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Survey: 'Healthy' Take Out

October 10th, 2015

Every once in awhile I like to just find out wat everyday people do about a particular subject - today is about "healthy" food tricks.

We all try and eat healthy(ier) but we all know da 'bestest' foods tend not to be healthy at all. From chicken katsu to fried saimin to gravy all, our local kine grindz tend to get da bettah of (most) us.

But those who make a conscience effort in trying to enjoy those kine's of foods still, how do you do it? Da most obvious one - no mattah wat you eat - is moderation and portion control but c'mon, who doesn't go for seconds & thirds at a local kine pot luck or a onolicious buffet? 😀

Wat you say to dat?

You tinking Wassup Wit Dat! but actually.... Lose Money no? 😆

Besides denying multiple servings, I've heard of asking for salad dressing on da side, toss salad instead of mac salad, brown instead of white rice, whole wheat/multi-grain instead of white breads, whole wheat pasta instead of white flour based, removing da skin off of fried chicken and even blotting da top of your pizza dry with a napkin to soak up any oil.

Wat do you do wen ordering out? Wat substitutions do you ask for? Wat is one kine of food dat you WON'T substitute for?

Do you still love food?

9 Responses to “Survey: 'Healthy' Take Out”

  1. dihudfan:

    now that I'm in the late 60s, I don't eat as much as before... I love to eat fast food, but kind of watch what I'm eating now a days... everything in moderation, trying not to over eat... I wuz fortunate enough to be born with a thin built, but you know what, no matter if you skinny or fat, you still can get diabetes... I found out the hud way, over indulging in all the tasty fast food, especially the fatty kind meats, just love it... Working out at the gym, kind of helps, but the biggest thing is to eat more healthy to stay more healthy!! I like to eat salads with a little dressing, but for me it's hud to just eat salads and keep up my weight, so I eat some carbs to maintain... take care of you body while you are young, so that you don't have to deal with this kind of stuff when you oldah...

  2. keoni:

    Eh, BL, I hear what you're saying, and it stay hahd, brah! I grew up among the PA Dutch in Hershey, Pa., and they do love their carbs - chicken and dumplings, all kinds of pies, etc. They even make candy with mashed potatoes! Auwe, too much temptation! 🙁

  3. M:

    Howzit BL,

    When we want to eat healthy we go to places like Loving Hut, Greens and Vines, Peace Cafe, Simple Joy, you can order anything on the menu, it's either vegetarian or vegan and it's really good.

  4. kamaaina808:

    Hey BL,
    I do like M there, or go to Down to Earth (they got killer veggie lasagne among other yum dishes), OR to one of the Indian restaurants and order vegetarian. Other than that, I eat at home where the food's cheaper. 😀

  5. makahawahine:

    I am not giving up REAL butter. We have cut back a lot. More fruits and veggies. I hardly use the stove; mostly the electric wok, electric fry pan, electric slow cooker, or micro. Lots of fish. got the ohana only on hapa rice though. I don't bake too much now because we tend to eat more when I do. Tried juicing but not for the rest of the ohana. Just eat the veggies for snack while watching tv. I will see my doc in two weeks to see how I am doing.

  6. Cojef:

    Like any glutton, loved greasy food. Used to make sandwiches with fat cut off the prime roast as an example. About 5 years after retiring found myself with Type II diabetes. Embarked on a regime to keep healthy by reducing the amount and exercising. Do 30 minutes stretch and flexing routine lying on back as soon as I get up in th living room. At 3:30PM did treadmill for another 30 minutes. Donated tread mill after right hip started aching and replaced it a recumbent bicycle. Exercise and moderate food intake is the essence of controlling diabetes. Test my glucose every morning to insure discipline. Passed my 90th birthday this June.

  7. dihudfan:

    @Cojef... mahalos... there is HOPE for me... trying to do the those things that will make me stay healthy...

  8. titagirl:

    I stopped buying meat in bulk, if I do, bumbye I feel I have to eat it all to get the money's worth. I just buy smaller cuts of meat, and try for get flank steak (way leaner), and outdo the meat to veggies ratio 1 to 4 or something so ohana get more veggies instead off meat. Tried those salad kits at Costcos? ono you know! My fave is the Asian salad. Easy, just wash and eat. When i make pocho bean soup, I add in that Kale salad mix they have at Costco. Cutting back on desserts..cut up fruit instead. Kids are happy with that.

  9. 9th Island Girl:

    Wow, Cojef! Awesome!

    I order tossed instead of mac, and brown rice if they have it, except at Zippys because they don't know how to cook brown rice.

    I love food way too much.

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