Wassup Wit Dat!

Gotta Love It

October 8th, 2015

Dis was going to be saved for a FGF post but seeing how I've been so consumed at work needed a quick little pick me up.

I'll be da first one to say dat dis song has been waaaaaay ovah played but it's always fun to see it like dis.......

[youtube o0S3TMWJZt0]

Now you'd be surprised by how many people were so critical about dis on a popular sporting website as if da world's life depended on it and I couldn't fathom why. One response in particular:

"How is this funny or cute? These kids have been prepped to play football at some level yet as soon as a song comes on they lose control and disregard anything happening on the football field not to mention the fans and I would imagine some parents cheering for it. This is the same mentality we see at least weekly on the news but with higher consequences."

Wassup Wit Dat!

Geez, these are Pee Wee players that'll take a potty break during a game and dis is most definitely just a practice which any experienced football player would be able to distinguish quickly (choke adults standing all around without ref's would kinda give dat away).

Dis is da very reason "innocence" is lost from da game - playing for da love and having fun doing it is robbed wen at dis age it's all about "fun". Granted, dancing during a live play is not really "football" but it surah looked like a lot of fun to me. 😀

Anyways, stand up now. I know you want to do it.........

Now watch me whip
Now watch me nae nae
Now watch me whip whip
Watch me nae nae

8 Responses to “Gotta Love It”

  1. Ynaku:

    Let them have fun.

  2. Cook 'Em:

    Yes, let them enjoy their childhood as long as possible! It will be soon enough that they will be burdened by the cares of the world.

  3. Makiki:

    Late to the party so happy FGF!

  4. Ocean Lover:

    I coached AYSO soccer "many a moon ago"; U-8 or the 6 and 7 year olds. On one of my practices, our star player who could run circles around me and my assistant.....(kid went on to star in soccer at Iolani and has recently graduated)....let me back up. This kid was leaps and bounds better than every child on my team and his parents would make him practice AFTER PRACTICE.

    One day during practice, he started playing around during a drill. I didn't think anything of it as my thought was "a kid being a kid"....and his parents got mad at me for not disciplining their son. His Mom started arguing with me that "He's supposed to listen and pay attention during practice!" I told her it was fine yet she didn't agree. Sad this kind where the parents don't let their "kid be a kid".

  5. snow:

    I'd much rather see kids being silly kids than watching four year old pee wee football players being taught trick plays, just so they could win, so the other team of four year olds wouldn't know where the heck the ball was. teach them good sportsmanship and how to execute the basics well, for heaven's sake, and, if they goof off every once in a while, let them!

    OL - saw many similar situations with junior golfers... many of whom burned out during high school and didn't even want to play in college... actually, many didn't even want to play during high school, too. such a waste of talent but totally understandable.

  6. cojef:

    There is time for play and time to be organized. 7 & 8 years old's should be able to act out their age. Enjoy your youth!

  7. Tita Girl:

    OOOhhh, makes we wanna get up and HULA!!! Mahalo for sharing.

  8. 9th Island Girl:

    I agree: kids should be kids, and I would have laughed and cheered (and probably danced) if I had seen that.

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