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October 5th, 2015

If you haven't heard or read by now, homelessness in Hawai'i nei is straight up pupule!

And we all have varying ideas - and comments - of how it should be handled going as far as "eradication" to literally building them homes to live in..... for free.

Well, you and I will be paying for it but heck, we've been paying for things we don't even know wat da heck we've been paying for approved by our legislature's so wat's da difference?

Now because of da blowup population around Kapalama Canal and da "homeless sweeps", businesses have screamed for help in controlling it and it was handled pretty quick.

How you ask?

By doing wat da City (not surah if da State was involved) does best; create 'roadblocks' and frustrate da crap out of people. 😆

They went ahead and built a chain-linked fence around Kapalama Canal and while dat may be fine and dandy, how da heck do you build it...... BLOCKING A FIRE HYDRANT?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Seriously? No one thought dat was wrong? No one could even see dat being 'visually' out of place?

Now I'm just taking a blind somewat educated stab at da whole building process but I would assume there must have been some architect dat drew up da plans marking water, gas, fuel lines etc. A boss to approve those plans. Someone in da City Council to approve those plans dat was approved by da architect firm. Someone at da permitting office to view, inspect and approve those approved plans dat was approved by those who want to build it. Da construction crew to view those plans, inspect da groundwork and layout and begin. Da people digging da holes to place da fence posts along with da people who put up da actual chain link and last but not least, da people who approved da whole project to give final inspection and approval which I would assume would be everyone mentioned above.

So you telling me - and I'm just guessing hea - dat between literally da two, three, four dozen people dat reviewed da plans, da actual building of da project and da final inspection dat NO ONE saw dat something was visually amiss between photo shoots and da media circus?

C'mon, are we as 'civilized' people dat ignorant? I am a soldier of work but if something is blatantly 'wrong' I most certainly do speak up and if there's a possibility of something going wrong, I will at da very least inquire as I recite an old carpenter's proverb: measure twice, cut once.

And looking at da pics online (haven't visited Kapalama Canal recently): how da heck are da landscapers dat da City hires able to cut da weeds if there's no access?

And guess who's going to end up paying for all da mistakes?

It certainly won't be da homeless..... they're too busy laughing their okole's off

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