Wassup Wit Dat!

Compromise Still Not Right

October 28th, 2015

For those who regularly read WWD! know dat I'm one of those who believe dat we should be celebrating seasons in their season. It's been well documented hea dat every year during da last three months - now four - it's been inching closer and closer to having da "holiday season" actually not evah stopping; or ending depends how you see it.

At da end of September, Da Wife and I started looking for some Halloween decorations at Target and found a plethora of items to check out.

Do you see wat I see? I see, I see? *singing*

Wassup Wit Dat!

I get it dat every retailer needs to get a jump to catch da early profits but September wasn't even pau and get da Christmas stuff up already?

But it has to be mentioned though dat at da very least, Tar-jay has some sort of dignity in having it displayed on da far back corner of da store. I mean literally, da far back corner and not overwhelmingly an entire section either which is surprising.

You all probably have seen holiday stuff pop up already and hopefully nevah check 'em out.... or did you? And I know you all, well except maaaaaybe da makule ones, get da kine camera phone so feel free to snap away and send me da pics to share with da WWD! Hui. 😛

I was just trying to figgah out how to make a mask out of dis.....

Have a great Hump Day Wednesday!

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10 Responses to “Compromise Still Not Right”

  1. titagirl:

    The only breather seems to be right after Valentine's through the next holiday in July.

  2. mows:

    Guilty party right here...already bought some Barbie Christmas ornaments. But in my defense those are really hard to find. Found it kinda strange to have Christmas and halloween in the same frame of vision at Kmart the oddah day. What about thanksgiving?

  3. mows:

    oh i think i see some thanksgiving stuff there upon closer inspection. oh man you just blew my mind.

  4. Ynaku:

    Screw that jaws to the brim of a hard hat that has a ratchet adjust. drill 2 holes for your eyes and you good to go. Ho Ho Ho Bah Humbug

  5. Ocean Lover:

    BL's ANNUAL "CHRISTMAS COMING EARLIER AND EARLIER" monku!!!!!!!!!!!! (joking)

    I agree with you 100%, yet "whatchu gonna do"?

    The holiday season......may begin. 😉

  6. Cook 'Em:

    I'm guilty -- love the Christmas stuff! We skip Halloween anyway and go directly to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  7. cojef:

    Life in a large retirement community( in excess 14,000 manors) is absent the holiday atmosphere! Mainly because no children are allowed, except for short visitation to the manors. Thus, miss the kids' "trick or treat" incursions! Big difference from living in normal development where families with kids abound. Thus, avoid all the early holidays mish-mash and going on. Pity the kupunas, no can enjoy the excited keikis' faces and exuberance. Sorry for spouting off.

  8. BananaFysh:

    I would buy a cheap "Jason" style hockey mask, and screw/glue those jaws onto it. Look like gotta cut eye holes in the jaws though.

  9. wafan:

    Happy East . . . uhhh . . . 4th . . . oh . . . Hallo . . . a most prosperous 2016!

  10. kamaaina808:

    lol love the 'mask' - and yes, Targét was fairly good about blasting the decorations that early, although they've been full steam ahead since. 🙄

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