crooks are laughing their okole to da bank.

He then was still kinda sassy and in which I had to put him straight. I calmly told him dat as a consumer, I would expect a financial institution (First Hawaiian Bank) to not only protect their customer but to provide (non)service without an attitude. I clearly stated dat I was expressing frustration at da situation especially since I had already reported it and it is still happening without a follow up from them in a timely manner. It was not directly about him and a person in his department (fraud)/situation should automatically realize wat da customer is going through since they are specific for these cases.

Surprisingly enough he calmed down and apologized a few times for da reminder of da call.

Now only if I could get a live person at Baseball Express to give a piece of my 'real' mind.

6 Responses to “No Make Sense... At Least To Me (Pau)”

  1. Makiki:

    Ho BL I feel your pain. I try to only use American Express for online purchases since disputes are quick and easy. All you have to do is call and they put the charge on hold and investigate. No forms or letters. I find it a bit suspect when a vendor doesn't accept AmEx. Some complain that the discount rate is too high but the truth of the matter is that the higher rate is more than offset by the higher sales on AmEx cards.

    Hope you get things cleared up.

  2. Makiki:

    Have you tried posting on Social Media to get someone to contact you? I personally don't use it but it seems like a lot of folks are able to pressure some fairly large entities to respond and act by posting, tweeting, etc.

  3. cojef:

    Feel bad for you Braddah! Lucky for me back over 20 years ago a vendor for tools called me up for and asked me if I ordered tools on my Visa card to be sent to the State Prison inmate. To which my reply was obvious. Back then we very seldom if ever used our credit cards, so someone at the dentist office must be the culprit as it was the only placed I used the card. About 8 eight years ago found a charge for electronic goods from Sears on my American Express card on which the merchandise was ordered in Chicago and the order shipped to somewhere in the State of Washington. Called AE and told them I was not paying the charge to which they retorted that they will send me a form to dispute the charge. On their inquiry sheet I indicated that I had made purchase at a local electronic shop for some small purchases which appeared on my card and honored. After about 3 billing cycles after that the Sears charges no longer appeared on my billing statement. Suspect the local vendor employee either has friend in Washington State or he used my card numbers to order goods for his friend. AE must have eaten the charge.

  4. Ted:

    I would try and send a certified letter to baseball Express, One where they have to have someone sign for it, and you get the receipt back..Then you cal call and ask for that person,,What a mess I feel for you,,, I had a problem 2 years ago but I called the credit people BOH and the charge was removed...good luck,,,,

  5. st. anthony trojan:

    Me in manila now for several years...one time me went other island n stay hotel...pay with card... atb2 am me get strange call...from sum girl... justb teasing me i guess... talking n playing,,,n talking sex...me just hang up n unplug the phone..

    two months later on my statement... sum charges for sum stuff in the bahamas...which me disputed... was taken care of ok... was a visa card.. guess the clerk at the hotel...was in on it..

  6. mows:

    Cancel the card and get one from a credit union.

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