Wassup Wit Dat!

Still Going Get Lolo's

October 26th, 2015

Mahalos for those who kept checking in with WWD! as I was literally working 60+ hours in each of the past two weeks and I am spent. Hopefully I can get back on track.

Dis blog entry may only be of interest to some although wat I foresee people doing affects all of us on da road.

Da State has finally announced dat an extra lane has been added near da Sears Distribution center along with opening up a shoulder lane on da H1 from da Aiea Heights overpass to da Waimalu/Pearl City off ramp.

As a Pearl City resident........ HALLELUJAH!

It's literally been a wish/dream come true although it must have taken about 10 years to literally open two lanes from Aiea to Pearl City even though da infrastructure already "allowed" for it. For those who may have "forgotten", da existing far right hand land was actually part of a hugemangeous shoulder lane and was extended to help traffic and why they nevah just add two knowing we got da worse traffic in da nation beats da heck out of me.

But let me bring West bound commuters back to reality specifically those who use da Waimalu/Pearl City off ramp - I'll bet my bike dat still going get those lolo's who use it till da very end and THEN forcibly make their way back across two lanes to get back into da main flow.

Wassup Wit Dat!

All west bound traveling vehicles will be witnesses to those who 1) try to force their way in, 2) those who refuse to let them in, 3) those who "successfully" make it across two lanes in ten feet, 4) those who aren't successful in their first, second and third attempts and sustaining da same traffic mess dat we all grumble about cause all those who are on da new far right shoulder just want to exit H1. 😆

Case in point da same at da Aiea off ramp but at least dat one get one free lane on da left to go straight through.

Well it is Mumblin' Monday but at least da weather has finally lightened up.

11 Responses to “Still Going Get Lolo's”

  1. Manoa Mist:

    Good to see you back Braddah Lance. Enjoy reading about your adventures!

  2. Cook 'Em:

    Welcome back! Used the new lane on Friday evening and it's great. If everyone can get themselves sorted out and into the correct lanes early, it will benefit all -- not just Pearl City drivers. The faster the Pearl City drivers get off the H-1, the better traffic will flow for everyone still headed West!

  3. Kage:

    Today will be the first time trying it out for me. Hopefully the traffic moves better with this change. I noticed on the news Friday it was very light on Red Hill at about 5:30pm.

  4. wafan:

    Hoi! Glad to read you, da wife, and da keiki are okay. So, how many West bound lanes is that on that bridge before the PC offramp? 45 or 46? Hopefully, the restriping from solid to broken likes work!

  5. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Welcome back! 🙂

  6. bamboohouse808:

    Wassup BL!!

    I see those last minute lane change buggahs at that Pearl City off ramp. They do mess up the traffic for the guys just trying for get off the freeway over there.

    The challenge now going be that everyone gotta get used to the lane changes. Now the third lane(used to be second lane) from the right is not one exit lane. Going get guys changing lanes to the right AND left right before the exit. But hopefully everbody catch on quick and things smooth out. Anything helps!

    Now gotta wait for the PM zip lane.

  7. Cojef:

    Checked the "Blogs" daily for your pic. Nice to have you back live and kicking. As to driving on the freeways, it is problematic and to me it a representation of human frailties as opposed to humanity. Commuters are notorious for abandoning any respect for the "rules of the road". Apparently horns emerge and take control over their sanity.

  8. Ynaku:

    He lives!!! Nah only playing. Main thing you ok. But this wouldn't called WWD! if you didn't have some type of misadventure 😆

  9. makahawahine:

    Tonight while driving in the rain to work, a van literally just made a fast lane change into my lane from the merge lane at the last minute. It just missed the barrier and kept going like nothing. I hope others are watchful and drive defensively like me.

  10. Cook 'Em:

    There has been a little pilikia. Friend driving over this past weekend didn't know about the change and took the old lane to get off on the P.C. off-ramp. Couldn't get all the way over in time, so she ended up going to Waipahu and turning around. Once everyone gets sorted out, it's gonna be great. Those needing to get to the off-ramp need to signal and move as early as possible. Those going past P.C. need to let them get over to the right lane. Everyone benefits from better traffic flow!

  11. snow:

    The extra lane should help alot but I was concerned because there are often stalled cars on - what was formerly - the shoulder.

    Hope you have some time to relax now, BL!

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