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Worst Yet?

July 13th, 2015

My recent memory can't evah recall a summer like dis wea it's been soooo humid for choke long periods of time. We not talking about a day or two or three but going on weeks at a time of muggy, sauna-like, arm pit staining, pants sticking to your inner thigh kine of weather. And let's not fo'get about having to feel like needing to change your underwear if you've dared walking around outside for anything ovah five minutes.

It's a good thing we surrounded by watah but even then, it's just a temporary fix as you can't stay in there forevah. Last week in conversation, a few people brought up da weather and I asked them wat they were doing to stay cool as it was ridiculously unbearable. Most of them said blasting their fans on full, heading to da mall or theaters and it didn't mattah if it costed them money but anywea with a/c would top da list in a hurry.

Obviously all logical choices but I threw something at them they all were surprised to hear. I asked, have you drank any hot tea?

Wassup Wit Dat!

It's actually a debatable method but think about. In all da movies situated in scorching areas like da Middle East or India, their drink of choice - even on an insanely hot day - is hot tea. Da premise in a nutshell is dat there are these nerves in our tongue and mouth which wen drinking da hot liquids, sends signals to your body to cool off by.... sweating.

Would I drink hot tea on a hot day? I ain't dat nuts but I can only assume everyone's natural instinct to grab a cupful of ice and pour their favorite non-heated beverage in.

Wat have you done to cool down: shave ice, cold drinks, Ice Palace? Have you been able to sleep well or do you have multiple fans on you? Have you changed your sheets or at least your pillow case aftah having perspired like Akaka Falls? Does anybody drink hot liquids on a hot day? Kinda same thing like going to eat saimin on sweltering days too no?

How many of you 'enjoy' heading into work just cause get a/c now? 😆

I would, but ours is pretty weak.... I got two fans though - of which only one works! 😥

Poop Out Of Luck

July 9th, 2015

July 1st initiated da plastic bag ban on Oahu - were you prepared?

Not sure how big it is on da mainland but hea in Hawai'i, plastic bags are like rubbah slippahs - you nevah are without it and get choke uses for it.

C'mon, us kama'aina are a resourceful bunch and while we may lag behind a little before technological advances hit da islands, we do with wat we got and I believe we do it well.

I think especially if you have any keiki, you probably don't leave da house without at least ONE plastic bag whether it be your home lunch, shoes, clothes, fruit from da tree, omiyage or watevah can literally fit in there.

We use 'em in bathroom trash cans, as something to dump spoiled food in and infamously to pick up pet poop.

Wat oddah uses are there? Wat else have you used it for?

And let's not forget those who actually spend da time to FOLD them into da triangle!

Wassup Wit Dat! 😆

Not dat there's anything wrong with dat but I actually use one of da bags to hold ALL da oddah bags and just shove it in there. Da Wife folds them neatly and throws 'em inside da huge gallon sized Ziploc's. Now das a local kine debate for da ages.

And how come not all da plastic bags are banned? I'm totally for "saving da planet" but at da grocery stores you still got da plastic bags for your fruits, vegetables and meats - are those 'special' bags dat disintegrate bettah or something? And I nevah check at da last Sam's run but I wondah if they still sell plastic bags by da case dat street vendors use?

And I no eat out often but are they still using plastic bags? I can only imagine how many people would drop their plate lunches since they slip and slide on top of each oddah or how many times da gravy, sauce or dressing would ooze out onto your shirt or da floor of your ride?

I wondah if dis is a back end approach to help curb da homeless 'property' as they are da most visible users of plastic bags? Hmmmm.....

Anybody know wat da 'final' law states about plastic bags? I wondah if da City Council eventually will pass an ordinance to issue fines if plastic bags are seen in public?

Da Wife was already prepared for da 'switch' and sewed her own bags along with ones we've already had (sorry, forgot to take da pics) but now I gotta see if someone going figgah out how to fold da brown paper bags. 😆

Do I see a come back on paper bag book covers for textbooks? 😀 Does dis generation even know about dat old school style?

I guess das for a latah blog.

*** SHOUT OUT *** Mahalos to all who shared in celebrating Da Wife and I's anniversary by posting in da last blog. We even got a couple of Lurkah's to come out! 😀

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Is Dis How It Really Is?

July 7th, 2015

My apologies for da hiatus - been a pretty eye opening few weeks with all das been going on around me but I couldn't forget about today.

Wat is today? Well, it's da one day of da year dat I need to pay homage and give respect to da only oddah person dat understands me - well enough of me to survive - and can literally slap me upside da head wen need be. She puts me in my place even aftah my K-drama goes full blown. She is da land dat my ocean rises and falls to. She is Da Wife.

As I looked back at da few blogs before (see below if you're bored), I can really see a 'transformation' of sorts. Naturally da love is still there, well, transformed. Our lives have been relatively da same, aftah transformation. Basically, evolution nevah stops evolving so we both have made adaptations to our marriage especially once Da Keiki and Da Baby came along - things sure did shake up a bit as 'our' lives have now become 'their' lives.

But like any oddah 'survivable' marriage, you must have love, loyalty, trust and faith. And then there's things like being a good cook or handyman or making onolicious kim chee which are bonus. 😆

While I do share my WWD! moments hea on da blog - trust me, we had a TON of them on our wedding day/night - Da Wife has been da antibiotic to da incurable syndrome dat flows through my veins.

Happy 8th Anniversary Babe! Da ride has just begun and I'm riding dis wave till da very end no mattah how much we may 'transform'..... physically as well. 😀

Made It Through One

Dang..... Almost Forgot

Wood Or Silverware

Da Long Haul
*** Kinda interesting to see how Da WWD! Hui posters has 'transformed' during years too ***

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