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December 31st, 2015

In today's world, if you don't have a (smart) phone, you either too makule or....... I dunno. lol

In my haste to get into work early today I forgot my lifeline to da outside world, my only connection to (live) people, all my info.

Today of all days when it's one of da most hectic cause I get texts all day from friends and ohana of wat to bring, when to come, who bringing wat etc. Plus running around picking stuff up, work stuff (ok, well I definitely don't mind not getting text from them) and just feeling "lost".

Wassup Wit Dat!

Are you da same? Do you go back and get your phone? Anybody else lost today?

Or just lost in general? 😆

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Remembah 2015

December 29th, 2015

As we age, we tend to fo'get many things and while we may remembah da big moments in life, how's about da not so big things?

I was just thinking while in da "office" da oddah night, "wat happened in 2015?" Really, wat did happen? Personally, I feel like my brain cells have been depleting as each day passes cause I can't even remembah wat I did last week. My memory fades fastah than a fut in da wind and da only triggers I have are faint deja vu moments.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Go try list five things dat has happened to you or any (major) events dat you can remembah in 2015....... and I not talking just last month either. Try see if you worse than me. 😛

Mele Kalikimaka!

December 25th, 2015

Wishing all da WWD! Hui a very merry Christmas!

May your presents be exchanged, credit cards maxed out and your WWD! moments fulfilled! LOL

Happy Holidays!


Braddah Lance

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You Ready?

December 23rd, 2015

It's da eve of Christmas eve..... yeah, gotta be PC and acknowledge dat there's an eve to an eve.

Just ramblin' today cause got choke work to try and clean up before da year's end considering dis week as well as next are short work weeks. I heard on da radio dis morning dat a teacher on da mainland dat has put out a Hello Kitty Christmas tree every year in her classroom was told to take it down cause of yada yada yada. How pathetic yeah? Well at least her oddah teachers had her back - probably a lot of parents too - and put their DOE on notice and got her Hello Kitty Christmas tree back.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I would think dat there would be bettah battles to fight considering it's education but my level of education is not as extensive as those who make/enforce policy. lol

So wat - you pau Christams shopping? You pau cooking for your holiday pah-tay's? You stressing?

Speaking of annual traditions - well, not really but I had no transition into dis - it's dat time of year (I know some of you just read dis time of year just for dis) but it's da Annual WWD! Holiday Kim Chee give away! How you enter is you have to hop on one leg while gargling Jingle Bells. Nah, just reply below or for you Lurkahs, shoot me an email.

Just a shmall kine mahalos for those faithful and loyal readers who continue to check into Wassup Wit Dat!. I personally appreciate it and mahalos to one and all for dat.

FYI - delivery will be anytime within the next two weeks so we'll be able to figgah out a time to meet up and no rush during da holidays.... unless you wanted to grind 'em for da holidays.

And as always, those who snooze will lose. 😆

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Travel Ants In Your Pants

December 21st, 2015

Going holoholo is something we all wish/dream about. If we had da means, I'm surah we'd explore to our hearts desire but alas, most of us do not have dat luxury. In fact, most of us have to endure 'economy class' in one or all of airfare, hotel accomodations and activities.

It's not so much wen traveling with a significant oddah or with 'da boys' but wen traveling with ohana, things just call for more attention to detail: wea you going, wea you staying, wat you going do, wea you going eat etc.

For da first time in five years, Da Wife and I gave in to taking Da Ohana on our first, Ohana vacation. It wasn't a decision we came to lightly as we both agreed early on dat we wouldn't take them till they were nearing double digits in age. Naturally, money is an issue, but with da barrel of oil at an all time low, airfares have followed suit making it easier to 'afford' probably one of da biggest cost of any vacation. With Da Keiki a few months older than 5 and Da Baby at 30 months, da first thought in our minds was wea to go. I'll give you one guess and it has choke lights......

If you guessed Japan............ silly you, wishful me.

Disneyland of course! 😀

As an adult, our eyes lit up too cause we haven't been there in almost a decade and to share a place like Disney with your keiki is any parent's dream.... or nightmare.

So let me ask you, have any of you been there recently? Obviously Da Keiki and Da Baby will be limited in their ridership but I know there are CHOKE changes since we've been there such as now you're allowed to bring in your own watah and no selfie sticks. Luckily we'll have two strollers and Grandma in tow (we were told to bring 'reinforcements' so we weren't going to DL without Grandma 😆 ) so we'll have 'storage' for kiddie snacks and maybe a musubi or two but you got any experiences to share like wea's da best bathroom? Should we walk da park counter clockwise? Skip Main Street to do on our way out instead? Are there show times to avoid? Must do's? Must don'ts? Are there any "secret's"? I read dat there certain foods dat you can't get elsewhere in da park like da giant turkey legs.

We'll be up there in mid-February for about a week so I'm just hoping dat there aren't too many rides down for maintenance. Multi-day passes are a given since we'll be there for nearly a week. Yeeeeaaaaa boi! *said in a happily sad voice once I'm realizing da crying and whining dat will consume us from not only our keiki's but oddahs*

As December rolls to a close, I am anticipating our (my) first vacation in ovah five years so yeah, I got ants in my pants.

Wait a minute, I just realized dat I'll be "babysitting" during a vacation at da happiest place on Earth..... and on my birthday.

Wassup Wit Dat!

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