Wassup Wit Dat!


November 16th, 2015

Can you believe it's November already? And I haven't 'fully' blogged in nearly a month!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Can't even begin to say how hectic things has been da past few months but in a nutshell, I can barely stand in my makule age. lol

Just wanted to drop in and say I'm still alive and kickin' and really appreciate those who check back to make surah I haven't fallen off. Hopefully all da hard work I've been putting in will pay off and I can get back to some 'normalcy' in my life.

I should have a Shakanack Review coming up on probably a place most haven't been to in awhile so stay tuned for dat.

Also, a huge mahalos to a faithful Kwonic, 9th Island Girl, for sending me a photo which put a smile on my face.

As I tell my keiki, 'Awesome Sauce!'

And in da infamous words of Ah-nold........ I'll be back.

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10 Responses to “Nowemapa”

  1. Kage:

    Glad you still around.

  2. Ynaku:

    Glad you there too. Cause I heard Star Advertiser dropped several blogs and I was worried but still saw you on their list.

    As for the post...Awesome

  3. wafan:

    Ho, sleeping beauty woke up. The keiki said the magic word, "Daddy." Supah!

  4. Makiki:

    Funny how sometimes you stop a minute and look around and realize another month (or year!) went by. When I heard about Nordstrom the 1st thing I thought about was your last post.

  5. Cojef:

    Ole! Nice to see you still hanging in and just as perky! Mahalo.

  6. Lowtone123:

    The day after Halloween folks like Toys R Us, Ala Moana and Walmart came out with their Holiday Shopping Guides (noticed I didn't say Christmas, neither did they). Frankly, although they didn't say it, they are squeezing Thanksgiving out of the picture. How many of us saw the Christmas decoration displays at places like Walmart, Costco and K-Mart in August and September? Me too! I, for one, enjoy Thanksgiving. Spending time with friends and family in fellowship, just taking time from our busy schedules to just enjoy each others company. Retailers already putting the squeeze by opening earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving. Let's not buy in to the madness, slow down to enjoy Thanksgiving. You will have a whole month to do your Christmas shopping. And if that is not enough, do what I do and start early.

  7. Cook 'Em:

    Glad you're hanging in. Looking forward to your next post!

  8. M:

    Howzit BL!

  9. wafan:

    Okay, pau my turkey dinner. Bring it on!

    Nah. Just kidding.

  10. kamaaina808:

    Hey you still stay! Cool 😎

    Haha, i thought about your post from last year when i saw Nordstrom wasn't going to 'engage' Christmas until after 'black friday.'

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